Track KPIs & what does KPI stands for “Key Performance Indicators”

How to Track KPIs

One of the things every business person needs to be taught from the beginning is how to track KPIs (key performance indicators). KPIs are what show you the nuts and bolts of what’s happening in your business, what’s working and what’s not working, how effective your efforts are being in real-time, and what you need […]

Productivity hacks help you stay in top performance mode, get more done every day, and maintain that pace of traction.

Productivity Hacks for Busy Real Estate Entrepreneurs

How can busy real estate entrepreneurs get more done on a tight schedule? Whether you are currently working a full time job and are trying to get started in real estate investing, or you are already running a busy real estate company but need to get more done to hit your goals, and want to […]

What are the keys to profitable landlording now?

Landlording: Navigating The New Economy For Success

The real estate market and economy has been changing a lot. How can landlords successful navigate the new landscape for optimal results? Rental property investing is still incredibly popular, and with good reason. However, the dynamics of the game have changed dramatically over the last decade. While technology has helped improve accuracy and efficiency in […]

What does it really mean - finding purpose in life?

Finding Purpose in Life

We hear a ton these days about finding your purpose, pursuing your passion, and similar phrases. What does it really mean – and is it even possible to get clear on those kinds of things? In this coaching call, Pat outlines why he believes it’s bogus to think that you can discover one solitary purpose […]

Real estate websites are still the core of marketing, branding, lead generation, and business for real estate companies and investors today.

What Makes The Best Real Estate Websites?

What makes great real estate website today? Websites are still the core of marketing, branding, lead generation, and business for real estate companies and investors today. Even by themselves they can be incredibly valuable assets. Much of your success will come down to your site. How many deals you do, how well leads convert, how […]

Rent collection is one of the most critical parts of investing in real estate today.

Real Estate Investment: Best Practices For Rent Collection

Rent collection is one of the most critical parts of investing in real estate today. How can you do better at it? No matter how great a rental property opportunity appears, it is only ever as good as the rent collection. You can have a beautiful property in a great location, that you are proud […]

Probate Leads - How to use Successors Data

Probate Leads – How to Use Successors Data

Are you familiar with the term “probate?” It’s the legal term used to refer to the process by which survivors must go about determining the validity of a will and dispersing of the property within the estate of the deceased person in question. Think that through from a property investment perspective. While we real estate […]

Hurricane Preparedness For Real Estate Investors

Hurricane Preparedness For Real Estate Investors

How can real estate investors be better prepared to deal with hurricanes? No matter what you invest in there are risk. In real estate one of those risks is natural disasters. That can be earthquakes and wildfires in California, tornadoes in the midwest, blizzards in the north, sinkholes in central Florida, and hurricanes in the […]

Why People Buy

Why People Buy

Why do people buy products?  Whether it’s a home, a gym membership, a car, or anything else, they decide to trade their money for the product because the product has something they value enough to make them willing to pay for it.  Understanding why people buy products involves understanding some basics about what we as […]

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