Best Real Estate Lead Gen Software

Looking to crush even bigger goals in 2020? Here’s the real estate software that will help you get there more efficiently.

Big goals are good. Having the tools that can deliver are what will make all the difference in actually achieving them. Especially, without making yourself sick with stress, and still being able to enjoy the extra time you got into real estate to create in your life.

Try these tools out to upgrade and streamline your real estate investing business.

  1. Real Estate & Private Lender Lead Generation

Use REWW’s SMART Suite software to instantly find motivated sellers, cash buyers and private lender leads in your ideal markets. Pinpoint the perfect deals, and automatically reach out with a direct mail campaign with just a few clicks.

SMART Suite gives all three components you need to meet your deal and dollar goals – sellers, buyers and the lenders to fund them.

Plus, you can use it to run comps on the fly, and get accurate values for making fast and smart offers.

  1. Real Estate Lead Management

Identifying and attracting real estate leads is one thing. The real magic and money happens when you connect and follow up. 

You’ll need a great CRM software for this. There are many out there from the very basic to the insanely complex and customizable. is a great new one that integrates email, SMS, and dialer follow up to automate and track every interaction so your team always sounds smart on the phone, and you close more deals.

  1. Live Chat

Consumers and business owners are busier than ever. Time and attention are in very short supply. Buyer and sellers are making less and less effort. They want an immediate answer or they’ll keep hopping onto the next offer. Instead of relying on email or the phone and managing to connect with leads in follow up, live chat features can give you an upper hand.

There is Facebook messenger and Facebook chatbots for those real estate investors who are heavy on this social media channel.

Drift is one of the more recent additions to the line up of website live chat tools that can help you instantly connect with visitors and convert them into deals.

  1. Real Estate Websites

Website builder software can help you get up new sites, landing pages and lead funnels quickly. You should always be testing, testing, testing. 

There are many to choose from including WordPress, Shopify and Instapage. Wix may not be as robust, but it is fast and easy to use. You can use to get up a site or landing page today, and integrate live chat features and Calendly for appointment setting.

  1. Creating Real Estate Ads

Canva is one of the most versatile tools for creating real estate ads and marketing materials for generating more leads from all types of mediums.

There are free and pro versions to choose from. Use it to create image ads for PPC, SEM, and social media. Use it to create postcards, logos, brochures, images for your blog, business cards and virtually anything else you could need.

Even create your own brand filters so that all of your messaging and materials carry the same feel.

  1. Email Automation Software

Email is still a very big deal in real estate lead generation. Most professionals still prefer email above most other methods of communication. If you’re not building an email database and using it, you are throwing away money and deals, and a lot of time.

There are many email software choices to pick from. Most do exactly the same things. The biggest differences are price, how well they integrate with other software tools you use and ease of use.

Mailchimp is one of the easiest to get started with. It’s free until you get a pretty sizable database. It integrates with probably the largest number of other software tools you’ll be using in your real estate lead generation.

  1. Project Management & Team Collaboration

To get and keep everyone on your teams on the same page and working through the steps efficiently, you’ll need some type of project management software. Freedcamp is free. Trello has been popular for years. Wrike is a newer option that is simple to use and emails your team their daily tasks each morning. 

  1. Communication

One of the most overlooked team and customer communication tools today is Whatsapp. It rolls all of the benefits of team meeting software, direct messaging, collaboration and more into one tool. One which seems to have become even more popular that Skype and Slack. Use to to share files, text customers, quickly switch across SMS, voice and video calls and avoid the noise of other channels.

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