Real Estate Marketing: What Inc. Magazine Says To Do In 2017

What real estate marketing trends, tactics, and tools do real estate investors need to be on top of this year? Inc. has unleashed a series of new articles and predictions on marketing trends in 2017. It definitely appears to be shaping up to be a busy year for real estate businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors. Expect […]

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3 Results of Lack of Focus

This coaching call is one Pat decided to do in response to what he’s been hearing from some of his coaching students and fellow investors lately. It’s statements like this, “Man, I’m working so hard and not seeing much come of it.” OR “I’ve been at this for so many years and I just feel […]

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How to Handle Your Motivated Seller Lead Flow

You’ve done your marketing. The phone is ringing. People are responding to your campaign. What is your next step? That’s the exact topic Justin covers on this Wednesday Wisdom call. He takes you through the process of what his team does to follow up on leads, step by step in every case. This is a […]

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How You Can Choose To Be Happy

In this Mindset Monday coaching call, Pat Precourt leads the discussion with an aim to helping you improve your mindset so that you can live a life that is fulfilling and happy. In fact, he’s going to teach you why you can choose to be happy regardless of the circumstances you experience. He’s going to […]

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7 Types Of Motivated Sellers To Buy Properties From Now

7 Types Of Motivated Sellers To Buy Properties From Now Winning in real estate is all about making your money when you buy, and helping others. So, if you are buying property it makes sense to search out the motivated sellers. Here are seven types of property owners investors should be looking for now… Aging […]

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You Need to KNOW the Top 5 Seller Types

In this Wednesday Weekly Wisdom coaching call, Justin Colby introduces the Five Types of Sellers. We all have a unique personality makeup but, did you know that there is a unique makeup for sellers? In his usual relatable fashion, Justin goes through each of the common sellers you will encounter in the housing market. Don’t […]

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Overcoming Objections

In this Wednesday Weekly Wisdom coaching call, Justin Colby introduces the first of several discussions on overcoming seller objections. Before he gets to this valuable resource, Justin shares some great insight on topics ranging from the power of persuasion, the “point” of sales, checking your commitment level, and how to project confidence to complete a […]

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