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Here’s the Harsh Reality of Investing Today


to get the good deals

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FROM: The Desk of Kent Clothier, Expert Real Estate Investor

ATTENTION Real Estate Investor

Foreclosures, Auctions, REOS, Short Sales, FSBOs, Rehabs, Wholesale Deals you name it… Deals are everywhere…


You not only need to be first in line, but you need pockets lined with Benjamin Franklins and a swimming pool filled with gold coins to have any chance at getting the very best, most profitable properties on the market.

Competition Is Fierce And He Who Has The Gold… In This Game… WINS!

The fact of the matter is the dream of no money down real estate is really a nightmare. Sorry to rain on your parade, but it’s time someone stood up and told the truth.

Here’s the obvious:

Real Estate Prices Are At Record Lows.

After taking a beating for years, prices are still well below their recent all-time highs.

Distressed Properties & Motivated Sellers Are UP!

We have never seen the number of distressed properties and highly motivated sellers like we do right now.

Smart Real Estate Investors Are Making A FORTUNE

Even in our down market AND they are setting themselves up financially for LIFE.

Average Investors Are Quitting in Droves

(And this is the hard one) Average investors are losing their shirts, packing up shop and calling it quits.

So What’s The Difference Between The Winners And The Losers? The Winners Have ACCESS TO CAPITAL To Find, Contract, And Close Quickly.

The losers are stuck chasing the no money down dream in a total fog about what’s really going on around them. BUT this doesn’t have to be the case for you.

And in the next few minutes I’ll tell you the solution to your – lack of cash problem – and how you can win in today’s real estate market.

NO, you don’t need to use your own money. It’s all about leveraging other people’s money.

NO, you don’t need good credit or have to qualify for bank loans or traditional mortgages – your personal credit doesn’t matter.

NO, you don’t need to be an real estate investing expert, I tell you exactly what to do step by step.

But before we go on, here’s something else you should know about today’s market. And this is another obvious fact.

Banks and mortgage companies aren’t lending money

Ok, yes, they are issuing mortgages to the MOST qualified applicants – Whatever that means. If you’ve got a good income, no credit issues, good debt to income ratio, steady job for at least two years, high credit score then you MAY get a loan…

Only IF you jump through endless hoops, rings of fire and a ton of paperwork to get approved and pass the underwriters.

Jumping Through Endless Hoops Is A Pain

Oh, and for you and me as real estate investors – none of that matters anyway.

If they even hear the phrase “investment property” chances are the lenders will run from you like you have the plague.

But again, good deals are out there and the successful investors are snapping them up left and right.

What Do They Have That You Don’t? The Money!

And a seemingly endless supply of money at that. They have money to buy properties with cash, act fast, and close quickly.

Those are the magic words any motivated seller wants to hear.

And if you’re dealing with Foreclosures, Auctions or Short sales you have no other options but cash to get a deal. I wouldn’t say creative no money down real estate is dead.

But I will say these aren’t the good old days and no money quick flips are nowhere as easy as every late night tv guru claims.

The most successful investors use other people’s money to make money

Private lenders are people who have capital to invest, but don’t want to put it in the stock market or traditional investments.

Instead, they work with real estate investors like you to partner with, fund your deals, and help you buy properties.


Real estate offers safer and larger returns on their capital and its backed by a hard asset – the property itself.

They offer huge advantages for you over banks

  • They don’t ask about income, assets, or credit score. They don’t care.
  • They are much easier to work with, and often work on YOUR terms.
  • They want to lend to real estate investors again and again.

Get Instant Access

These Private Lenders are
a Real Estate Investor’s Dream

They have capital to lend you at very favorable rates and terms that YOU agree upon.

And you can leverage their money to buy foreclosures, auction properties, short sales, and fixer uppers for as little as 30 cents on the dollar!

Imagine the power you have showing up the table with cold hard cash to close your deals fast.

See yourself as a real player in your marketplace and be the first to grab the hottest deals as they become available because you have access to the cash you need.

The big dogs of real estate are sitting back cashing in while other investors struggle because you don’t have access to the money you need to do deals.

So why would a Private Lender want to give YOU money?

It’s simple.

Private Lenders Know That
Their Money Is Safe.

It’s backed by real estate.

And following my simple system for attracting, and building trust with private lenders, they WANT to work with you.

Here’s the biggest reason.


Pardon my language but they do.

If you were to put your money in a traditional savings account, or even a so-called high ield CD what do you get?

1% interest at best. Frankly, a whole lot of nothing.


And no, they’re not looking for 50/50 splits, just a small percentage more than what they can get from banks and the stock market.

You get the lion’s share of the profit on any deal you do!

When you partner with Private lenders you can make your own terms on the money they lend you, while still giving them a much higher Return on their investment then they would get at banks.

It’s a win-win.

The truth is Private Lenders need you as much as you need them.

So, the question is now.

How do you get private lenders to give you money.

First you have to find them.

Do This Right And They’ll Be Looking For You!

I Can Show You How To Make This Happen!

Get Instant Access

You’re going to want to line up money sources first!

You want to be able to act on a deal as soon as you find it.

Once you have private lenders lined up you then look for deals.

