Real Estate Marketing: Dominate Your Niche With The Right Mix

Real Estate Marketing: Dominate Your Niche With The Right Mix

Having a good real estate marketing mix is key to excellent and sustainable results. How do you master that? Some real estate investors have done very well throwing themselves hard into one strategy of generating leads and new business. That could be referrals, blogging, Twitter, or direct mail. However, in order to truly achieve consistency […]

Getting the Most Around You

Every one of us who is building a business will have to eventually surround ourselves with a team that helps us build it to scale. It’s a great milestone but a difficult one. One of the most important aspects of it is keeping your team enthused and motivated every day they come into work. But […]

Real Estate Investing: 7 Types Of Property You Can Wholesale

What types of properties can real estate investors wholesale? Real estate wholesaling continues to be a popular and highly profitable real estate investing strategy. While wholesaling is one of the simplest methods of making money in the property market, it offers a lot more flexibility and options than many realize. There are different levels or […]

House Flipping: 7 Ways Your HR Practices Can Impact Your Brand

As a house flipping entrepreneur or CEO, your hiring practices have a lot of impact on your brand. How are yours impacting the trajectory and potential of your real estate business and investments? Do not underestimate the influence your HR practices have on your business and investments. Whether you are house flipping part-time as a […]

Step 10 in the REI Sales System

The REI sales system is proven to get results, but you’ve got to master each step and apply them consistently in your interaction with sellers. This call gives the overview of Step 10 – dealing with objections and closing the deal. You’re going to hear some powerful insights about what objections really are, how you […]

The Technique Trap (Resulting in a Rut!)

As you know, Pat believes strongly in the power of having the right mindset. This episode is all about mindset, and he uses MMA fighter Connor McGregor as an example. With his own experience fighting MMA to guide him, Pat opens up some powerful similarities for you to take note of and take action on. […]

$1.7 Trillion Waiting To Be Invested In Real Estate This Year

There are trillions of dollars waiting to be invested in real estate this year. What will you do with it? One thing is for sure this year, there is no shortage of capital for investing in real estate. There are trillions of dollars already dedicated for investment. Billions more are likely to come available as […]

The 5 R’s of the New Economy

These five factors are driving the new economy. In one way or another they’ll impact all of us, our finances, and our futures. What are they, why do they matter so much, how can we navigate them successfully? The American economy appears to have changed significantly in 2017. People feel differently about the future than […]

Real Estate Wholesaling - Is more deals better?

Real Estate Wholesaling: More Deals Vs. Better Deals

Do real estate wholesalers need access to more deals, or just better deals? In order to hit your financial goals in real estate, is the key having more wholesale property inventory, or simply having better quality deals to offer? Whether you aim to wholesale real estate part-time or automate a business so that you can […]

House Flipping: Dealing With Non-Performing Tenants

How should house flippers deal with taking over properties with non-performing tenants? America is still littered with properties that are occupied by non-performing borrowers and tenants. Some can prove to be incredibly attractive investment opportunities for house flipping. Yet, many are not sure how to effectively handle the situation when there is an occupant who […]

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