Best Real Estate Mastermind Groups of 2024

Why are real estate mastermind groups so powerful? How to you find and get started with one?

If you’ve hit a plateau in your real estate career, it’s time to reconsider how you do things. And that’s where real estate masterminds come in. We mean it. 


Because you get to network with people who share amazing values, come from the same backgrounds, have the same goals, and truly think out of the box. Plus, they stay in action, provide support, help you brainstorm ideas, and foster a safe space for communication.

A win-win — if you’re looking to become better at your job.

So, whether you’re a real estate investor, executive, or a business owner, having the support of a mastermind group propels you to do better and avoid pitfalls. Let’s get started. 

How Does a Real Estate Mastermind Group Help You?

A real estate mastermind group has individuals who’ve defied the odds, taken risks, experienced every up and down in the industry, and become experts. They’re literally at the top of their game — and still learning. 

You could use a little backing from professionals who’ve seen it all. Why? Because you need to have an unfair advantage to stand out from the crowd — and these people will help you find out what it will take for you to be a successful real estate professional. 

In other words, joining a group of masterminds means you’ll be walking shoulder-to-shoulder with people who are coaches, finance professionals, CPAs and accountants, real estate experts, owners, and so many others. 

And when you enter a room full of winners, you automatically get that adrenaline rush that pushes you to become a winner just like them. You’ll get to work on your ideas and expand your thinking process to truly think like a real estate mastermind. 

What Types of Mastermind Groups Can You Join?

Real estate businesses grow at an average of 2.1% every year. That means you face more competition every year. And you need to grab every opportunity out there. 

So, what type of mastermind group should you join? That’s for you to decide, but here’s a head start:

  • Meetups – If you want just to have casual conversations, a meetup is the best thing. You can join existing groups for that or just head on to to schedule one yourself. 
  • Board of Advisors – These come in two forms: informal and formal. For formal boards, you have regularly scheduled conference calls or in-person meetings. Informal boards are just experienced people that you can go out on lunch with or simply call at any time. 
  • Real Estate Investor Clubs – REIAs are another form of informal group. They help you tap into the expertise of experts to increase your knowledge through seminars, networking, or browsing tradeshows. 

Benefits of a Real Estate Mastermind Group 

When you join a room full of winners, you gear up to help yourself with the following things:

  1. Accountability – You stay focused, in momentum, and keep track to turn your goals into a reality. 
  2. Problem solvers – When you’re in a room where there are tons of solutions, you get a head start on solving solutions. 
  3. Achieve Big – When you’re surrounded by other big fish, you strive to achieve better and close that deal that looks impossible. 
  4. Companions – Your journey doesn’t have to be lonely. With a mastermind group by your side, you’ll always have someone cheering on for you. 
  5. Access – With the right group, you get access to information that is nowhere out there. This leads to more successful ventures and an amazing career. 

Top Real Estate Masterminds of 2024

With all that now covered, let’s look at the top real estate masterminds of 2024:

1. The Boardroom Mastermind 

Founded by Kent Clothier, Boardroom Mastermind does for you what no one does — it frees you from the vortex of the hustler mode and the never-ending rat race. The group helps you transition from being a hustler to adopting a CEO mindset. 

It turns you into a visionary person who knows how to make money work for them and not the way around. You get to be near the best people in the real estate industry, use tested scripts and proprietary software, and network like an elite in the real estate industry. 

Not only this, but you get to attend the Boardroom experience across the country and network with the best in the field. 

2. LabCoat Agents 

LabCoat Agents has grown to become one of the busiest and largest real estate groups. Founded in California back in 2014, the group focuses on developing your mindset, lead generation, and lead conversion. 

3. Closing Table 

This group consists of members that include Inc. 500 and 5000 Founders, developers, venture capitalists, and the best real estate professionals around the globe. It focuses on your growth and provides exclusive access to business opportunities in and out of the industry. 

Plus, you get intimate access to thought leaders and subject matter experts in the real estate industry.

About Kent Clothier

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a highly sought-after speaker, the owner of three multi-million dollar a year Internet marketed brands, and proud husband and father. Kent is motivated by his love of family and freedom, creating products that enable people to live their lives the way they choose.

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