Probate Leads – How to Use Successors Data

Are you familiar with the term “probate?” It’s the legal term used to refer to the process by which survivors must go about determining the validity of a will and dispersing of the property within the estate of the deceased person in question. Think that through from a property investment perspective. While we real estate investors are not at all trying to take advantage of people, we DO want to avail ourselves of any opportunity to find and purchase a profitable property – and many times those properties become subject to the probate process. This Wednesday Wisdom call is aimed at showing you one of the ways you can pull probate leads and reach out to them in a marketing campaign.


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It’s not uncommon to hear the objection – mailing to people dealing with a property in probate is taking advantage of them during their time of grief. But it’s an objection that comes from ignorance of what’s really going on. The people who are dealing with the probate process ARE grieving, no doubt – but they are also often overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. Reaching out to help them sell a property that they neither need nor want is actually doing them a service. Find out a simple and powerful way to pull leads for probate properties and truly help people during their time of grief, on this coaching call.


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It is a sensitive subject – mailing to people who have lost a loved one to inquire about the purchase of property – but it doesn’t have to be. In this Wednesday Wisdom coaching call, Justin was asked how the mailers he sends to those he’s found involved in probate differ from the normal mailers he uses. His answer: “I send out the exact same mailer.” If you want to hear the logic behind his decision and how it works for him, don’t miss the coaching call.


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On this coaching call Justin makes it very clear – if you know of a way to pull probate records without having to go through the steps he’s demonstrating here – do it! But the system he’s using in this brief tutorial is powerful, giving you more than just basic details, it also gives you a lot of the info you need to make intelligent contact with the person in need of selling their property. Find out how to use the system Justin demonstrates by watching.


Outline of this great episode

  • [0:41] The issue of leads and why we need to talk about the issue of distressed leads
  • [1:42] How to pull probate info from the successors data system
  • [9:46] Dealing with the details of what your search reveals

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Below is the full transcription of the Probate Leads – How to Use Successors Data Wednesday Wisdom call with Justin Colby.

Justin Colby:

Boom. What’s up? All right everybody. I know I’ve been talking to a bunch of you guys. Welcome to the Wednesday Wisdom. Right now You are going to be seeing me, but I’m actually gonna jump off. We had our Scale and Escape event, and I’ve been talking a lot about leads. The event was phenomenal. If you weren’t there, this year, you need to be there next year. In fact, I know [Sean’s 00:00:21] putting on his, Extreme Freedom event, here in October. You need to be at that Extreme Freedom event for sure. Myself, and Sean, and [Kent 00:00:31] will all be sharing the stage. You’ll see email’s come us. Be sure to be on the lookout for the Extreme Freedom event.

One of the things that came from the Scale and Escape event, was this idea of leads, specifically distress leads. And so, what I did is actually, when I got home from the Scale and Escape event, I actually called my man, Morry, who owns Successor’s Data. He’s the one that provides our leads for probate inheritance. I said, “Hey. I wanna do a podcast with you, but do you mind if I share everything with our students as well?” He said, “Not at all. Go ahead and expose exactly how you guys use our list.” Obviously he wouldn’t care, because at the end of the day, he’s gonna likely get clients out of it.

Until, Find Motivated Sellers has the probate inheritance filter in our system, which it will soon, so stay tuned, cause Find Motivated Sellers, will have all this. I’ve been receiving a lot of questions of, where do I get the inheritance? Where do I get the probate? It is from Successors Data. Dennis from Utah. What up? What up? You’re ready for the 50K code, Rashad says.

All right. Let’s just jump into Successors data. I’m gonna show you how to pull the list, how easy it is. It’s very, very easy. The owner is a friend of mine. His name is Morry. I know him. He is very customer service oriented. When you’re using successors data, there is a lot of tutorials on how to use their system. I’m gonna go through it right now anyways. I’m gonna go log into my account, and I’ll walk you through it. Again, after this video, if you’re like, “Hey. I wanna use this.” They have a ton of training videos on how to successfully pull lists. I’m gonna sign off as far as seeing me. You now are gonna see my screen. Let me know that you guys see my screen. Make sure all the technical stuff is great. All right. All right. Yeah? You can see my screen? Cool.

All right. So here is Successors Data. Again guys, what I will say, is this isn’t the one and only spot to get information. Right, or two get lists right? I know there’s ReboGateway, There’s List Source. There’s Find Motivated Sellers. There’s US Lead List, and on, and on, and on. Right? If you have another way to pull inherited and probate data, do it. I’m giving you an option on how to do it, in a way that we effectively utilize it.

