Smart System – Real Estate Investing Software

The Real Estate Worldwide S.M.A.R.T. System connects you with the data and leads you need to reach your goals.

Use REWW’s Strategic Marketing And Real Estate Training system to hack time, generate hot leads, and fast track your way to the success you crave.

Smart Real Estate Tools

Your time is priceless. So we’ve put together an incredible package of power tools for getting the results you want from real estate, faster.

S.M.A.R.T. combines a suite of strategic marketing tools and real estate training so that you can quickly pinpoint the best leads for you, connect with them, and get right to doing more deals.

Whether you are just looking for the fastest and surest way to get going in real estate, or need to optimize your current business and get more done in less time, then Get SMART.

The SMART Suite

S.M.A.R.T. bundles four of the best resources available to real estate investors, professionals, and business.

Find Cash Buyers Now

Find cash buyers now with this integrated web-based system. Identify and reach out to cash buyers across the country and in your area with just a few clicks. Search and hone in on absentee owners. Filter by county, price of property they’ve been buying, how many properties they’ve purchased, what types of investment properties they are into, and more, and instantly get contact details.

Then pick up the phone, or hit a button to send them a mailer, and get your phone ringing with hot inbound leads. Promote your inventory, add them to your list, and set yourself up for success with buying power.

Find Motivated Sellers Now

Find ripe and motivated sellers with a few clicks and fill your pipeline with real estate deals. Discover who owns vacant properties, free and clear properties, and properties with plenty of equity. Get their contact information instantly. Then use the integrated direct mail system to get in touch, and have them start calling you. Get ahead of the competition, get the contacts they can’t find, sign them up first, and sign more deals.

Find Private Lenders Now

Private lenders are now an absolutely critical part of the real estate business. Who wants to gamble endless hours or months of their time hoping a bank will come through with a loan? Who wants to deal with the endless hoops, poor service, and mountains of junk fees? Private lenders are the solution to funding real estate deals fast and with confidence. Many find them elusive, but they don’t have to be any more. Now you can tap into private lenders all over the United States in seconds. Perform a quick search online, get their contact info, and call or mail them in moments. Get private lenders calling you to try and win your business now.

Real Estate Training

The SMART System suite doesn’t just give you the data and marketing tools. You’ll also find volumes of powerful real estate training. Learn online at your own pace. Tap into the strategy and tactics used by today’s fastest growing real estate companies. Get top tips on how to best leverage S.M.A.R.T., how to negotiate with motivated sellers, cash buyers, and private lenders, and close more deals, on better terms, faster.

Real Estate Comps

Real estate comps are critical for making smart buys, getting loans approved quickly and effortlessly, and for selling properties on to the best buyers. S.M.A.R.T. incorporates powerful comp pulling tools for determining the value of properties. Use them to negotiate better offers, get motivated sellers to contract faster, private lenders to put up the funds on the best terms, and to impress your cash buyers and get them to close quickly.

Is the SMART System Suite for Me?

SMART pulls together a bundle of the best real estate marketing and training tools for a wide variety of investors, professionals, executives, and organizations. If you are in real estate, the S.M.A.R.T. suite packs a ton of value for getting the results you want now.

Real Estate Investors – Buy & Hold

Using the SMART suite buy and hold landlords can get right to the best property deals. No middle man necessary. Find the motivated sellers and owners that can afford to negotiate great deals. Then if you like tap into the private lender database to fund your deals, and access lenders who won’t crush you with paperwork, and can finance your acquisitions faster, and without the loan limits of institutional lenders.

Real Estate Investors – Wholesalers

The SMART System is perfect for real estate wholesalers, and is exactly what you need if you plan to get into reverse wholesaling. Find all the leads you need to line up your cash buyers in advance. Secure private lenders to fund your deals, even if you don’t have great credit. And then load up your pipeline with motivated sellers. While others are out there working themselves to death, your phone will be ringing, and you can be doing deals from wherever you like.

Real Estate Investors – Commercial

SMART isn’t just for residential homes. Use it to find private money lenders, motivated sellers, and cash buyers for commercial properties as well. Office buildings, retail, land, hotels, industrial properties, mixed-use, and more.

Real Estate Investors – Multifamily

Multifamily property investors will find this system perfect for sourcing, funding, and selling everything from duplexes to five plus unit commercial properties, apartment buildings, and new mixed-use developments.

Real Estate Investors – Fix and Flippers

The S.M.A.R.T. System is a powerful ally for rehabbers and fix and flip investors. Dig in and get right to the discounted deals to maximize your profit margins. Find private mortgage lenders who will finance the types of properties you are dealing with, and may provide the working capital required to complete your renovations. Find cash buyers to flip your houses to for fast exits, lowering risk, and increasing the number of turns you can do each year. And use the comps tool for making accurate decisions and giving your buyers confidence in your deals.

Real Estate Agents

As an agent you’ll find SMART a unique and invaluable tool for sourcing off-market deals for clients, setting up listing presentations with highly qualified sellers, finding cash buyers and investors who may purchase multiple properties each month, and keeping them all organized.

Real Estate Brokers

Residential and commercial real estate brokers can not only leverage these tools for themselves, but use them to equip their whole teams with cutting edge, cloud based tools and mobile apps that give them a massive advantage in the market.

Mortgage Brokers

There are multiple ways to leverage the SMART suite for mortgage professionals. Private lenders may be added to your pool of finance sources, or could become backup finance sources for gap funding, additional capital for investor clients, and those you can’t help through your other channels. Cash buyers might be converted into borrowers as they expand their portfolios or need to recapitalize on pent up equity, and some sellers may be able to keep their homes by refinancing as well.

Title Companies

There is a huge amount of potential business leads to be gained via SMART for title companies and title reps. Lenders, repeat buyers, and sellers can all be great sources of rapid, regular, and referral business.

‘Bird Dogs’

This is the ultimate performance enhancing app for property scouts and ‘bird dogs’. You’ll put all your coworkers and competitors to shame with the high volume of great deals you’ll be able to bring in using SMART. Ice that with lender leads and buyer leads and you’ll become invaluable to your real estate partners. Or you may find that you are now better equipped than they are to find and flip houses deals all day long. And you’ll be able to back up your findings with comps, proving yourself even more valuable to those you do business with.

Funds & Institutional Buyers

Bulk buyers and sellers will find the SMART suite system highly advantageous for finding deals and end buyers in volume. Get right to the deals that make sense, and those that are really qualified to take them off your hands.

Real Estate Investors – International

SMART works perfectly for both domestic and international real estate investors dealing in US property. This cloud based system can be used from anywhere you have internet access. Find deals no matter where you are in the world. Get financing easily. And even virtually flip properties in the world’s best property market from a distance.

The Time is Now

The time to take your career and investment business to the next level is now. Get the leads you need, tap into the best video training and coaching, automate sending direct mail with proven templates, and do it all from your laptop, tablet, or phone. This suite will put time back on your side, allow you to reach thousands more leads than before, and to better streamline your full cycle of business. Get SMART Now by clicking HERE.