The 22 Best Real Estate Software Tools for Realtors & Investors

Real Estate Software: Top Tools For Success

Success is all about using the right tools for the job at hand. The right real estate software tools can make all the difference in how big you can go, how profitable you are, and how much you enjoy the journey. So, what are the best real estate software solutions for all the roles you need to cover?

Software Solutions for Real Estate

No matter what niche or sector you are in, you are going to need software. This is true as a Realtor, real estate investor, mortgage lender or loan officer. Whether you are the CEO of a growing company or a solo entrepreneur you’ll have plenty of tasks and roles to cover, optimize and master. Each can contribute to or detract a lot from your success.

From marketing to managing leads and properties finding great tech tools can dramatically streamline your workload, how efficient your teams are, and both your top and bottom line numbers. Not to mention how much free time you can enjoy.

Dig into the data below and find the best real estate investment software, types of property management software, the best solutions for Realtors and mortgage companies and get what you need to fit your full potential faster.

Lead Generation & Real Estate Investment Software

REWW SMART Suite Property Comps

The REWW SMART Suite includes a robust property comps software tool which covers 89-100% of all properties in the US. It’s built by real estate investors for investors. It’s a quick ot use go-to tool, with easy interface real estate professionals can use on their mobile and desktop devices to thoroughly check property comps for themselves.

Find Private Lenders Now

Private lenders are one of the fastest growing sectors in real estate today. These are among the most in demand leads and most needed sources for investors. Available as a stand alone software solution or integrated as part of the SMART Suite, Find Private Lenders Now enables investors to pinpoint private money lenders who are active in the market in their areas and types of deals, and streamlines the process of connecting with them.

Find Cash Buyers Now

The value of, and need for cash buyer leads is only growing. There may be fewer in the market today, but they are still out there if you have the right tools to identify and connect with them. REWW’s system makes it simply to spot them and communicate with them, and either convert them into end buyers for your real estate deals or to become private lenders for your future transactions.

Find Motivated Sellers Now

It doesn’t matter how much money or end buyers you have if you can’t find deals. Find Motivated Sellers Now gives real estate investors direct access to motivated sellers, with plenty of filters to target the right properties and owners which are able to sell on terms matching their criteria. It’s all integrated with a seamless direct mail system for instantly pushing out marketing pieces to them to begin negotiations and ink more contracts.

Real Estate CRM Software


Salesforce is easily the biggest provider across all CRM software solutions. It has a popular brand name and stays engaged with lots of visibility. It is highly customizable, syncs with Outlook, and can be scaled for use by the biggest organizations. It’s strengths can also be its weaknesses. It may be too complex and complicated to set up for many individual real estate professionals.


Act is a well known CRM software solution which has been used in the real estate industry for decades. It can work for Realtors, mortgage companies and investors. Act will likely require some intensive training to get the most out of it and can get expensive, but constant updates now allow it to integrate with Amazon’s Alexa and many veterans of the industry probably already have experience with it.


Many real estate investors and companies have been switching to Infusionsoft recently. It offers a more robust suite of tools than other basic email software services. This includes landing page design, forms, deep list segmentation, affiliate marketing tools and lead scoring capabilities. In turn it is also more expensive and complex to use. Be careful to check if Infusionsoft integrates with your other tools before switching, and what additional costs may be involved.

BNTouch Mortgage CRM

This CRM software was developed specifically for the mortgage loan industry. It has high reviews from notable publications. Features include SMS and email automation, Facebook Ad Manager integration and various plans ranging from loan officers to enterprise levels.

Real Estate Website Builders and Blogging Software


WordPress is easily the largest and most comprehensive provider for anyone looking to build or host a website or blog today. At least 30% of the internet is powered by WordPress. It gives small business owners and independent professionals in the real estate industry a ton of flexibility, with low cost maintenance, and full control over their own sites. You can do just about anything you can imagine with it, yet keep it simple at the same time.


Wix is actually a large international company which provides cheap DIY website builder tools. It is mostly loved for being fast, easy and inexpensive to use and maintain. It just may be wise to look at real examples of what websites look like that are built like others like you, instead of professional designers before you decide to go this route. The end product might not be what you hoped.


