Smart List Building Moves For House Flippers

Want to build a bigger and better real estate lead list for flipping houses?

It’s still all about the list. As a house flipper you need lists of motivated sellers, cash buyers, and often private lenders too. The quality and size of your lists directly impact your ability to do deals, your maximum upside potential, how fast you can flip, and how much money you’ll make. The better house flippers get at building lists, and working them, the more they’ll get the rewards they want most.  So, how do you do that?

Landing Pages

There are multiple ways to build lists. It can be done in person and at events. It can be done via social media networks like Instagram or via app downloads. However, most prospective leads for house flipping are still driven to a real estate website. In order to convert the maximum number of visitors into list subscribers investors must make it easy and obvious. If your website home page isn’t optimized for opt-ins, then at least build some solid landing pages which are, and direct your traffic there.

Smart Opt-Ins

To get people on your list you generally need them to ‘opt-in’. You need to trade them something in return for their email address. That may be an interesting newsletter, downloadable report, ebook, mini-course, list of properties, or something else. Don’t just copy what you see others doing. Take a moment to think about those you are driving in, and what they want. What will be so appealing that they will be willing to accept more mail in their inbox from you?


For at least 10 years it has been possible for real estate marketers to give customers the ability to customize the information they get. Almost no one uses these features. Why should your prospects and valuable clients have to be bombarded with a bunch of junk, just to occasionally get some nuggets they are interested in? How long do you stay on lists like that and keep paying attention? So, if you are looking for buyer and seller leads, why not create list options for each group? Or it could be broken down by area or property type.

Database Management

Building up a list is one thing. Effectively managing it can be a whole other mission. This is vitally important. Otherwise you can’t get a good ROI on your marketing, you can’t tailor messages well, and you will lose people on your list in droves. So, choose a good way to store your database. Look for a service which provides immediate back up in the cloud, and allows multiple team members to collaborate. Clean it up regularly and get rid of dead contacts. Use various tags, filters, and fragmentation tools so that you know where your contacts came from and what they are interested in.

Deliver Awesome Content

To get the best return from your list, and maintain a growing list – deliver awesome content. Give value first and build relationships. Don’t just market at people. Give them enough value, and they’ll seek you out when they are ready to take action.

Don’t Give Up

Sometimes you will create awesome content, and you won’t get the response you hoped for. Maybe it is the most important heartfelt email you’ve ever written, and is packed with value, but no one opens it. It happens. People are so busy today. Don’t take it personally. Don’t hammer too hard, too fast. Just keep going. It will pay off.

Keep Adding Fresh Contacts

One of the biggest traps house flippers can fall into is building a list, and then just focusing on hitting that list with sales pitches day after day. You have to keep growing your list. If you don’t it will shrink as people become customers and move through your funnel, age, change their strategy or position, and change contact info. Focus on adding new contacts each day.

Smart Targeting

Don’t just build a list. Build a highly-targeted list. That will give you the best conversions and ROI. Do this by really doing your research on your best potential customers, learn everything you can about them and their behavior, and use that to find them and flow them through to your lists.

About Kent Clothier

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a highly sought-after speaker, the owner of three multi-million dollar a year Internet marketed brands, and proud husband and father. Kent is motivated by his love of family and freedom, creating products that enable people to live their lives the way they choose.

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