8 Real Estate Marketing Tools You Probably Aren’t Using Yet

8 Real Estate Marketing Tools You Probably Aren’t Using Yet

If you’ve got even bigger goals for this year, it’s going to take even better real estate marketing.

Here are eight real estate marketing tools that you may not be using yet. Some of which could be exactly what you need to hack your way to growth, more deals, and scale your investments to the level that can really deliver on your financial goals.

Check them out…

International Events

Foreign buyers are still a major force in the US property market. They are likely to continue to make up a sizable percentage of capital invested, and new population growth. Some real estate professionals and businesses try hard to position themselves as a great option for these buyers and investors once they land and are searching locally. Instead of competing that far into the decision, why not get out ahead, and present your opportunities at international real estate events. There are many hosted all over the world, and American property is often under-represented. Some of these events attract serious buyers with billions in cash to invest each year. It’s also a great way to get your travel and vacations paid for.

Inspection Trips

One popular marketing strategy that has been used internationally for years, but rarely in the US, is offering inspection trips. That is offering local tours and financial perks for out of area buyers to come visit your properties. That could be reimbursing buyers for flights or hotel stays, or simply dedicating the time to giving them a great local experience over a day or two, when they come into town. Give them a real feel for how great the area is, and get them invested upfront.

Bus Tours

Another spin on the above is to get together a whole group of buyers and investors at once. Load them all on a tour bus, and take them around your town, and to properties you have for sale. Let them bid live, and sell deals faster, on the spot. This can be local, out of state, or international buyers. It can be your own deals, or as a joint venture with other local businesses, investment firms, and wholesalers.

Voice Broadcasts

Not every investor loves making outbound calls. It can be very time intensive, connects can be few and far between, and you may have to deal with more “no’s” than you are comfortable with. Flip the script by using voice broadcasting. This allows you to record one message, and blast it out to thousands of prospects and past clients, all at once. Those who are interested can call you back or visit you online. Then you are only dealing with hot, interested leads, but have reached far more people in less time too.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps or ads aren’t as talked about today as Facebook or Snapchat, but they can be very powerful. The stats show that vehicle wraps can reach a large audience, for very low cost, and have both lead generation and branding benefits. You can even do partial wraps, magnetic signs, and in-window advertising. Make sure brand is easily recognizable and you include your contact information.

Affiliate Broker-Dealers

For real estate marketers who really want to scale, it is key to remember that affiliate resellers can yield 10 or more deals from each contact than simply marketing directly to individual retail buyers. On a small scale this may simply be local business owners who can refer business to you. At a high level it could be learning how to securitize your investments and turn them into a fund or stocks or cryptocurrency that other financial experts can sell to their clients.


Crowdfunding isn’t new, but a lot more real estate investors could be using it. Real estate specific crowdfunding portals can be used to gain visibility and capital. While other platforms may be used for unique fundraising projects for buildings that benefit local communities and families in need.


The REWW SMART Suite offers investors access to a national database of motivated sellers, private lenders. This suite of smart tools offers incredible scale and highly affordable marketing, while taking the guesswork and time drag out of trying to blindly market locally and just hope prospects show up.

What new tools and tactics will you use to grow your income this year?

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