Real Estate Marketing: How To Market To International Buyers

International buyers are a big factor in buying, selling, and investing in US real estate. How can investors successfully market to them to sell more houses, and grow their business?

Foreign and international buyers and property investors are a major force in the American real estate market. They have sometimes made up the majority of buyers in some real estate markets. They are expected to be a big influence in the next couple of years. Most still see the US as one of the best bargains and safest destinations for real estate, and many more will be looking to move here and setup up businesses, or at least secure second and vacation homes in the United States. Unfortunately, many Realtors and investors haven’t yet mastered consistently reaching and connecting with these buyers through their real estate marketing? So, how do you do it?

Step 1

The first step is recognizing the importance of this niche. Then once you appreciate how important and critical it is, you will want to integrate this marketing into your monthly and long range business plan, and create a steady budget for it.

Accepting Bitcoin

One real estate marketing and branding tactic which may organically and virally help reach and attract international buyers and investors. The buzz and uniqueness of this will wear off eventually. Yet, for now, advertising that you’ll accept bitcoin for your properties, or perhaps even rent, or investment capital, can help gain attention. You may get noticed by the local news media, elite agents working with bitcoin rich buyers, and in turn international buyers and investment companies interested in using cryptocurrencies to acquire property.

Vacation Rentals

International buyers will often visit before making a property purchase. Even after their first acquisition, they’ll come back to check on their investments, and look for more. Some may stay in hotels, but more and more people are using Airbnb and boutique vacation rentals, especially as more of these units are being promoted on major platforms, like Expedia.

This is an incredible opportunity for US based real estate marketers and investors to attract and capture these buyer leads early. If you have your own vacation rentals, make sure your website and materials, and information in units highlights your opportunities to buy and invest. You may even offer your vacation rentals especially for potential buyers and investors who are coming to America to property shop. This can be a money maker on its own, and may pay for your other marketing. Or you may use it as a unique hook and value add tool, and reimburse visitors who end up buying a property from you.

Local Real Estate Marketing

Many international buyers, and their friends, family members, and agents may already be in your local market. Make sure you appeal to, and stand out to them too. Maybe you speak their language, and know the differences in the real estate buying process from their home country. Or maybe one of your staff members do. If not, you can hire for that. Try outdoor marketing, and networking with different local groups. That could include, Meetups, bench ads, bandit signs, door knocking real estate agent offices, and even billboards.

Domestic Online Marketing

Dominate local search engines for local real estate, and stand out as the expert. Blogs, social media, and a good ranking real estate website can all help here. Stand out as an expert for helping international buyers. Blog about it, offer free reports on it via your website and Facebook chat bots, or create quick YouTube video guides. Put your speciality in your Google Ads, and use ad extensions to advertise your reports and guides.

Online Marketing Abroad

Many serious buyers and investors will be looking online from abroad, before they arrive. Many will also be quite comfortable buying from a distance, sight unseen. Reach them first by using Google and referral partner websites to connect in their home countries. Google’s suite of marketing tools can help you pinpoint the top keywords by country, and swiftly translate your website into a variety of languages.

International Events

US based real estate investors can host local events which are open to the whole world. Though there are also a multitude of opportunities to get ahead, and reach more of these buyers overseas at international property shows. This is a great way to travel, really learn to understand and connect with buyers, and make money in real estate at the same time.

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