We Heard Your Requests

We heard your requests loud and clear. We have been diligently working for the past few weeks on our new website for www.1800sellnow.com and we are almost ready to launch. After speaking to many of you and some pretty Internet savvy entrepreneurs as well, it became VERY obvious that we were missing the boat on […]

Investing In Your Marketing Success

I have a question for you. Are you doing some advertising and just hoping that a deal will fall in your lap, or are you really operating in a way that will insure that deals will happen? If you don’t have a process for making sure deals happen, then you don’t understand the importance of […]

Why is 1-800-SELL-NOW a Better Marketing Solution?

There are literally hundreds of websites now offering to “bring you all the real estate leads that you can handle” for cheap. Well as the saying goes, you will always get what you pay for. These sites are a dime a dozen and have very little to do with running a true marketing campaign to […]

The Time Is NOW

The real estate market continues to have its troubles and there doesn’t seem to be any real positive news at the macro level. On the other hand, at the micro level there seems to be a lot of our licensees that are still working their plan and making things happen every day. Times like these […]

A Lot Going On Around Here

It’s been a few weeks since I have had the opportunity to sit down and bring everyone up to date on recent things happening within the organization. I thought today would be a great day to catch up a little bit……..so here goes. NewsMark Public Relations I read a lot ……. I mean A LOT. […]

A New Partnership to Help You Sell Your Homes FAST

As you know, we are committed to helping you be successful in growing your business. We are constantly looking for joint venture partners who can help take your business to the next level. One of the 1-800-SELL-NOW market owners has a great product that we feel can really help a lot of you with one […]

Billboards and A New Radio Spot

We have a few more license holders that have begun using billboards in their local markets. I wanted to make sure that all of you knew that this option is definitely open to you. Here are a few pics and a few things to keep in mind though…. 1. We are not able to acquire […]

A New Partnership with AmericaVest

First, let me apologize for not blogging in quite some time. This has been a really exciting summer for all of us at 1-800-SELL-NOW and it has kept us all quite busy. So, I will be back to blogging on a regular basis now to bring all of you up to date on current developments […]

Why Would a Successful Real Estate Investor Use 1-800-SELL-NOW?

Why would a successful real estate investor start using 1-800-SELL-NOW? This is a common question we at 1-800-SELL-NOW get from outsiders looking in, so I thought that Don and I would take a minute and explain why several of our license holders are large, well established real estate investors. We have several investors who buy […]

One Number That We Focus On

I wanted to share with you some of the things that we are monitoring on behalf of our licensees. We publish a series of internal reports daily that outline every call that was routed to our licensees. We can see what time the call came in, the length of the call, who the call was […]

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