Real Estate Conference in Orlando, FL.

Hey! Chris Clothier here (Kent’s younger brother)

No really we are brothers. I know, I know, how can we be brothers? I have more hair than him, but we really are. And I am here with Kent in Orlando, FL. at the 1-800-SELL-NOW Real Estate Investors event. Here is my proof….

There is still time to attend. If you are in the Orlando area or the state of FL. or near an airport…yada yada yada – You know what I mean. You need to try and get to this fantastic event. Embassy Suites Airport, Orlando, FL. Call us if you are interested in coming and hanging out with us for the weekend!

About Kent Clothier

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a highly sought-after speaker, the owner of three multi-million dollar a year Internet marketed brands, and proud husband and father. Kent is motivated by his love of family and freedom, creating products that enable people to live their lives the way they choose.

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