Private Lenders Are The Only Solution

Stop Dreaming and Start Doing With Private Money Lenders at Your Fingertips

The merciless reality of real estate investment is that you are going to need cold hard cash. Midnight infomercials that create fantasies of sudden riches through real estate investment, with no credit and no money, are not the reality for most. Now, I’m not saying that it’s unheard or impossible, but I am saying that it is very very difficult.

The good news is, there is still hope for new real estate investors who don’t have a money bush growing in their backyard. Two words: Private Lending.

Look, the truth is that no matter what kind of deal you’re trying to get down on in your real estate investment business, whether it’s wholesaling, short sales, foreclosures, auctions or any other type of real estate investment, you are going to need a stack of cash, and you’ll need it now, more than ever, with the fast paced market ripping deals right out of your hands right and left.

The deals are out there, but today you’ve got to be quick on your feet and fast with your cash to get them under contract, because in a blink of an eye they are gone to the next guy who’s ready to deal, because guess what; he’s got the bread and you don’t.

Not to worry.

With the right tools in place, even the novice real estate investor can get access to private money and get in on those deals that were previously only in the realm of the experienced, dialed-in investor.

Bottom line is: Traditional lending institutions are out and private moneylenders are in.

Not only are they in, but they are EVERYWHERE and they’ve got BILLIONS, yes that’s billions with a b, in cash, just waiting for a place to call home.

Let’s face it. The days of no money quick flips are a thing of the past; and, it doesn’t matter. There is a ton of green out there looking to grow by funding the right real estate deals.

If you’ve been paying attention at all to your training, your real estate investment groups, your peers and your coaches, then you know that an experienced real estate investor will always use other people’s money. Guess what: You can too.

There are private moneylenders out there who are looking for great deals, because there is such a huge advantage to them in lending money on real estate investment, and significantly higher returns are just one benefit.

So, what are the advantages for you?

Credit scores, assets and income are of no importance to these cash rich investors. After all, they’ve got a hard asset to back up the deal and beside that; they just get it. Many of them are current, or ex, real estate investors themselves; all of them are smart business people who can see a great opportunity when it crosses their path.

Trust me when I say that raising private money has never been so easy and you have access to it just like seasoned investors.

When you can show up to the table with cold hard cash, you are officially a player because you have access to the cash that you need. No more asking to borrow from friends or family and going through the humiliation of trying to convince them that their money is safe; no more mistaking loan sharks for legit investors and getting burned by outrageous interest rates.

With the right system backing you up, you will not only have access to private money lenders, but more importantly, they will have access to you and they will come knocking on your door, believe me. Marketing, credibility, legalities and contracts are all a piece of cake when you’re working with a good system and plenty of support.

Magical riches resulting from late night infomercials? Not so much.

And, there is a way, no matter how new you are.

If you want an easy blueprint to find private lenders, I’ll give you my free DVD:

Anatomy of a Private Money Deal for free.



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