The Best Real Estate Webinars of 2020

Real Estate Webinars – Online Training for Investors

Learn and master property investing online with real estate webinars.

Tapping into the best real estate webinars is a powerful way to pick up new skills and knowledge fast, so you can invest like a pro, and get to your goals sooner.

So, what’s a webinar? What are the benefits of attending one? Which are the most valuable real estate webinars you can attend this year?

What’s a Webinar

Think of a webinar as an interactive online class. Webinars are hosted on the internet. You register in advance to reserve your virtual seat. Then log in with the code provided (typically sent via email), at the time of the online event. You can watch on your screen (desktop, laptop, tablet or phone). You can participate in the audio be listening via your device or dialing in with your phone. Hosts will often accept chat or voice questions and answer them live so that you get custom advice and solutions tailored to your individual needs. You can hop off anytime you like. Web classes like this normally run from 30 to 90 minutes.

Real Estate Webinars - Attend from Home

The Benefits of Attending a Real Estate Webinar

Real estate webinars offer many benefits for everyone from aspiring new investors wanting to get started, to experienced real estate CEOs.

Convenience is probably the most obvious advantage. You can hop into one of these online sessions from anywhere you can get online, or even on the phone. From your couch, on the train, in the airport lounge, in the gym or from your desk on your lunch break.

Cost is a significant advantage as well. You can learn and connect with other investors from right wherever you are. Many webinars are free or low cost. You don’t have any travel expenses.

You also get to tune into specific sessions and topics to learn just what you need to get to the next level or tackle your individual challenges at any moment in time.

Webinars for Real Estate - Learn Today

Online Webinars Versus Live Real Estate Seminars

Both online webinars and live real estate events have their advantages.

Webinars offer great convenience and savings. They are a great fit for busy schedules, and if you are wrapped up in your business or are still trying to free yourself from your job for someone else. They make a fantastic way to ensure ongoing learning, so that you are always on top of your game.

Live real estate seminars provide all of these learning benefits. Though, when you can attend them, they can offer more excitement and engagement, and the ability to connect with more of your peers and industry experts, and on a deeper and more meaningful level. These are opportunities for big breakthroughs, immersive learning, and building powerful relationships. You may not have the freedom to get out to live events across the country every month yet. Though don’t starve yourself of this investment and its benefits when you can.

How to Get the Most Out of Attending Real Estate Webinars

As with any type of learning, networking or event, there are definitely steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of webinars.

Check out these tips:

  • Put it on your calendar as soon as you register. They won’t help if you don’t show up.
  • Download any software you need. Some webinar programs require a download.
  • Get on early. Log in, and be ready. You may get the chance to connect directly with the host while everyone else is taking their time to show up.
  • Know what you want to learn. What one thing do you want to take away from this?
  • Prepare questions in advance. Be ready for the Q&A portion.
  • Have note taking material so you don’t miss important points and action steps.
  • Mute your mic when the presenter is speaking.
  • Put action steps on your calendar to implement what you learned right away.

3 Top Real Estate Webinars to Watch this Year

  1. Find Vacant Homes & Motivated Sellers

This webinar is perfect for those wanting to find more wholesale level real estate deals and off market properties for wholesaling, flipping and as rentals. Find out the technology solution other masters of the industry are using to pinpoint their perfect deals, and find the vacant homes and motivated sellers that are the right fit for their investment goals.

  1. Reverse Wholesaling Webinar

Learn the 5 phase process that Kent Clothier himself uses to flip over 700 properties every year. You’ll learn how to become a top 1% investor, find houses for pennies on the dollar and how to automate your business and outsource tasks for both time and money freedom.

  1. 100% Funding for Real Estate Deals

Tune into this webinar in order to tap into a $500M funding source that doesn’t require using banks or your credit. Plus, get a premium bonus of 20 videos and transcripts from rehab expert Stan Gendlin, who has bought and sold more than $71M worth of property since 2012.

Learning to Wield Webinars as Your Own Power Tool

You may even find that real estate webinars are a great way to build your own business and deal flow. You may use them to attract and train home buyers, investors, motivated sellers, funding partners, and strategic business partners.

Jump into some of these high quality webinars, see how the pros are doing it, check out the best webinar software programs for your needs and collaborate with others in your industry are live events to find co-hosts for your web events.