What An Event!!!


Well, we are finally able to come up for air.

Joe and I did not leave Orlando until yesterday afternoon, but even on Monday morning we had people catching us in the hotel to thank us personally for the VERY SPECIAL event that was put on this past weekend by 1-800-SELL-NOW.

Now, it’s my turn….I just want to say “thank you” again to everyone.

Our coaching team and event staff did an amazing job of spending a lot of quality time with the attendees to help them find real solutions to their business challenges.

Our attendees came to the event energized, eager to learn, AND were blown away that we actually gave them REAL CONTENT(based on the video testimonials and thank you emails that have piled up in my Inbox). Your energy is what made the 3 days FLY BY!

Lastly, our speakers were the best of the best! It’s not very often that you get the chance to meet, network, and learn from guys and girls that are each buying and selling 10-50 houses a month! You certainly do not get the opportunity to see the best in the industry all in one place – at one event!!!

In case you were unable to make it – here is just a taste of who showed up and networked with the crowd or just rocked the house down with GREAT content and systems….

* Paul Esajian – FortuneBuilders.com
* Chris Clothier – MemphisInvest.com
* Colin Egbert – RealEstateInvestor.com
* Dave Van Hoose
* Molly Shaw-Matthers – FortuneBuilders.com
* Heather and Alan O’Brien – MyPropFolio
* AJ Puedan
* Cory Boatright – Shortsaleology.com
* Steven Jackson
* Gerald Rogers
* Dustin Mathews – Business Credit
* Andrew Waite – Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine
* Rick Molero – Real Estate Web Academy
* Jason Rodriquez
* Nathan “The Short Sale Kid” Jurewicz
* Jason “The Moneyman” Medley
* Preston “Friggin” Ely
* Pete “The Ninja” came to present for The REO Rockstar Lee Kearney at the last minute and blew the crowd away with his passion and knowledge – Thanks so much for jumping in and killing it!!

When we do these events….our goal is VERY SIMPLE!!!!

When I would go to a real estate seminar….I would hope that I would get great content from people that were really doing deals.

Well, there are not many of those types of events out there today and quite frankly I’ve never been to one for free!!

So….that is our VERY SIMPLE goal! Give you the event that I always wanted!!! Great content, great networking, real people, doing real deals!!

So, our team works very hard with Dave, Dustin, and AJ to make sure the we deliver that type of event now.

The best compliment that I believe I received all weekend was at lunch on the first day when someone came to me and said, “If I left now after 4 hours of the first day, it would have been so worth it to be here. I learned enough in the first 4 hours to take my business from 2-5 houses a month to 15 and it didn’t cost me a dollar.”

Check out this video (we’ll get them all loaded this week)……

Guys, life is meant to be LIVED!!! Let’s have some fun, help some people, make some money, and share the wealth!!!

P.S. If you want to read some more comments, read below…. OR just reply to this blog entry if you were there!! Let us know if you had a good time and learned anything…

“Kent, I just wanted to say thank you for everything. That was a great event.
I will be setting up Puerto Rico next week….”

– Rick Molero

“Hi Kent –

Just a quick note to say thanks for putting together the 1-800-SELL-NOW Summit this past weekend. Brad and I both took away a huge amount of information and ideas. We bought Paul’s and also Nathan’s course and are sure they will complement our business plans. Most of all, it was wonderful meeting you, Chris and Seema, the coaches, and the other licensees.”

– Betsy Clark

“Kent, I didn’t get a chance to personally thank you for a beyond enlightening weekend of education, collaboration and just meeting good people. This was by far the best event I have attended and I have been around the block a few times.

The speakers were spot on to todays market and you and Chris’ presentation on buyers was just perfect. Again, thank you and your staff for an absolutely wonderful event and I look forward to Vegas and all the business I will do between now and then.”

– Tony Dali

“Seema and Kent, Thanks for an AMAZING event weekend!”

– Eric White

“Seema, I just wanted to thank you and Kent for an awesome weekend. I truly learned a lot and think that it will help our business with 1-800-SELL-NOW.”

– Todd King

“Seema, The summit was awesome. Your team’s hard work were a big success in our eyes. We’ve been to a lot of seminars and this one blew the rest away. Thank You!”

– Merrill & Danise Bryan

“I just wanted to follow up with this email and let you know what an awesome event that you put together! I am extremely excited and honored that you will be helping my business grow over the next 12 months”

– Howie Ruales


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