The Best Real Estate Investment Seminars for 2020

What are the top Real Estate Investment Seminars in 2020?

There are a number of notable real estate events happening this year. Find out what they are, the benefits of going, and what the different advantages of are attending live events versus online seminars and webinars.

Why Attend a Real Estate Investment Seminar?

Why do you want to attend a real estate investment seminar this year?

It’s worth noting that most top level real estate investors, coaches and trainers today reveal that they got their own start by attending seminars like this. Success leaves clues and this is a big one. 

FEATURED EVENT – Scale & Escape Summit 2020

Scale & Escape is a full 2 day event hosting some big names in real estate and business who are making millions and doing hundreds of real estate deals each year. This isn’t just another one of those beginner real estate seminars you’ve probably seen and been sold at before. This is for serious real estate professionals who want to scale their business dramatically, get advanced strategies and tactics and gain more time to enjoy life now.

Some more reasons for attending events like Scale & Escape include:

  • Learning direct from the doers who have mastered what you want to do
  • Being able to meet the experts in person
  • Organized, consolidated information
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded investors
  • A chance to get away and enjoy yourself
  • More in depth information than surfing the web
  • Finding your moment to really propel yourself to the next level
  • Bringing and inspiring a friend, family member or partner to get in

Scale & Escape’s  incredible speaker lineup includes:

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Online Seminars VS. In Person Seminars: Pros and Cons

There are lots of ways to learn about real estate investing. There are blogs, books, podcasts, videos, coaching calls, online seminars and live in person events. All can have their place. Yet, each have their own advantages too.

The Benefits of Online Seminars

There are many perks of online real estate events, including:

  • On demand availability when you feel like it
  • No travel expenses
  • Often less expensive to attend
  • May be able to re-watch recorded content
  • Ability to listen or watch on the go, wherever you can get online

The Benefits of Live In-Person Seminars

While you should absolutely digest online real estate events when you can, there are some perks of live events that you won’t get in other formats.

This includes:

  • Being able to connect with the top influencers in person
  • Making and building real connections and relationships
  • Networking opportunities for finding deals, buyers and lenders
  • Unique content you just won’t get anywhere else
  • Energy and momentum that can be more powerful than digital content

Top Real Estate Investment Seminars for 2020

What events should you attend as a real estate investor, CEO or just aspiring entrepreneur who wants to get into the industry?

Boardroom Mastermind

They say “proximity is power.” The Boardroom Mastermind event is the opportunity to get in a room with 100+ highly successful real estate experts, CEOs and multi-millionaire investors who are out there doing deals and growing businesses today. Entrepreneur magazine has described REWW’s Boardroom Mastermind as “one of the top 10 masterminds in the world for business growth.” It’s where you get together with other high performing real estate professionals, share, learn and create strategic plans for breakthroughs and growth and make the contacts who can help you get there. Apply here to see if it is a fit for you.

Find & Flip Summit

 (Next F&F Date to be announced)

The yearly Find & Flip Summit covers an enormous amount of topics for real estate investors.

Covering factors like how to find the deals, technology tools to use to get ahead, where to find the money, and more. The Find & Flip Summit features multiple high level speakers who are still out in the field doing deals and know what works right now. 

Can’t Attend a Seminar in Your Area? Then Try an Online Webinar.

Real Estate Webinars are a great way to get similar information and tips on investing, whether you’re a newbie or an industry veteran. While a webinar won’t get you as much info as a couple days at a live seminar, they can make a massive difference in your approach to investing, make you money, and keep you primed until the next “in person” event.

We highlight recommend the following Online Webinars:


There are lots of ways to learn about real estate investing and business. Live events are some of the best. Online presentations are great. Use them to soak up as much information as you can and learn on the go when you can’t get away. Just don’t overlook the incredible value of attending live real estate investment seminars for really making the leaps you need and getting to the high levels you really crave.