Short Sale Teleconference Was a Hit

A lot of thanks goes out to Karl Hartley for a very good teleconference last night on some Short Sale Secrets.

Karl has been a real estate investor for almost 20 years and has a thriving business in Utah. He also happens to be our licensee for the state of Utah and does a terrific job with the 1-800-SELL-NOW brand.

For those of you that missed it, Karl spent about an hour last night sharing some of his insight into how he has grown his business over the years into a buying and selling machine. Specifically, how he has done this by utilizing some short sale strategies that he has developed over the years. Based on the feedback that we’ve received this morning, I would have to say that those few “nuggets” of information that he threw out were a big hit and could easily begin having an immediate impact on a lot of our licensees short sale strategies.

Karl and I spoke last night and based on the response from this call, we will schedule another call in the next few days and will send out an invitation accordingly. If you missed last night, I would encourage you to try to make this one.

Just so that we’re all on the same page……we were not selling a thing. No books, tapes, systems, or seminars……just some quality information being shared in an effort to grow our 1-800-SELL-NOW community.

We are truly excited about this industry everyday and cannot wait to share ideas with other link minded individuals. So again, try to join us when the date is posted.

As always, Good Luck in all of your investing

Kent Clothier


Karl’s email address for those of you that want to reach out to him is [email protected]

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