8 Ways Realtors Can Boost Business Working With Investors

Realtors can dramatically boost their business and incomes by working with real estate investors. Here are eight ways agents can put themselves in a position to earn more business and get more of the results they want in their career…

Although real estate agents and investors are often led to believe they are at odds and are competitors, savvy players on both sides find ways to work together to their mutual benefit, and financial rewards. By adding more value and the right types of service Realtors can turn investors into some of the very best clients and referral partners. Try these strategies if you could use more closings, and easier clients to work with.

  1. Source Wholesale Deals

There are two things you probably want more of as a Realtor; more listings, and fast sales. If you get to work sourcing wholesale properties, and price them right, they will sell fast. If you serve real estate wholesalers and other investors with these deals, then you may get to re-list them again as they are flipped and resold. Instead of just one commission, that could be earning 3 or more commission checks on the same house, within a relatively short period of time.

  1. Bring the Buyers

Some Realtors only show their buyers MLS listings, and those with the best commission rates. However, savvy investors will be willing to work with you if you bring a legitimate buyer to them. They may not be interested in being locked into a long-term listing contract. Understand that, and simply get your commission when you actually bring a buyer. That will also separate you from all the other agents, as you’ll be able to serve your clients with off-market deals, as well as those on the MLS which everyone else is marketing.

  1. Bring the Financing

If there is one thing virtually every buyer, seller, and investor wants more of, it’s financing. Financing is the key to selling and closing most real estate transactions. If you can align yourself with great mortgage brokers, bankers, and private lenders, you can offer deals with strong financing, and attract investors that may have been looking at other options. If you are doing very well, you may even loan your own capital to make deals work.

  1. Bring the Renters

Many real estate investors are investing for cash flow today. They can’t achieve that without tenants. Good renters are extremely valuable. If you build your database with qualified tenants and have a waiting list, investors should be more than happy to pay you a solid commission for placing a profitable tenant fast.

  1. Property Management

Your role doesn’t have start or end with placing a tenant. Realtors can offer property management services which can be recruited at any time. This could be on the takeover of a new property, on placing a tenant, or when an investor needs help with a trouble tenant, or they are moving out of the area, or are scaling their portfolio beyond that they can handle alone.

  1. Facilitating Turnkey Real Estate Deals

Turnkey real estate investing has finally caught on in America. Investors are looking to provide and acquire turnkey rental properties which have been recently improved, have paying tenants, and come with management. As a Realtor you can help make this happen by connecting investors with contractors, renters, and management.

  1. Value Add Services

There are a wide variety of services which Realtors provide on a daily basis that investors often don’t realize, or understand can bring a lot of savings. That includes property searches, marketing, evaluating property deals, walk-throughs, open houses, and transaction coordination. Some investors hire dozens of in-house staff on salary to do these things. You might offer all of those things as free perks of doing deals with you.

  1. Learn & Understand

Taking the time to learn about real estate investing, and understanding what investors are trying to do, and the numbers they are looking at can make a ton of difference in attracting them as clients, and making deals go smoothly. Plus, you may even begin to make more money by making your own investments.

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