Real Estate Marketing Training: Do You Need It?

Do you really need real estate marketing training? Or should you just go with your gut?

90% of your success relies on marketing. Yet, few real estate agents, investors, and business owners are trained marketing experts. Some have some natural talent, or some sales skills they picked up in previous jobs, but that may not be enough. So, is it worth getting real estate marketing training? Who needs it? What are the real benefits?

How to Know if You Can Benefit from Training

The three main questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Am I currently getting all the results I want?
  2. Is my marketing performing at the top of my industry standards?
  3. Is my brand and marketing strong enough to support scaling to my long-term goals?

If the answer is “no.” or you don’t know, then you definitely want to get some training and new insights. You can’t afford to stumble along with mediocre marketing performance. Otherwise you’ll soon be surpassed by the competition, and when things get tough, they’ll have the advantage to grab more business, while you struggle to stay afloat.

You’ve got to know how good your marketing is working right now, by the numbers. You need to know what your costs are and profit is, and how that stacks up to what others are getting. If you are effectively paying $700 for every seller you deal with, but your competition in paying $250, guess who is going to get eaten up?

We also need to make sure our branding and marketing is in alignment and provides a strong enough structure to achieve our long-term goals. Maybe your marketing is paying the bills, and a little more right now. But, will it resonate with the funds, cash buyers, sellers, and business partners that you need to operate at the top?

You need to benchmark, research, review goals, and analyze performance. At a minimum, you need to know where you are at, if you are going in the right direction, are hiring the right people, be able to stand in the gaps if team members are out, and have a strong master plan.

You can hire help, consult experts, get coaching, and enroll in real estate marketing training to master all of this.

Real Estate Marketing Training for Your Team

Even if you won’t personally be handling any of your marketing or branding efforts, you want your team to be strong. You need them to be the best!

If you have good training and certifications then you can attract top talent more easily. By giving them access to great real estate marketing training you can keep them on top of their game, maintain your edge, and you’ll keep more great team members by showing your dedication to investing in them and their skills.

The Need for Constant Learning & Improvement

We all need to be on a path of never ending, consistent learning and improvement. When we fall off that wagon we begin to fail, and fall behind. Ask any of your mentors and they’ll almost invariably tell you that the best investment you can make is in yourself, and your knowledge. You can never lose it, and it pays infinite returns.

The Value of Certifications

Certifications can build your credibility, open new doors, and enhance conversions and profitability. A college degree may not carry the weight or value it used to, but there are other certifications and designations which can help you grow and elevate your results in the real estate industry. Being able to show these off says a lot about you, your company, and your value. For example; if 100 new real estate investors try to contact or make offers on a probate property, and then you come along as a Certified Probate Specialist, who is likely to get the deal? You are. Even if you bid less for the property. Sellers and their representatives will trust you and your process far more, and that is far more important to most than price alone.

What to Learn

There are plenty of options when you are constantly expanding your knowledge. Learn about wholesaling, attracting renters, probate leads, motivated seller marketing, finding cash buyers and private lender, about digital marketing, direct mail, and creating great phone script.

What will you learn?

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