What’s the big deal about a brand anyways?


If you think about it, the brand is everything. “Everything” might seem like a strong word to use until you begin to consider how you’re viewed in the eyes of your customer. You’re an investor right? Right. How do your customers find you and what is their perception of you when they see your advertising? Let’s face it real estate investors provide a commodity service. I’m not talking about all the extra great stuff you do for your customers; I’m just talking about the basic service you provide. That’s why home owners call real estate investors. So how do you differentiate yourself from all your competition who is essentially promising the same exact same thing you are? Well, if you’re smart you are following some basic marketing principles as well as using and building a brand in your market area. Customers need to see you over and over again and as often as possible. They need to trust your ad enough to respond to it. They’re also more likely to respond to a “professional” looking ad than they are to one that looks “fly by night.” Here in South Florida I’ve actually seen hand-written, cardboard signs stuck on the side of the road. Perhaps that sign will result in a call or two, but you’re not going to OWN your market by operating that way. And really, that’s why we’re all here. We want to own our local markets right? I sure hope you said “Yes!” to that last question.

Let’s look at it like this: which of the following signs would you respond to?

I’m sure you see these all the time right? You might even use them now. Aside from being illegal in most areas, how effective is this really? Does it inspire confidence? Do you suppose that most people drive by so fast that they miss the number completely? If you brand yourself with street spam, how do you think you’ll be viewed in your market?

Now, how much better would this look as a sign or a car magnet? The viewer doesn’t need to scramble to remember a confusing number… they can remember 1-800-SELL-NOW. With one look they know who you are, what service you provide and how to reach you. Even better, the logo is professional and is completely different from the messages they’ll see from your competition.

Although the two signs advertise the exact same service, they elicit completely different responses. The classic yellow & black, blue & white, etc. color combinations have been over done and most people have become quite numb to them. To own your market you need to differentiate yourself through branding and the proper mix of marketing mediums. You’ll never get a chance to prove to your customers that you’re better if they don’t call you. If you want the same results as your competitors, do the same thing they do.


About Kent Clothier

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a highly sought-after speaker, the owner of three multi-million dollar a year Internet marketed brands, and proud husband and father. Kent is motivated by his love of family and freedom, creating products that enable people to live their lives the way they choose.

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  1. I agree with your comments regarding the importance of a brand and we are lacking a quality brand/phone number in our vertical marketplace. I have been in marketing my entire career and what you say rings true. I recently started my full time career as a real estate investor after doing it part time the last year or so.

    Oh yeah, I hate the cluter and unsightly bandit signs in my area and want to avoid that at all costs – unfortunately I catch myself putting them out now because getting GREAT leads is nearly impossible…. I am looking forward to your web presentation (just requested it on your site) and determining if this program is right for me.

    Best Regards,

  2. True about brand, but wouldn’t it be just as simple, and less expensive for me to purchase my own vanity number, get my own magnetic car labels, and get a spot on my local cable channels cheaply. And I wouldn’t be paying someone monthly for a territory, I would be getting leads directly, not second hand, and my brand would add a local touch. I’d much rather sell my house to a neighbor, than some stranger who advertises nationwide. That is just my honest opinion.

  3. True. Theoritcally it would be cheaper (although not much – making commercials is not cheap). Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy anymore. No doubt that you can go and produce a commercial and have it run on your local cable networks. Also, it is certainly possible to go and get all kinds of marketing materials produced for your car, office, etc. The real trick is getting a vanity number that has ANY value to the consumer. A number that a home seller identifies with quickly, will remember long after your advertising is over, AND will utilize.

    Vanity numbers are a precious commodity today. They are no longer readily available and when a number happens to be out there it is usually bought and squatted on quickly by big companies that do nothing but sell them to the highest bidder. If you think getting a good Internet Domain is hard – try the Vanity Number business.

    1-800-SELL-NOW is so much more than a vanity number though. The brand and marketing behind 1-800-SELL-NOW are both powerful and proven. In a matter of a few seconds a motivated seller knows….

    Who We are.
    What We Do. and…
    How to Get in Touch with us.

    Lastly, our brand provides a national identity with a local presence. Each of our license holders works directly in their local market. They work hand-in-hand with the seller to earn their trust and support.

    Each of our license holders also receives the call directly from the seller. Unlike some other companies in this field, we do not pick and choose leads to forward on to license holders. Our system forwards all leads directly to the license holder. The calls do not come to our office.

    So, when a local seller calls – they get a real person, from their own town, and the comfort of dealing with a large entity like 800-SELL-NOW versus “Joe’s Home Buying Company @ 561-445-5600”.

    Sometimes that memorable number and the security of a name you recognize is the difference between a seller calling you OR a seller calling your competition.

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