This is one of the lists that I’ve pulled. Obviously, as you can see, it’s an older list. I pulled it, Arizona. Here’s how you do this. You’re gonna go and say, “Okay. What state am I in?” First of all, you’re gonna do a log-in. I guess I’ll walk you through the whole thing. How do I log out? Log out. Boom. Taking a second to log myself out. Okay, so this is what you guys are gonna see. You’re gonna wanna register for an account. Right? Register for account. I already have an account. I’m gonna log-in. This is a list I’ve pulled. Right? It brings me to a list that I’ve already pulled. Right? My property data, which is gonna be all of your properties up here.

I’m gonna go through this for you, but let’s just look at this, so you guys can understand, what am I even looking at? Right? Obviously you can land type, you can, you know, obviously segregate them, only into single family homes, and then it’ll only be single family homes. If you don’t care, then you can just … It’ll be everything. Right? This is the date, right, that the home went into probate, and/or inheritance. Here is the owner that is on title. You will see there are certain people, who have multiple properties, as you will go down here. That is kind of common. You’re gonna see what we do with those, that have multiple properties.

I’m gonna show you how to do all this, but the nice thing is, if you click on these hot links, you can actually go, and it’ll bring you right to Google, right? You can hit the redfin immediately, which is very, very nice. Right? If you click on the ownership, his 85, it actually will bring you to his obituary, that he passed. Right? There’s a lot of good tools in here. And then, as you see here, there is the information about the property, zip code. It gives you as much it can. Right? Assessed values, 14,570. I wouldn’t use that. I would do my on research. You can click on the owner. You can click on the property. This is gonna give you maps. You can go to Zillow, and you can look at maps, and you can look at images on Zillow as well. Very, very useful to just get in here.

Now, You’re gonna ask yourself, “Well, how do I even get that data.” Right? Cause this is a list that I’ve pulled. You go in here, and you say, “Okay. What state am I in? I’m in Arizona. What zip codes do I want?” Well, I want … You can pick as many as you want. You can have 40 zip codes, 50 zip codes, two zip codes. Let’s just use zip codes, or let’s go by … I’m gonna use Glendale as a city that I like. These are the zip codes in Glendale, so I’m just gonna choose all of ’em. Okay? I like the city. Now, again, I’m using this as, showing you a tool that you can use. If I’m you, I’m going after the exact zip codes that I want to be mailing, the exact ones. Right? And then, so now I have that. And then, I will hit enter, and I will then go and look at my data. Okay, so now my data.

Here we are, property, city. Let’s sort it. These are a lot in Phoenix. This is all the data I’ve pulled. I’ve over 818 items in this. Okay? If, I want to look at Glendale … Oh. I guess that list didn’t pull. Hold on one sec. Zip codes. Grab here. Glendale. Okay. I have all those. Okay. Perfect. So then, this should be under my data. Let’s just refresh it here. I want to look at all the deals that are in Glendale. Why is that not pulling up? Hmm. Okay. Arizona. My zip.

I want to find all the Glendale. All right? They are checked. New data. Love it. Love it. There you can see, Arizona. Here’s all the leads per [inaudible 00:08:09]. Right? Again, you’re not gonna have a lot, right? These are inheritance. These are probate leads. I’m gonna delete this list. I guess I should do this. Let’s update the list. Maybe that’s what I needed to do. Sorry guys. Phoenix. Glendale. See if that worked. Nope, so let’s go like this. Let’s go back. Let’s go back to my data. Let’s delete the list. Boom. How come I can’t just delete ’em all? Holy hell. Can’t I just delete ’em all? Man. All right. I don’t know why this is happening. Sorry about this guys. I wanna update this list. I want it to have group tag, Glendale. How about that? Update. Again, not 100% sure why this is not happening. Arizona. Oh, you know why? It’s cause it’s all falling under Phoenix. Got it.

Again guys, what I’m doing here is, I’m just trying to show you, this is a list I’ve already pulled. I think it’s already following under Phoenix, as far as where the city is. And then, here’s the key here. Right? There is … I had 818. I deleted 100 of ’em. Right? Then, what you can do is, you can actually download the CVS file. Okay? You go into mail settings. They will actually do all of that. Right? You can put all of this stuff in. Mail data. You can actually, you know, categorize it by only single family homes. If you want town homes, you want mobile homes, you want patio homes, you can categorize it any way you actually want.

One of the nice things is, absentee owners here. These are all absentee owners, from the data I’ve already pulled. Okay? The data I’ve already pulled, these are the absentee homeowners. What you’ll notice here, is you’re gonna have people who, the same person might own multiple properties here. Right? Like Osborne. Right? He owns 801, and 17E. Right? The mailing address is the same, so when you export this list … I don’t why it’s loading, but I just want to export the list. Boom. You export that list. You can skip trace that list. You can do whatever you want. Right? This has been free, so far. Right? There’s a 99 dollar a month cost to this. Give me a second here. Man. Computer’s really working to open Excel, isn’t it? Boy, oh boy. Holy gosh. Sorry guys. I don’t know why my computer’s taking so long to open up Excel.

