Real Estate: America’s New Renter Nation

America is becoming a nation of renters. What will the impact be? According to new data and trends far more American households are now renting than ever before. How is that impacting the real estate market? What will it mean for the economy? What does it mean for you own future, and for real estate […]

7 Budgeting Basics All Real Estate Investors Need To Be On Top Of

All real estate investors need to make sure they are on top of these budgeting basics. Renter Deposits It doesn’t matter whether you are flipping houses or holding rentals. You need to stay on top of tenant deposits. Sooner or later you’ll need to return them or forward them to the next buyer. They shouldn’t […]

The Advantages Of Multifamily Property Investing

Why investing in multifamily properties? There can be a lot of advantages of multifamily property investing. Check out these benefits, and considering adding some of these assets to your portfolio. House Hacking Multifamily properties come in all shapes and sizes. By definition, a multifamily property is anything with more than 1 unit. 2-4 unit duplexes, […]

Real Estate: How Can I Ethically Invest In Hurricane Zones?

How can real estate investors ethically invest in areas impacted by hurricanes?   The recent spree of record setting hurricanes has come right at a time when thousands of real estate investors are hungry for more deals, and particularly cheaper distressed property deals and motivated sellers. There will be some bad apples out there and […]

10 Ways To Boost Your Real Estate Brand Through Your Tenants

On a mission to build a better real estate brand? Your tenants can be some of your best allies in gaining visibility and brand love. You just need to know how to leverage them well. Great Experiences for Prospective Renters Whether or not prospective tenants rent from you or not, they should have a great […]

7 Types of Leads Real Estate Pros Need To Know About

Leads are the life blood of real estate. What types of leads are available, and where do you find them? Whether you are a real estate investor, business owner, agent, or mortgage broker, it is all about the leads. Leads drive your business. You can’t live without them. The more you have, and the better […]

10 Tenant Sourcing Tips For Profitable Landlording In 2018

Landlording is a valuable and potentially profitable way to invest in real estate today. How profitable it really is will depend a lot on your ability to source great tenants. How do you do that? As a landlord, your cash flow and total returns will rely a lot on your tenants. Specifically, your ability to […]

Real Estate Investments: Preparing, Weathering & Recovering From Storms

How do you prepare and protect real estate investments, get through, and recover from major storms as an investor? The recent string of powerful nor’easters, and an active hurricane season last year should have real estate investors alert to the risks, and looking for the smartest moves to make. The 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season is […]

8 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Real Estate Business

Spring is on! Here are eight tips to make the most of this moment to launch your real estate business forward for the rest of the year… We’re used to hearing about spring cleaning for our homes, but with the peak make or break real estate season ahead of us too, isn’t it worth a […]

How To Build A Cash Buyer List

Building a Cash Buyer List For Real Estate Investing Is Critical to Your Success. Here’s Some Things That Every Investor Should Know In Order To Effectively Build Your Cash Buyer List For Any Real Estate Deal. Cash buyers MATTER!  Period.  End of story. Cash buyers can make your real estate investing life so easy that […]

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