This is the easy part.

Throw a rock and you’ll hit a distress property … They’re everywhere.

But when you find the right one you need to be able to get it under contract, and close quickly.

It’s much easier when you have cash to work with.

And remember, you’re leveraging other people’s capital to close your deals!

And I’ll show you how to do that too.

In fact, with your permission I’m going to show you how to find these private lenders in your own backyard who want to give you money to get deals done fast.

Introducing The Find Private Lenders Now System

This is a fast, easy way to attract private lenders, and an endless source of capital to buy real estate deals.

In this system I take you step by step to build a money-getting machine where private lenders come to you.

You’ll learn where to find private lenders in your area using my propriety database of private lenders nationwide.

You’ll get your hands on an endless supply of money to buy real estate REOs, Short sales, auction properties,and fixer uppers.

Money gives you power and with it you can control your local area.

Imagine kicking your real estate business into high gear and adding additional 5 or 6 figures to your bottom line by using other people’s capital and resources.

Don’t get stuck in your real estate investing by paralyses of over analysis.

Have confidence making offers knowing you can close with cash.

That’s what the power of having private lenders on your side.

And this System does exactly that for you.

Here’s A Look At What You Get With THE FIND PRIVATE LENDERS NOW System

1. The comprehensive training course including leading strategies in finding private lenders, marketing, credibility building, negotiation, and deal structuring.
2. You’ll not only get the complete training, but my legal forms, contracts, marketing materials, the tools I use to build credibility with private lenders, and we’ll even work with you in weekly live training calls!

3. Next you’ll get access to my nationwide private lender database. This is huge! You can contact our list of proven to find lenders in your area. The lenders in this database are actively looking for properties to partner on with investors like you.
4. With a few clicks of a button you’ll have access to lenders who want to work with you. PLUS, you can use our system to send automated marketing that gets these private lenders calling you.

If you don’t know what to say to these lenders, that’s ok. Our system gives you the exact language, paperwork, contracts, and steps to look like an instant real estate expert – even if you haven’t done a single deal.









Finally, to prove our commitment to you, and your success, you’ll also get unlimited email support now and forever as long as you’re a member.

Have a question? No problem. My super friendly support team and I will be there to help!

But that’s just really the tip of the iceberg.

This is a complete system that finds private lenders for you, and gives you everything you need to secure funding with no risk to you!

Then you can go and put deals on properties with total confidence that you’re packing the power to take action.

Now I’m sure you’re asking, how much does this system cost…

And hold your hat because I’m about to shock you.

I’ve charged well $1997 and higher for this very same system in the past.

But I got to thinking, how could I help as many investors as I can in the fastest time possible?

When You Act Today You’ll Get Everything I Mentioned Above WORTH WELL OVER $2000, For As Low As $149 today, And $149 Per Month For Continued Outstanding Support And Updated Private Lender Lists.

Listen; at that price it should be a no-brainer.

But I’ve had to take it even further.

When you reserve access to my Find Private Lenders System, I’ll give you a full 30 days to review it for yourself.

If for whatever reason you’re not happy with the system, just let my office know and we’ll refund your investment no questions asked!

This is truly a no risk offer to you.

Imagine the time and money saved trying to find private lenders on your own.

Gain instant credibility with private lenders using our proven authority kit that you get with our system.

Eliminate any worry or stress trying to find funding for deals.

Get Access To Cash On Demand For Real Estate Deals

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In today’s market FUNDING is the one biggest hurdle real estate investors face.

This is your opportunity to plow through the biggest challenge that stops most investors, and dominate your market and set yourself up financially for life.

Our system matches you with money. It’s that simple.


Do you want to struggle and fail like most investors today who lack the resources to do the deals they want to do and make the income they want to make?

OR do you want to be top dog, one of the successful investors with a daddy Warbucks in your back pocket ready to partner and fund your deals – and you keep the lion’s share of the profits.

My Find Private Lenders System is only $149 today. It should be MUCH more, and I’ve sold it for multiple times that in the past.

Frankly, it’s a small investment.

Not have access to private lenders is going to cost you MUCH more in the long run.

Think of the power of being able to buy properties for 70 to even 30 cents on the dollar.

We’ve got it for you.

We’ve got a database of ACTIVE private lenders looking for investors like you to fund deals and only take a small percentage in return. YOU keep the lion’s share of the deal.

We’ve got proven marketing pieces to attract private lenders and draw them to you like a magnet and have them ringing your phone off the hook to give you money.

We’ve got ready to go credibility and authority kits to make you look like the absolute real estate authority even if you have no experience.

And we’ve got weekly training and ongoing support to take you by the hand and see

PLUS, You’re Backed By A 30 Days No Risk Money Back Guarantee To Try Us Before You Make Your Final Decision.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Take Action now & Try The Complete System For 30 Days.

Try Find Private Lenders Now for 30 days, and if you’re not completely satisfied just send me an email and i’ll end you a complete refund. You have absolutely nothing to lose and all the risk is on me!

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I want to act today to get everything mentioned above worth well over $2000, for as low as $149 today and $149 per month for continued outstanding support and updated private lender data every 14 days.

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