One Number That We Focus On

I wanted to share with you some of the things that we are monitoring on behalf of our licensees. We publish a series of internal reports daily that outline every call that was routed to our licensees. We can see what time the call came in, the length of the call, who the call was […]

Real Estate Marketing: Dominate Your Niche With The Right Mix

A Helpful Script for Your Call Center

After my posting last night, I had a few people ask me about our call center and the script that our operators read through when a motivated seller calls in. Here it is…….. Thank you for calling 1-800-SELL-NOW. Are you calling about selling a home? Let me go ahead and get some information from you. […]

Make Every Call Count

Some of you are faced with a tough question…. What do I do with all of these calls? If there is ONE call that comes in that you cannot figure out a way to profit from, then it’s ONE TOO MANY. It’s the never-ending dilemma of a real estate investor… “I’ve spent money on advertising […]

REWW | Kent Clothier | 6 Ways To Get The Edge In Real Estate Advertising Now

Other Ways to Advertise with 1-800-SELL-NOW

Some of you have been asking about what other advertising mediums are working in other parts of the country. I put together a list of a few… ValPak – We currently have a license holder that is advertising using this medium and if you think about this target audience it really is a perfect place […]

Building a Brand

From market to market the effectiveness of mass media advertising changes depending on the medium, the market, the time of year, and the availability of quality spots (radio or tv) or locations (billboards). But one thing is true with all three of them – using any of them with 1-800-SELL-NOW works!!! On a market by […]

It’s a Numbers Game

How and why do real estate investors buy property without seeing it? Easy, it’s a numbers game. Whether or not you see the property before you make an offer isn’t nearly as important as making sure the numbers make sense and MAKING THE OFFER. An associate of mine used to just send out offers on […]

Building a Buyers List

Although I have written about it before, I thought that I would touch on the subject of building a Buyers List again. The biggest fear that people who are venturing into the Wholesaling business have is whether or not they are going to be able to sell the homes that they put under contract. This […]

What are a Sellers Options When Facing Foreclosure

If the foreclose sale (sheriff sale) has NOT been held yet, the seller is in what’scalled “Pre-Foreclosure”. There is still time to take action to AVOID an actual foreclosure that will remain on their credit record for 10 years. Option One: Work with their Current Lender. A. Forbearance: Forbearance is an agreement between the current […]

How Do I Find Other Investors to Purchase My Property

Many new investors struggle with the uncertainty of real estate wholesaling and not knowing how to find other investors that will pruchase their deals. Here are some tried and true solutions for creating the investor network that you need to have in order to have a successful wholesaling business. Join your local REI club. There […]

What’s the big deal about a brand anyways?

  If you think about it, the brand is everything. “Everything” might seem like a strong word to use until you begin to consider how you’re viewed in the eyes of your customer. You’re an investor right? Right. How do your customers find you and what is their perception of you when they see your […]

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