Private Money Lenders for Real Estate Investment

Money: The One Resource Every Investor Must Have Access to, and How to Get it


Let’s face it. Real estate investment takes cash.

Of course, new investors would love to dive headfirst into real estate and make their fortune fast, without having to invest a dime; who wouldn’t? While it’s true that this happens on occasion for some lucky individuals, instant wealth is not in any way the reality for most investors.

I’ve said it before: while investing is an exciting, dynamic adventure that can create serious wealth over time, it is hard work. Like any business, it requires dedication, perseverance, sacrifice and commitment.

And like any budding entrepreneurship, it also requires serious cash.

Truth be told, when you haven’t yet built up a track record of success or self-sustaining assets, available cash is your best option for getting your foot in the door – and holding it open. Cash gives you freedom and flexibility – if you find a great property, you can move on it quickly and make a tempting offer. You can shop around, maintain leverage, hold out for better options, and create a nice cushion for renovations or repairs.

But what if you don’t have the cash?

Once upon a time, novice investors could trust banks to finance their first purchases. Unfortunately, after the bottom fell out of the housing market in 2008, banks have been tight-fisted when it comes to mortgages. Those with fantastic credit and a sizable down payment may still have some luck, but it’s a struggle for many investors to secure mortgage loans from banks.

Fortunately, there are other options: Private money lenders.

Private lenders aren’t too difficult to come by- especially with cutting edge data base systems like Find Private Lenders Now. With a list of private lenders in your pocket, funding those killer deals will become easy, thus allowing you to crush the competition as they scramble to find the money to close the deal. Find Private Lenders is an online, nationwide database of private moneylenders that comes with integrated marketing tools and a direct mail system; it is the cutting edge technology that savvy investors use to get ahead.

Finding a partner who will finance your projects is another workable option that requires a few sacrifices on your part. Your partner will have the luxury simply providing the funds, while it will fall to you to do the hard labor. However, it’s a small price to pay for forging an inroad into the investment business. Over time, you will earn your own capital, and you’ll be able to set terms that are in your favor or gain the ability to go it completely alone.

If it helps get you through the harder patches, remember this: someday, if you choose, you’ll be the one with the cash to invest, and it will fall to someone else to do the hard work. Every project you take on gets you closer to that day.



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  1. I have been interested in real estate for as long as i can remember.Only now that im older I am starting to see the reasons behind that desire.I am in the process of loan processes and will finally be on my way to living my dreams.. Thanks

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