How to Build Instagram Followers in Real Estate and 10X Your Influence

Are you using Instagram to attract highly qualified real estate leads? If you aren’t, you should be. With consistency, Instagram can help realtors and investors to create a reliable stream of new leads and 10x their influence. An effective Instagram strategy can be a powerful way to increase engagement and create warm conversations with interested […]

How to Sell Your Home for Cash

Selling Your Home For Cash – Is It Right For You? What are the real advantages of selling a home for cash? How do you find the right cash buyer for your home? When is comes time to sell your home you have three main choices in who you will sell to: Borrowers needing a mortgage loan to afford your home […]

7 Things Every Real Estate Investor Needs To Learn About For 2019

The real estate market is changing in some very significant ways. Here are seven things every investor needs to know if they are going to make it in 2019… Fake Clicks & Their Effect One of the latest scams to hit the real estate world is fake clicks and PPC fraud. Scammers have spent enormous […]

Using Meetup To Generate House Flipping Leads

Real Estate Mastermind Groups

Why are real estate mastermind groups so powerful? How to you find and get started with one? An Important First Step To Real Success Although many real estate professionals, investors and business owners put this off until later in their careers, when they hit a plateau or emergency, creating a real estate mastermind group is […]

Top Markets For House Flipping In 2019

Top Markets For House Flipping In 2019 There is still great money to be made in house flipping in 2019. It’s all about picking the right strategy, location and having the marketing plans to make it happen. In the first half of 2018, house flippers still made an average gross return of 44.3%, or $65,250 […]

Real Estate Financing is at least 30% of your success.

Real Estate Coaches & Mentors – Why You Need Mentorship

Real Estate Mentors & Coaches – Reasons Why You Need Them How important is it to find a mentor in real estate? What can mentorship really do for you? How do you pick the right real estate mentors? What Is Mentorship? Mentorship is the guidance received from, or relationship with someone who has more experience […]

How To Flip Houses With No Money

Can real estate investors really flip houses with no money down? If so, what’s the secret?   For years books, blogs and late night infomercials have promised you can make big money in real estate with no money down. Often even if you don’t have good credit either. Is is all just a sales pitch […]

Hiring A Property Management Company: What To Look For

What should real estate investors look for when hiring a property management company? All serious rental property investors and turnkey property providers need professional property management. A lot of real estate agents, tech entrepreneurs and investors have tried to inject themselves into this business to take advantage of the booming amount of rental properties out […]

8 Reasons To Invest in Multi-Family Units

Why invest in multifamily units? There may be more advantages than you think… More individual investors are stepping up and graduating to this real estate investment sector. This is also a niche that has consistently been a favorite with very sophisticated investors and funds. Here are just some of the benefits that may even outshine […]

Do I Need A Real Estate License To Invest In Real Estate?

Do I need to get a real estate license to making money from investing in real estate? Is it necessary to become a Realtor to get started investing in real estate? If so, what are the steps involved? What if you lose your license. What other certifications may help you reach your goals? Are there […]

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