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The Real Estate Worldwide (REWW) Academy program combines our complete suite of software applications with our personalized coaching and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to provide you with the most comprehensive real estate investing program available.

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Who would benefit from REWW Academy?

After over 10 years of training people to invest in real estate, we have learned the characteristics of a successful investor.

Invitations to participate in the REWW Academy program are extended to applicants that possess the key attributes that we know are critical for not only short-term, but for sustained success in real estate investing.

Our entire program is based on one key philosophy:
“The Time Is Now.”

We know, without a doubt, that “time” is the single most precious resource that each of us possesses and it is not to be wasted. Which is why our REWW Academy program and systems are designed to maximize your return on time invested, freeing you up to spend your time the way you want.

“Living a life by design!” – that’s how we define SUCCESS.

REWW Academy will provide you with:

Personalized Support


Tools & Training

Strategy for Long Term Wealth Building

Personalized Coaching

  • Coaching from Active Real Estate Investors – We provide practical coaching for people who are ready to take action now. In keeping with that model of learning, all of our coaches are highly qualified real estate investors that are actively investing in their own markets today.
  • On Site Mentoring – Ever wish that you had someone who would sit down next to you, walk you through our products and create a plan with you in person? Our coaching program is different than most programs in that we send our coaches to your location (if requested) to work with you one-on-one in your market for multiple days. This “hands on“ training is like nothing else available in the market today. Students can also do their “on-site” training at one of our office locations.


  • The REWW Community is filled with thousands of real estate investors from around the world. This vast network of investors and advisors has literally done thousands of transactions and are there to support you in any executing any type of deal.
  • Private Mastermind Sessions – “Masterminding” with the best of the best is a key component to success. Time and time again, masterminds are credited with being a key factor in the success of the best and brightest in the world today. Because of this, we offer a select group of our students the opportunity to participate and join our private masterminds, The REWW Boardroom and The Boardroom Elite. The Boardroom Masterminds are the “fast track” to new levels of success. As our moto states “Proximity Is Power” and you can’t get closer than you are when you are in The Boardroom.

Unsurpassed Support and Training

  • Email and Phone Coaching – Our program offers students an even more personalized approach to learning how to build their real estate investing business by working one-on-one with their coach in regular phone coaching sessions and online email support.
  • On Demand Training – Your REWW Academy program includes hundreds of hours of on demand video training and support.
  • REWW Deal Submission – Your REWW Academy program offers you the opportunity to have your deals reviewed in real-time by one of our experienced coaches, just to make sure you’re “staying inside the lines” for the first few deals. This is a great way to build momentum in your business with confidence.
  • Emergency Phone “Hotline” – Every once in a while, you may need attention RIGHT NOW and have a deal in hand that has to be dealt with. Our students have access to your very own “Emergency Hotline” to reach our coaches any time, day and night.

Long-term Wealth Building

  • The REWW Academy program includes a clearly defined strategy for our students to achieve long-term wealth as well. We call this program our “Investor Concierge Program” and show our students how to accomplish their financial goals by building a cash flow rental property portfolio.
  • Academy students can attend live buying events held throughout the year or work directly with our staff on designing a wealth plan and executing that plan through our partners and sister companies.
  • Our sister company, Memphis Invest is regarded as one of the most trusted “Turn-Key Investment” providers in the world. Through our Investor Concierge program, our students have the ability to acquire passive cash flow properties in a completely “painless”, secure, and profitable manner.
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