1-800-SELL-NOW, Five Things People Want to Know

Last week was a really interesting week. We received a lot of interest from realtors and real estate agents about our video postings on YouTube and Facebook. There seem to be a few consistent questions that I thought I would answer here:

How do you see the process flow working if a real estate agent or realtor uses 1-800-SELL-NOW?

Well, keep in mind that a customer is calling 1-800-SELL-NOW because they are looking to sell their house NOW. They are obviously motivated. Now motivation comes in varying degrees, but they are definitely motivated enough to call.

SO, we see agents laying the ground work with the customer by saying that the agent is definitely in a position to help them sell their house now either through a cash offer from local investors or by getting the house listed for the right price to move it. However, either way the agent will need to come see the house to evaluate the house. This gets the agent in the door.

Getting in front of the customer is the important part of any deal of this type……building rapport immediately and helping the customer to solve their real estate problem. If you want to have the opportunity to close more deals – you need to get in front of the customer.

How much does your service cost?

We license our brand by geographic territory…..DMA, State, County, or even Zip Code. So the price will depend on the number of households in the area that you are purchasing. The more households – the higher the cost. On average it is about $75 a month for a normal zip code.

How can you route calls by zip code?

If you dial 1-800-SELL-NOW right now the first thing that you will hear is “Thank you for calling 1-800-SELL-NOW, please enter in the 5-digit zip code of the property that you are calling in reference to, so that we may route your call to the appropriate party.” Upon entry of that zip code, our system then routes the call to the appropriate licensee for that territory. Same thing over the web. This allows our licensee to feel confident with their local advertising…..if the call comes from their licensed territory – they are getting it. NOTE: This also protects our licensees with cell phones. More and more people have cell phones from other area codes – with our system this is a non-issue.

How many calls can I expect?

Well, like anything else it will depend on how much you advertise the number. The licensing fee that you pay 1-800-SELL-NOW covers the cost of the routing and exclusive use of the brand. However, you still need to let people know in your territory that you exist. SO, whether it is through business cards, direct mail, val-pak, yellowpages, print, radio, or television – you have to get the word out. What we are saying is that incorporate our number in everything that you currently do. If you do, the customer will remember this brand easier than anything else that you are doing without it and in fact you will get more calls.

On average, where our customers spend a minimum of $1500 in advertising a month they receive between 30 and 60 calls directly from motivated sellers.

Why do you say these are “better” or “more convertible” leads than your competitors leads?

There are a lot of our clients that spend a lot of money on lists, subscriptions, and other forms of marketing that bring them leads. In the majority of these cases these leads do not call the agent directly and require the agent to make a call to someone that may or may not be ready to transact business immediately. On the other hand, our customers call the agent directly AND in most cases they are ready to transact business immediately. They are looking for a real estate professional that can help them today.

Cold-calling a person that may or may not be ready to do business VS Customer calling you directly because they are looking for someone to help them sell their house now. This seems to us like a much better lead for our clients.

FOOTNOTE: Anyone that would like to talk to a few of our clients to discuss the validity of this – we would be happy to connect you with them – just let us know.

We are delighted that more and more of you are seeing the value in a brand like 1-800-SELL-NOW and exploring how it can bring sellers directly to you as opposed to your competition.

Feel free to contact Don Fowler directly at 770-881-8563 or email at [email protected] to find out more about what we do.

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