How To Read A Motivated Seller’s Mind

How To Read A Motivated Seller’s Mind In real estate investing, the profit you make is often on the purchase of the property rather than the sale. That means, the more you can get a property for a below-market price, the more profit you build in on the front end. That’s why real estate investors […]

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Is Hiring A Mentor, Coach, Or Trainer A Good Idea?

I was on a real estate investing forum this week and noticed a discussion taking place about “coaching” and the always present question….”should I hire a coach and what good are they?” Well…I had to respond. But rather than respond only on the forum, I thought that I’d share my thoughts here too. First, you […]

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Scared Of Making A Mistake? Take Action Anyway (Here’s How)

Dream big but don’t miss action. That’s what I always advise people to do. Unfortunately too many people dream and not enough people act: Many people develop a rich vision and an aspirational dream for what they want to achieve but they’re held back from achieving those dreams. Rarely is their dream beyond reach. Rather, the problem […]

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