1-800-SELL-NOW, Five Things People Want to Know

Last week was a really interesting week. We received a lot of interest from realtors and real estate agents about our video postings on YouTube and Facebook. There seem to be a few consistent questions that I thought I would answer here: How do you see the process flow working if a real estate agent […]

The Best Real Estate Leads In The Business

In the last couple of weeks we have been getting a lot of interest from real estate agents as opposed to real estate investors. Strict investors are routinely looking for one type of lead and I am always shocked at how many of our investor clients just “toss” to the side unwanted leads (listing opportunities) […]

Article on The Benefits of Toll Free Numbers

A Great Article on the Benefits of Toll-Free Numbers… The Advantages of Toll-Free Numbers: The benefits far outweigh the costs for marketers By Michelle Tirado for Office.com April 19, 2000 — No matter where an ad is placed — TV, radio, magazine or billboard — a toll-free number is sure to boost response rates. Marketers […]

A Few Great Reasons To Use 1-800-SELL-NOW

Why would you ever want to use a Vanity Brand like 1-800-SELL-NOW in your market?   #1 The Primary Reason Is That The Number Works! Consumers know that top companies such as FedEx (1-800-GO-FED-EX); Toyota (1-800-GO-TOYO), FTD (1-800-SEND-FTD), 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-CONTACTS, Gateway (1-800-GATEWAY), and many others have easy, memorable 800 numbers. If vanity numbers didn’t work […]

What Should a Good Lead Cost?

I was just asked a great question from one of our clients. “What should a good lead cost?”Wow. Maybe it’s just something in the air today. But, that question on this day just struck me as very profound. I would answer – “whatever you can afford to pay for it.” “Whatever offers you the greatest […]

Real Estate Agents: Getting a HOT lead vs. a COLD lead

When we started 1-800-SELL-NOW, we deliberately did not focus any attention on recruiting real estate agents to our service. We were 100% focused on real estate investors. Now here we are a few years later and a funny thing has happened. Real estate agents are seeking us out and using our brand to create REAL […]

Another Way of Selling or Renting Your Property

Now I am not going to say that this is the answer for everything related to renting or selling your property. I am simply going to say that I just did this and it worked for me beautifully. I was recently pushed by my friend Karl Hartley to get more involved with Social Marketing through […]

Short Sale Teleconference Was a Hit

A lot of thanks goes out to Karl Hartley for a very good teleconference last night on some Short Sale Secrets. Karl has been a real estate investor for almost 20 years and has a thriving business in Utah. He also happens to be our licensee for the state of Utah and does a terrific […]

More Calls, More Deals, More Profits

I went on and on yesterday about the real value in branding. At the end of the day all marketing is about performance. You need more calls, leading to more deals, leading to more profits. Well that is what vanity 800 number branding is about. When it comes to boosting sales and keeping you top-of-mind […]

Is There Any Value in Branding in Today’s Market

Is there any value in branding? Being the CEO of a branding company, I hear this question a lot. Of course, I would emphatically and undeniably say “YES!” Branding is a part of our culture. More times than not, it is the very reason that we do business with a company. We recognize the brand, […]

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