What to Expect When A Home Is on the Market

Everyone knows that putting a home on the market means a lot of changes. You have to keep the home ready for a tour at any moment and expect visitors at almost anytime from morning to night. But what are some of the surprises you may not expect when you’re selling a home?

You might expect buyers to begin looking at the home immediately. But the first people to tour the home will likely be real estate agents. Your broker may schedule open houses during the week exclusively for other investors and brokers.

Agents usually want to look at home before referring it to clients. In addition, other agents may offer immediate feedback regarding your listing price and the home’s condition. If the agents see a problem with your listing, this is your opportunity to address it.

Be wary of the “pop-in” buyer. Once the for-sale sign goes out, anyone may inquire about the home. While most buyers will go through a broker and contact you before stopping by, buyers without a broker may knock on the door and want a tour.

When your or an agent shows the home, they will usually leave behind a business card to let you know they were there. Be sure to keep these to follow up.

Once an offer comes in, your broker will set up a meeting. Frequently the first offer is delivered in person, since there are many details to review and you’ll usually have a lot of questions.

Don’t be surprised if  offers come with strings attached. Rarely are offers made without contingencies. You may get an offer for 95 percent of list price that is preferable to a full price offer that requires you to kick in for closing costs or make a significant repair before the sale.

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