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Justin Colby is a real estate investor, public speaker, podcast host, and coach. He is the Co-Founder or Phoenix Wealth Builders, a real estate solutions company, specializing in providing opportunities in a variety of areas within the Phoenix real estate market. Justin started the The Science of Flipping podcast in 2014 with the intent to give back by sharing the lessons he had learned for creating a business and life you live, after flipping over 500 houses within his first 8 years of business. Through his co-leading of the The Boardroom Masterminds, business coaching at The Science of Flipping, being featured on many top ranking podcasts, and speaking at REIA meetings around the country, REWW's Find and Flip Summit, Collective Genius and countless other real estate investor conferences he has been able to reach and impact the lives of thousands of real estate investors.

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Desktip Analysis - Redfin, Zillow

How to Do a Desktop Analysis

In this Wednesday Wisdom call, Justin Colby explains how you can quickly do a desktop analysis, even if you don’t have MLS access. When a property seller asks you for an offer, you can literally say, “I’ll have an answer for you in five minutes,” then do these steps and reply to the seller. The […]

Track KPIs & what does KPI stands for “Key Performance Indicators”

How to Track KPIs

One of the things every business person needs to be taught from the beginning is how to track KPIs (key performance indicators). KPIs are what show you the nuts and bolts of what’s happening in your business, what’s working and what’s not working, how effective your efforts are being in real-time, and what you need […]

Probate Leads - How to use Successors Data

Probate Leads – How to Use Successors Data

Are you familiar with the term “probate?” It’s the legal term used to refer to the process by which survivors must go about determining the validity of a will and dispersing of the property within the estate of the deceased person in question. Think that through from a property investment perspective. While we real estate […]

How to Use IFTTT

When Kent first started out in real estate he had no money. He spent his day at Starbucks getting free refills on coffee, calling people who had placed their properties on Craigslist for sale. It took him all day searching for those opportunities, calling the sellers, trying to work out his first deals. But all […]

Running Property Comps

One of the most integral parts of your wholesaling business is making sure you are evaluating potential properties accurately. If you mess up on this you’ll either wind up losing money or making less than you could make. In this coaching call, you’re going to see a walkthrough video demonstration of exactly how to run […]

How to Successfully Utilize Podio

No business can survive if it doesn’t have clearly defined workflows that the entire team can follow. Workflows are what enable everyone to be on the same page and take action on the multiple steps it takes to process a new lead. This session is aimed at helping you see how Pat’s company does all […]

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