Top Markets For House Flipping In 2017

Where are the best places to flip houses in 2017? House flipping continues to be recognized as one of the best ways to make money in America today. The landscape for house flippers could get even better later this year if the Financial Choice Act becomes law, and removes the roadblocks of the Dodd-Frank Act, […]

Why Investors Should Add Wholesaling To The Mix

All investors should be seriously considering adding real estate wholesaling to their mix this year. Here’s why… No matter whether you are just starting to invest, or have a highly profitable business or portfolio using other strategies right now, this year could be an important one for adding in real estate wholesaling. Keep reading to […]

6 Characteristics of an Exceptional Presenter

If you are going to be effective at making your presentations to sellers or buyers, you’ve got to be (or become) an excellent presenter. You need to be a professional who knows how to communicate and does it well. How do you become that person? In this coaching session, Pat tells you 6 essential things […]

Why Private Lenders Are So Vital To Real Estate Investors

Private lenders are still incredibly vital to real estate investors, and here’s why… While some major banks and old-school finance houses may appear to be becoming more aggressive in marketing for loans, private lenders are still a crucial part of the capital equation. In fact, they may be far more important today than ever. Private […]

8 Real Estate Wholesaling Mistakes To Avoid

Want to make it in real estate wholesaling? Watch out for these common mistakes, and avoid them… Real estate wholesaling continues to be a top investment strategy and business model for 2017. It is regarded as one of the most profitable and simplest real estate investment strategies. One which is easier to get into than […]

Real Estate Investment: 7 Ways To Reduce Risk

Fear of risk is reason that many would be investors fail to get started, and even experienced investors fail to live to their full potential. It’s smart to acknowledge potential risk. It’s just not smart to let it steal what should be yours. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to reduce risk in real estate […]

Will Your Real Estate Business Survive AI?

Is your real estate business ready to survive and thrive in the new era of technology, and artificial intelligence? We are already seeing the impact new technology is having in the economy, and in the real estate industry. So far it has been slow and in gradually steps, but soon we will see it speeding […]

Running Property Comps

One of the most integral parts of your wholesaling business is making sure you are evaluating potential properties accurately. If you mess up on this you’ll either wind up losing money or making less than you could make. In this coaching call, you’re going to see a walkthrough video demonstration of exactly how to run […]

House Flipping: Foreclosures Still High In Half Of US Markets

Foreclosures may still be far higher in America than many realize. That could mean far more appealing opportunities for house flipping across America than many thought were left. While the news media might give the impression that the crises of 2008 are long gone, and finding deals may be tough, the data shows there is […]

Attitude Determines How Far You Can Go On the Success Journey

Attitude flows out of you whether you know it or not. You don’t have to say a word for it to happen. People will pick up your vibe, your attitude in every interaction. The good news is that you have control over your attitude. Circumstances don’t, even though it feels like they do. You are […]

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