REWW | Kent Clothier | 6 Ways To Get The Edge In Real Estate Advertising Now

6 Ways To Get The Edge In Real Estate Advertising Now

How can you get the edge, and generate more results from your real estate advertising this year? With the new surge in the American housing market we are in a moment of incredible opportunity. Of course, there are many others seeking to take advantage of current buying opportunities, low interest rates, and the cash buyers […]

REWW Wednesday Wisdom - Step 5 REI Sales System - Minor Commitments with Sellers

Step 5 in the REI Sales System

The REI Sales Systems requires specificity – clear action steps that both parties understand and are able to look to in order to know what to expect and when to expect it. This session covers the clear steps – the minor commitments – that you need to put in place in order to lead your […]

Best Cities To Live In For Remote Real Estate Wholesalers

Where are the best cities for real estate wholesalers to live now? With the real estate market constantly changing, and technology freeing up investors to live and work from anywhere, where might today’s virtual wholesaling investors enjoy living the most? There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing somewhere to live, or at […]

Gain more real estate leads through Instagram - REWW | Kent Clothier

How To Use Instagram For More Real Estate Leads

Instagram is rising to be a powerful lead generation tool for real estate investors. How can you make it work to build your business? According to Social Media Today Instagram now has over 600 million users, and 300 million active daily users. At least 26% of those users earn $75,000 per year or more, and […]

5 ways on getting started in real estate wholesaling - kent clothier REWW

Wholesaling Real Estate: The 5 Essentials For Getting Started Right

Wholesaling real estate continues to be one of the most attractive and profitable ways to start investing, and to elevate your financial future. How can you ensure you get off to the best start possible? There may be many ways to invest in, and profit from real estate. Still, wholesaling remains one of the easiest […]

Build your real estate list - REWW

Smart List Building Moves For House Flippers

Want to build a bigger and better real estate lead list for flipping houses? It’s still all about the list. As a house flipper you need lists of motivated sellers, cash buyers, and often private lenders too. The quality and size of your lists directly impact your ability to do deals, your maximum upside potential, […]

Step 2 in the REI Sales System

Congratulations on taking a very important step in your real estate business by equipping yourself through these Wednesday Wisdom training sessions. If you don’t have the tools you need to build the business then you won’t be able to experience the benefits that come from it. So again – congratulations on taking an important step […]

Rehabbing Houses with 5 types of equity

Rehabbing Houses: 5 Ways To Leverage Pent Up Equity

How can real estate investors leverage pent up equity while rehabbing houses? Whether enduring longer turn times when flipping houses or rehabbing homes and building a rental property portfolio, many investors can find themselves held back by lack of liquidity. How can you avoid this, and maximize growth and returns by leveraging the equity they […]

Faith vs Delusion

The journey of the typical business person’s mindset goes something like this… you start out believing you’re going to be a hit, you’re going to make a killing. But when difficulties arise your mindset typically doesn’t remain strong. You begin to wonder, doubt, question yourself, and even imagine mysterious things out there that are coming […]

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