Shopify may be an ideal solution if you plan to do any online sales or take payments over the internet. Shopify already has shopping, cart, and payment tools built in. This is normally where entrepreneurs and small business owners get hung up with other sites. Ongoing hosting is more expensive, with the cheapest plans starting around $30 a month. Yet, you may save in the long run if online payments will be a part of your web presence.

Best Real Estate Project Management Software


For those just getting started or who are transferring and collaborating on a large number of files, Google offers a simple suite of tools. G Suite includes, Google Voice, Drive, Gmail and custom email addresses. For Google power users this can be the easiest way to work, without the hassle of bringing in and learning or training on new software.


Trello is one of the better known project management software solutions out there today. Most outsourced and remote team members should have experience using it, making it easy to implement and get your team using. Easy card and list formats make it simple to set up projects can monitor progress on complex processes like flipping houses or developing new real estate websites and sales funnels.


Freedcamp is very similar to Trello in many ways. It may be one of the best free real estate software solutions, but is still far less known than the others on this list. Users have the choice between different formats for structuring and checking off projects. Can also double as a great place to store key files and data you may need to access later, but don’t want eating up all of your free storage in Google or Dropbox.


Zoho actually offers an immense set of tools covering everything from CRM solutions to project management. It has been around for a long time and ought to be one of the most reliable. Like Salesforce, the downside may be that it has so many options and potential features to include or upgrade too. The last thing you want is software your team doesn’t use or you never get off the ground with.

Call Tracking & VOIP Phone Software for Real Estate


Ooma offers a whole suite of business phone system solutions including VOIP service with no phone contracts, business phones, virtual receptionists, and even connected home or small business security hardware and monitoring if you want it. Ooma says it can save even a small 3 user team over $6,000 within the first 3 years.


Callrail offers lots of insights with its call tracking software for those who want to accurately measure their marketing ROI and maximize their on and offline advertising effectiveness and profits. Call recording makes it easy to train new employees and keep accurate records for best serving and upselling customers in the future. Automated lead scoring and customer tracking can help you better understand your customer journey and prioritize hot leads.


Call Fire goes well beyond basic call tracking to split test marketing campaigns and supervise sales and customer service staff. CallFire also enables the ability to integrate text broadcasting and voice broadcasting for follow up and ongoing mobile marketing campaigns, as well as IVR solutions. With your own automated phone system you can better organize how calls are routed so no leads are left collecting dust, and they are always routed to the team member best able to close or serve them.

Email Software for Realtors


Mailchimp is perhaps the easiest email software for real estate users to get up and running with. It’s free and offers most of the features and capabilities other solutions have. Ideal for those needing to get started quickly, and who want to have different admin levels for enabling remote marketing teams to handle email newsletter design, email drip campaigns and integration with websites and landing pages. Mailchimp now offers landing page building tools, popups for websites and gaining opt-ins and perhaps most importantly seems to offer the largest number of integrations with other services and sales funnel tools.


Infusionsoft is a much more robust solution, which has been gaining a lot of steam in the real estate industry. It’s great for those with big lists and who want deep list segmentation for highly targeted email follow up campaigns. Infusionsoft seems to offer more features for building out whole sales funnels, though those tools may not look as great nor be as easy to use as some of its competitors.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another highly reputable email software for Realtors, investors, mortgage brokers and deal syndicators. It offers a lot. Much of it the same as the others on this list. Most experienced marketing staff should have experience with it.


Like Constant Contact, iContact offers a robust suite of email marketing tools for business. iContact integrates with Salesforce Mass Email and offers special pricing for nonprofits. They are currently offering a 30 day free trial for those looking to test out a new solution.

8 Things to Look for in the Best Real Estate Software

Clearly, there is no one-size fits all real estate software solution in any of these categories. A lot of it comes down to personal preference, what you are already using, who is on your team and where you plan to go.

What to look for:

  1. Fit for your unique needs and brand
  2. If it works for your scale of business, and how big you want to go
  3. Availability of tech support and what medium it is offered in
  4. Ease of use on a daily basis
  5. Costs now and for all the features you need later
  6. How much training you and your team might need, and the costs
  7. Speed of implementation and getting up and running with it
  8. If it will easily integrate with your current systems, and any associated costs