Real Estate Agent & Broker Lists

Real Estate Agent Lists

Real estate agent lead lists can help streamline marketing and boost business. What types of agent lists are available? How can they be used most effectively?

Real estate agent lists have a wide variety of applications. Plenty of professionals and businesses want to market to real estate agents. Effective methods of connection and strong lists can make all the difference in standing out from the pack and achieving important goals. So, what are the best ways to develop these contacts and reach them?

Who Needs Real Estate Agent Lists

Are lists of real estate agents right for your business?

They may be if you are:

  • A title company or rep looking for more business
  • A mortgage loan officer or bank seeking referral business
  • An insurance agent desiring to create new relationships
  • An owner of a CRM
  • Have a coworking space which serves new startups and independent pros
  • A real estate investor needing help finding or flipping deals
  • Have rentals to lease
  • Have a brokerage recruiting more agents
  • Wanting to real REO agents or to bid on HUD houses
  • A builder getting the word out about a new development
  • Are a Realtor forming new referral relationships
  • An event host needing sponsors or speakers

Ways to Market to Real Estate Agents

There are many ways to market and connect with real estate agents, including:

  • Visiting real estate offices
  • Going to agent open houses
  • Direct mail
  • Email marketing
  • Social media (Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat)
  • Cold calling
  • RIngless voicemail
  • Text marketing
  • Hosting your own events
  • Networking at real estate events
  • Paid search engine marketing (i.e. Google Adwords)
  • Blogging and off-site content marketing

Three Keys to Successfully Marketing to Real Estate Agents

Obviously there are many other individual professionals and companies approaching the million plus agents out there today. What does it take to win?

Getting their accurate and up to date contact information is obviously important. Many struggle to do that. Yet, it is going to take more if you want to close and really generate more business.

  1. Repeat contact

You might score with one round of mailers or calls or emails. Yet, if you want to maximize your conversion rates and returns on marketing, you want to follow the essential basics of sales that say you need to make multiple touches to convert. So, once you build or acquire a list, plug them into your database and automate your follow up. Keep reaching out in different mediums and with different pieces.

  1. Be different

Make sure what you do stands out. If everyone else is calling around with the same script, do something fresh. If everyone else is sending postcards, send a letter.

  1. Need for targeted list

The more generic the leads you go after are the less expensive they can be. Yet, if you want high conversion rates and the best ROI on your time and advertising, then the more targeted your lead lists the better.

Sourcing Real Estate Agent Lead Lists

Depending on how and where you source your agent leads there may be various filters and criteria to target them by.

This may include:

  • Location
  • Speciality and designations (luxury, buyers agents, etc.)
  • What company they work for
  • Experience level
  • Rankings
  • Age
  • Earnings
  • Reviews
  • Type (Realtors, non-Realtor agents, brokers, and broker owners)

Scraping the Web

One common way many try to build their own lists of agents today is to simply scrape the web. You can do it yourself or hire a cheap virtual assistant to troll the internet and compile lists of contact information. This can seem cheap at first, but can take a lot of time and doesn’t always mean you are getting current contact information due to how frequently agents can move.

Realtor Associations

If you are a member of a local Realtor association you may be able to purchase an Excel file list or directory of their members. This isn’t always cheap, and may not have all the information you want, and won’t include non-members, but it is right from an authoritative source.

Real Estate Agent Databases

Another option is to get access to a database or software from which you can pull real estate agent contact information, compile a custom list, import into your automated follow up services, and maybe even directly send marketing messages from.