Billboards and A New Radio Spot

We have a few more license holders that have begun using billboards in their local markets. I wanted to make sure that all of you knew that this option is definitely open to you. Here are a few pics and a few things to keep in mind though….

1. We are not able to acquire billboards as quickly as radio and television spots (turnaround time). There is definitely limited availability and the process of locating available locations, reserving these locations, and getting the signage up is typically a several week process….so be patient.

2. Interstate/highway bulletin boards are by far the most expense locations. We have been focusing on “30 sheet” boards that are more localized. These signs are about 11’x23′ so they are still plenty big. (Pictured above)

3. There are numerous options available with outdoor advertising, so if your interested just ask us and we will be happy to have our outdoor partner put together a quote for your area. Billboards, 30 sheets, bus stops, taxi cabs, and buses just to name a few.

Also, we had several of you that requested that we produce a radio spot that mentioned that you also have property to sell. Here it is. If you want this to be incorporated into your radio schedule this month – let us know as soon as possible.


As Always – Good Luck in Your Investing

Kent Clothier

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