A Helpful Script for Your Call Center

After my posting last night, I had a few people ask me about our call center and the script that our operators read through when a motivated seller calls in.

Here it is……..

Thank you for calling 1-800-SELL-NOW. Are you calling about selling a home?
Let me go ahead and get some information from you.
Can I have your name?
Can I have the best phone number to reach you?
Can I have the address of the property that you would like to sell?
City, State, and Zip?
What price are you currently asking for the property?
How much do you currently owe on the house?
If we pay you cash, what is the least amount that you would take for the house?
Are there any other details about the house that you would like me to pass on?
Thank you again for calling. I will have one of our property managers return your call shortly.

Upon hanging up, our call center then forwards all of this information to us in the form of an email.

So, by the time that I actually “receive” the call, I know a lot of details about the house, the circumstances, and the overall potential deal. This is a real time saver for us. It allows us to have a laser focus on the hot deals that come in – without having to waste our own time digging for details.

However, the biggest benefit is that the customer actually spoke to someone. They didn’t get a voice mail, a busy signal, or “I’ll have to call you back.” They talked to someone that is engaging and by the end of the call, they know you’re going to get back to them. They feel good about it. It’s your customer to lose at that point.

If you would like more information on the call center that we use. Please send an email to [email protected] and we will gladly forward all of their contact info.

Thanks and Good Luck Investing.


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