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Find Private Lenders Now Releases its Top 100 County Market Report for July 2014

Find Private Lenders Now™ has once again released its monthly report on the top 100 counties in the nation for private lender dollar volume.

Real Estate investors are often challenged because funding is all but impossible to get these days.

As new lending regulations to make it tougher to get financing for real estate, investors are beginning to realize the crucial value of private lending, and easy access to private lenders.

Find Private Lenders Now™ is the premier database system that has given real estate investors access to active private lenders, right in their own county.

With remarkable features, Find Private Lenders allows investors maintain a database of private lenders that is easily accessible, by providing them with integrated marketing tools and a direct mail system, as well as information about who is lending, how much they are lending and where those loans are taking place.

To get your copy of the report for the top dollar volume lent by private individuals in the nation, click on the link below:

Get it Now–> National Private Lenders Report July 2014 <–Get it Now

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