Top 10 Real Estate Investment Books

Real Estate Investment Books – Must Reads

Boost your knowledge, skills and momentum with these top real estate investment books…

Leaders read. If you want to succeed, get started, get to the next level, or just ensure you can hold onto your gains, you’ve got to be reading. So many individuals never get started, or run their business into the ground unnecessarily, when the information they need is right at their fingertips in the form of books. You can order them online with a few clicks, get the ebook versions or in many cases get the audio version too.

So, which of the best real estate investment books should you be reading now?

1. Reverse Wholesaling by Kent Clothier

Reverse Wholesaling by Kent Clothier is a powerful book by one of the world’s most successful real estate wholesalers. Inside Kent will show you the four part system for doing a high volume of deals. You’ll learn how to find the buyers and fill pre-orders for deals, without having to use your own money to fund them. Get a free copy of Reverse Wholesaling here.

2. 1-800-Sell-Now MXP Extreme Marketing

This Extreme Marketing Program book comes with seven DVDs and is available on Amazon. It’s all about how to get motivated seller leads, smart marketing techniques, and how to do short sale deals. These are the tactics and systems that Kent Clothier used to complete billions of dollars in real estate investments and build an Inc. 5000 real estate investing business.

3. The Intelligent Investor

The famous investing book holds many of the principles used by today’s most legendary and respected investors. The author Benjamin Graham is known to be a mentor of Warren Buffett, and pioneered many best practices for all types of investing. It’s a great way to go right to the source and hear what your idols used to make themselves successful.

4. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Similar to the groundbreaking book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, this follow up work by Gary Keller brings together the experience of 100+ millionaires. It is not just about marketing or analyzing deals, but building your dream team and systems so that you can do more volume and build a real business.

5. Turning Distress Into Success

Turning Distress into Success is the first of three books by fund manager Fuquan Bilal. This book focuses on how to turn distressed property situations into great solutions for homeowners, borrowers, lenders and real estate investors. It’s about focusing on the advantages of investing in mortgage notes, and how to find, negotiate and leverage them for financial success and passive income.

6. The Art of Startup Fundraising

While not a real estate specific book, The Art of Startup Fundraising is one of the the best books for entrepreneurs seeking to launch a startup and raise capital. It’s an award winning book complete with strategies and tactics for structuring your business and negotiating terms with various types of investors and backs. Authored by Alejandro Cremades, the host of the DealMakers podcast, with forward by Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran.

7. The One Thing

Another book by the founder of Keller Williams, Gary Keller. The One Thing drills into elite time management skills and how to get more done and achieve greater things by simplifying your to-do list. A great read for everyone in real estate from those trying to get started while juggling their old job, to busy CEOs.

8. How to Win Friends & Influence People

This classic by Dale Carnegie provides timeless wisdom on how to help others, build a business and get more of what you want in life. If you’ve put off reading this because you thought the title was cheesy, grab a copy and you might be surprised.

9. Ego is the Enemy

This powerful business book reveals how ego can be your worst enemy when trying to build a business and hold onto your gains. Plus, how other heroes have managed to keep their ego in check to make a real difference and achieve great success. If you don’t know this stuff, everything you build in real estate can be at risk.

10. Foreclosure Investing for Dummies

While not the most advanced series of real estate investment books, the For Dummies series provides new real estate investors a quick and easy read and introduction to key terms that will help you get the lingo fast and sound smarter when you are out there doing deals.

Reading is vitally important for real estate investors and professionals. If you still struggle with being consistent with books, then find a medium that works for you. Read blogs like this, dive into online real estate investing course and attend seminar and webinars.