Well, until my computer opens up Excel, basically it’ll have a spreadsheet like this, right? Now, this is the same spreadsheet you can cold call with. This is the same spreadsheet that you can door knock with. This is the same spreadsheet that you can blanket mail. The point that I’m trying to show you is, you can remove your list, if you’re gonna mail this list, there’s no need to have the same person that does own two different properties … You don’t want to mail them two different times, to the same person. You would remove your duplicates. Right?

Now, unfortunately, my Excel is taking … There we go. Okay? You would wanna filter out … Oh. You’d want to filter out duplicates. Right? I don’t want to spend too much time on this. Remove duplicates, and then I’ll ask, don’t select all. Oh, cause I’m on Column A. I don’t want to be in column A. I wanna be in column … Mailing address, right? You remove duplicates, and then you can do that, right? Boom. There was 28 duplicates found. Right? This whole list, and then you hit remove duplicates, and it’s done. Right? You went from … Geez. Sorry guys. Technology’s always my favorite. You went from 100 items, total, to 72, because I removed duplicates, right? Cause you don’t want to mail duplicates. That’s just the reality of it. Right?

Again, not only do they have that. They actually have your direct mail settings. You can do this, hit save, and then it’ll bring you … Oh, mail merge hasn’t done … It’ll actually … They have their own letter. Sorry. The letter’s over here. Here’s the letter. You can use our Find Motivated Sellers letter. They have their own letter. You can generate the letter, download it. Right? You can add your letterhead. You can add your images to the letter, specific for these lists. Okay?

To build this list is as simple as I was showing you, right? You put in your state. You put in your zip code. It’ll go straight to, my data, and then you will have a list, very similar to this, to where the zip codes you wanna run. Again, you can use the property data. You can look it up on Google, and Zillow, and Trulia. You then, can download the list. You can remove duplicates out of your list. You can see what people are absentee home owners. You then, can remove duplicates. Boom. This is inherited, and it is a probate list.

Now, out of the list … Let’s say there’s 100. 80 of them are gonna be inherited. 20 of them, typically are gonna be in probate, right? There’s usually about a 20/80 rule to this list. That is the power of this list. This is a great distress list. I would be pulling this every single month, and mailing it, new, every single month. This is not a list that you just pull one time, and then keep mailing. Every month, download it, mail it, hit it every month, a new list, even though you might be seeing a lot of similarities, they’re adding to it every day.

And, if a property was sold, you will actually be able to go to, my data as sold, and see what property, out of your data, was actually sold. Right? Here is sample of sold. This is what it’ll look like. Right? These are all sold. Group tag, sold. Right? My data is new data. From here, has anything been sold? No. Not yet.

Now, next month when I pull that list, there might be two, or three properties on here. That helps you remove, and know if something has been sold. This is an incredible list. Morry’s an incredible guy. Successors Data is the website. They give you a ton of tools, and technology to learn how to use it. I just showed you how to use it. Right? It is that simple. Make sure to use it correctly. Make sure to use it. This is probate, and inheritance. It’s absolutely awesome.

All right. Time for questions. Dennis, do you want to know if the contact has more than one property. Talk with them about? How will you know that? Delete dupes? Yeah well, Dennis, I don’t know if you asked that question … Pardon me showing you, but I showed this exact question in what to do. Do you know if Kent’s system will be pulling the inheritance data from the site? Rashad, I don’t know where they’re pulling it, but they will be pulling it.

Is there additional cost for each list pulled? No. It is a monthly subscription, so if I bring you guys out … Let’s see here. Let me log out again. What did I do here? Log out. Oh boy. My computer’s just really speedy today. So, if you scroll down here, it is a monthly subscription. 99 dollars a month. 299 dollars a month. You can read what it gives you. Right? Or, 499 dollars a month. Those are your monthly subscriptions. If you have any questions, I would call Morry. He is awesome. He does this full-time. This is his business. He’s a real estate investor himself, so he’s very, very knowledgeable. This is awesome.

David. How do you word your probate mailer? David, I actually don’t change how I word my probate mailer. The reason being is, the person receiving it, you don’t want them to feel like they’re getting picked on, right? You know, you’re picking on ’em, cause someone died. I actually send the same type of mailer, “Hey. I’m looking to buy your property. Are you interested in selling?” I don’t actually change it.

Grace. Will Morry give a discount? Unfortunately, he will not. I’m sorry. Is this smart of the smart … Is this part of the Smart Program? No. It is not. However, Smart will be including this, soon. Stay with us. Smart will have this very, very soon. However, because everyone’s asking me this question, I wanted to show you where to get probate inheritance deals right now. All right guys. That is it for today. Appreciate you guys. I will see you on the next call. Peace.

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