Probate Leads - How to use Successors Data

Probate Leads – How to Use Successors Data

Are you familiar with the term “probate?” It’s the legal term used to refer to the process by which survivors must go about determining the validity of a will and dispersing of the property within the estate of the deceased person in question. Think that through from a property investment perspective. While we real estate […]

Hurricane Preparedness For Real Estate Investors

Hurricane Preparedness For Real Estate Investors

How can real estate investors be better prepared to deal with hurricanes? No matter what you invest in there are risk. In real estate one of those risks is natural disasters. That can be earthquakes and wildfires in California, tornadoes in the midwest, blizzards in the north, sinkholes in central Florida, and hurricanes in the […]

Why People Buy

Why People Buy

Why do people buy products?  Whether it’s a home, a gym membership, a car, or anything else, they decide to trade their money for the product because the product has something they value enough to make them willing to pay for it.  Understanding why people buy products involves understanding some basics about what we as […]

The Top Challenges Facing Real Estate Marketers Today

The top challenges can make or break real estate investors and businesses today. Know what they are, and how to champion them. 90% of success in real estate is reliant on marketing. If you can ace the marketing you can succeed. If you don’t excel in this area, it doesn’t matter how great your ideas […]

5 Ways Cash Buyers Make Great Real Estate Leads

There is more than one way that cash buyers can make great real estate leads. Know where and how to find and connect with cash buyers, and learn how to fully leverage them, and you can open up a variety of new and very profitable income opportunities. You may already have an idea for how […]

What The New Financial Choice Act Means For Real Estate Investors

The House recently approved the new Financial Choice Act. How will it impact the real estate market and investors? The Financial Choice Act which aims to shake up banking industry regulations cleared the House in early June 2017. It still may not make it through the Senate and become law exactly in its current form. […]

8 Ways Mortgage Brokers Can Increase Originations By Working With Investors

Mortgage brokers, bankers, and loan officers can dramatically increase their deal volumes and incomes by working with investor clients. Check out these eight ways to start doing more deals with investors, starting today… Real estate investors make for some of the best clients for mortgage originators. Forget just running generic online ads, knocking on doors, […]

8 Ways Realtors Can Boost Business Working With Investors

Realtors can dramatically boost their business and incomes by working with real estate investors. Here are eight ways agents can put themselves in a position to earn more business and get more of the results they want in their career… Although real estate agents and investors are often led to believe they are at odds […]

Flipping Houses In A Buyers’ Market

How do you flip houses in a buyers’ market? There are pros and cons of every phase of the real estate market. Right now, forecasts and data suggest we are entering a new buyers’ market. It has been a sellers’ market in most of the country for several years. That’s changing according to Zillow, which […]

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