8 Ways Mortgage Brokers Can Increase Originations By Working With Investors

Mortgage brokers, bankers, and loan officers can dramatically increase their deal volumes and incomes by working with investor clients. Check out these eight ways to start doing more deals with investors, starting today…

Real estate investors make for some of the best clients for mortgage originators. Forget just running generic online ads, knocking on doors, or cold calling around with the same old pitch. Here are some powerful ways loan officers and mortgage companies can bring the value and win more loan business.

  1. Bring the Deals

Chances are that you deal with multiple leads each day that still don’t qualify for a loan. Many are struggling homeowners who could really just use someone to buy their homes. You can win them as clients and referral partners for life if you connect them with an investor that will bail them out by buying their home. Or you may use your other resources to source real estate deals or leads and provide them to your investor clients. You can do this through your title company and Realtor contacts, or by tapping into databases and lists of motivated sellers.

  1. Bring the Pre-Qualified Buyers

As a loan officer, you’ll often get leads who you pre-qualify and approve for loans who don’t yet have homes to buy, or their deals fall apart for reasons other than the financing. Serve them, and gain new investor clients by referring them to your investors with wholesale or flip deals for sale. It’s the best way to lead in to get referrals back in return.

  1. Bring the Money

If you are not specifically tailoring your marketing to investors, how are they supposed to know that you can help. They are super busy fielding offers from others. If you want their business be clear about how you can help and the programs you can give them access to.

  1. Bring the Renters

Not everyone who applies for a home loan with you is ready. Maybe they need to get into credit repair for a while, or need to save more for a down payment. Maybe they are great buyers, but due to missing paperwork or underwriting quirks they just don’t cut it. These leads may make great renter candidates for your buy and hold investor contacts.

  1. Notify Them with Financing Opportunities

Set up tacking and alerts in your database to notify you when certain past clients may be eligible or benefit from new loans. This could be rates dropping, adjustable rate loan milestones coming up, or equity rising that may signal time to refinance or get a line of credit. It could be notifying investor borrowers of new loan programs or just helping to let them know when they can apply to drop MI from their loans.

  1. Transaction Management

Transaction management and closing coordination is a lot of work for real estate investors. Some hire teams of people to handle the process, or think that they can rely on Realtors and the title company to do it. Let them know all the ways your team can help from ordering title, appraisals, and insurance to keeping on top of HOA applications, and pushing the deal through. That can carry a lot of value.

  1. Facilitate Seller Financing

Perhaps you can create a new income stream by providing RMLO services to investors who are offering seller financing. In a couple of years those buyers will probably want to refinance and get a new loan too.

  1. Learn & Understand

Invest a little time and energy in learning about real estate investing. It will help you better understand and relate when dealing with investor clients, teach you how to advertise and connect better, and may even give you the insight to start investing for yourself too.


There are many ways that mortgage brokers can work to do more deals with investors. If you haven’t tapped this market to your full potential yet; print this out and use these tips to drum up more business. If you are an investor, share this with your local mortgage pros and maybe they’ll help fuel your business while earning yours.

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