Using Meetup To Generate House Flipping Leads

Using Meetup To Generate House Flipping Leads

How can investors leverage Meetups to generate more leads for house flipping? Home buying activity hit a new 10 year high in January 2017. Investors of all types appear incredibly bullish on the market, and are looking to seize on all the opportunities they can. They want to grab the remaining motivated sellers still holding […]

Real Estate Investors: How To Minimize Your Tax Liability This Year

How can real estate investors reduce their tax liability this year? One of the great things about investing in real estate is the potential for a supersized income and great wealth gains. One side effect of that is having to pay taxes on that money. Most of us would rather make more, even if that […]

Flipping Houses - Real Estate Worldwide (REWW)

Why Flipping Houses Rocks For 2017

Is this the year for you to claim the life you want by flipping houses? There are a number of different ways to invest in, and profit from real estate. Many will find flipping houses is exactly what they have been seeking to complete their lifestyle design with enhanced incomes and more free time. So, […]

Tapping Landlords As A Source Of Motivated Sellers

Tapping Landlords As A Source Of Motivated Sellers

Are you tapping into landlords as a profitable source of motivated seller leads? The search for real estate leads and deals is on. Profits may be rising, but in some cases competition is too. For many real estate investors the answer is found in finding motivated sellers. Foreclosure auctions and banked owned REOs are being […]

Where To Find Real Estate Leads For Agents

Where are the real estate leads for Realtors today? The American property market appears to be thriving again. Yet, even though sales volumes may go up, and there are some 160 million millennials and boomers on the move, real estate agents can still find getting real estate leads challenging. What best practices, lead sources, and […]

5 Techniques To Communicate With Sellers

There is a skill and art to communicating with potential sellers that you have GOT to master if you are going to be successful in real estate. There is NOTHING manipulative about it – it’s actually a way to keep the conversation on track that enables you and the seller to discover if you are […]

Real Estate Business – The Dangers of Being Too Busy

One of the roadblocks and traps of launching and running a real estate business, or simply investing by yourself is just being too busy. How do you beat that? While many get into real estate specifically to be able to enjoy more free time and a flexible schedule, many discover they are busier than ever. […]

Real Estate Team Building: How To Choose An Agent

What should real estate investors look for in an agent when building their team? All real estate investors need a team. Despite some historic frictions between Realtors and real estate investors, agents do have a place on these teams. The big question is; how do investors find the right match, and work together effectively? How […]

You Are Your Best Candidate

In the season our nation is experiencing right now there is a ton of discord and hatred going on. In times of chaos like that people are crying out for real leadership and leaders need to rise up to meet the need. Sounds like a job for an entrepreneur – meeting needs and helping people. […]

House Flipping: Real Estate Data Glitches Are Creating New Opportunities

Are gaps in current real estate data creating new house flipping opportunities? Good investment and real estate decisions require being informed. Making accurate assessments and forecasts on the market, values, and profits, requires reliable data. This can be applied to every part of life, and is especially important in house flipping. How can property investors […]

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