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Highly Targeted Motivated Sellers

Nationwide free & clear vacant homes

Quick. Simple. Effective. Profitable

Find Motivated Sellers Now just simply works. It has taken thousands of hours of work and condensed it down it seconds. Resulting in quick and actionable results that create profits – faster.

Designed For Active Real Estate Professionals

There is no need to rethink and redesign this proven marketing. All of the “heavy lifting” has been done. We create the list, we’ve tested and proven all of the marketing over hundreds of markets, and just simply – click and go.

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What if motivated sellers were easy to find, easy to contact and really were motivated to sell?

Whether you’re a rehabber, wholesaler, or landlord real estate investor, you know that “you make your money when you buy the house. ” You also know that the best deals come from truly motivated sellers, otherwise they’d sell at market prices with realtors. But are you tired of killing yourself trying to find motivated sellers before the other guy does?

Are You Marketing For Sellers Like A Floodlight? Or a Laser?

Find Motivated Sellers Now is the only available source of property owners who are sitting on high equity (or free & clear) houses that are VACANT. We identify these properties, their owners and contact records for you so that you can zero in on the best deals before your competition does.

And with a bi-weekly updated list of vacant properties, you’ll never run out of leads. Vacant house owners are losing money. They need to rent it or sell it. If you’re not there to help them out, then the other guy will be.

If you’re smart, you’re probably already using:

Direct Mail

Searching the MLS

Craigslist Ads

Bandit Signs

Driving for Dollars

…and more to find prospects

But if there were a faster, easier and cheaper way to identify people who were truly motivated, sitting on cash-draining houses, wouldn’t you do that too?

Find Motivated Sellers Now is an easy, online software that allows you to search for the high equity, vacant properties in your area and quickly send them direct mail without ever stuffing a single envelope yourself and without wasting money or time with less effective methods.

Here’s what the software does for you:

Out proprietary technology locates the very best targets in cities nationwide. Using out technology, some users have seen a 650% – 1400% increase in response rates, deal flow, and profitability.

Step 1: Search

Search by Country, City or ZIP Code for properties in your target area. Filter your search to get the following search options:

  • High Equity
  • High Equity + Vacant
  • High Equity + Out of State
  • Vacant + Out of State
  • High Equity + Vacant + Out of State

Step 2: View Results in a Detailed List

View your search results in a detailed and sortable list with the vacant property address, the motivated seller’s address, how many properties that seller also owns and the tax assessed value of the property

...or on a map with street views

By viewing your results on a map, you can easily filter out which properties fit your ideal target area and zero-in on the best areas of town to market in.

Step 3: Mail your letters with a mouse click

Export your result to .CSV or spreadsheet like excel so you can further sort or send the records to your mail house.

And choose between printing them yourself or letting our provider print, stuff and mail them for you with a few clicks of a mouse…

Step 4: Answer your phone when sellers call

Be ready because your phone will start ringing with sellers looking to take you up on your offer. These are the most highly sought after sellers who are often highly motivated to sell their house quickly.

While other investors are spinning their wheels and driving for dollars, you will be waiting by the phone for sellers to call you so the real business of making money begins.

Here’s how we find motivated sellers for you!

  • Current owner contact information (more accurate than county records or title co)
  • Filter houses with High Equity only
  • Filter houses with Out of State owners
  • Search by County, City or Zip Code
  • View results on GeoMap with street view.
  • Search by County, City or Zip Code
  • View results on GeoMap with street view.
  • Fully integrated direct mailing of leads through our discounted mail house.
  • Proven direct mail letter templates and multi-touch campaigns (ready-to-go)
  • The only available list of VACANT houses with the current owner’s contact information.
  • Export capabilities to .csv or load to your CRM software
  • Training on taking calls and negotiating with sellers
  • Training on leveraging others to work your leads for you
  • Software to determine property comparable sales for market value

BOOM! 2nd Deal Under Contract

Got it under contract at 24k found a buyer at 28.5k and I will pay 1k in finder fee to the person who bought me the buyer. 3.5k profit, not a home run but you can win the game with singles.. the system works!

– Haim Mamane, earnings disclaimer

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How do you get actual “vacant” property data and owner records?

We buy multiple data streams from multiple sources, aggregate them, combine them and filter them. Originally, co-founder Chris Richter was buying the data himself, aggregating, correcting, and managing the database for approximately $16,000 per year, including the developer costs.

In reality anyone with the “right skills” can do it. But we are able to provide it at a lower cost to our users because we are able to work on a national scale. Read the full process here.

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