Five Basic Keys to a Quick Sale

Ready to sell a home quickly and easily? Here are some basic tips to help get the most for home in the fewest days on the market.

Realistic pricing.

The number one way to drive away buyers is to list a home at too high of a price. Be realistic with the price and it’s more likely to get interest from buyers. The best way to get the most for your a is to have multiple buyers interested in the home and driving up the price. If you need to the your home quickly, don’t be afraid to slash the price dramatically – keeping in mind your investment return. Decreasing the price only slowly tells buyers to wait for more price drops.

Keep everything in order.

Whether you are living in the home or have tenants, having someone in the home while it i for sale can be tough because it means keeping the home clutter free, working regularly on the yard and being ready for tours in a moments notice. Making sure the home is clean and neat every time a potential buyer drives by or drops in for a visit is crucial to attracting offers.

Staging the home.

Selling a home is just like retail sales, so borrow the same strategies successful retailers use. Make sure the home is open and bright, and clean your home every day. Keep the décor simple and neat to showcase the home so potential buyers can imagine their own style in your home.

Don’t be afraid to take the first offer.

The first offer isn’t always the best offer – but
often times it is. Sellers are often reluctant to take the first offer even if it’s close to what
they want. It may take another six months or more to beat the first offer you get – and
time is money.

Bundle your home with incentives.

Kicking in free property taxes or offering to pay
some closing costs can definitely help. Don’t be afraid to throw in your own furnishings
such as furniture, appliances or outdoor décor if it helps close the deal.

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