Personal Branding

The Importance of Creating a Personal Brand

Why Do It and How?


Let’s face it. Folks want to do business with companies and people they know and trust.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners focus exclusively on building their business brands. This could be a critical mistake, depending on the type of business you own, but most definitely is a blunder if you are a real estate investor.


There is a common misconception in business that it is the company brand alone that matters. In some cases, this is true; consumers are probably not all that concerned with the CEO of the company that produced the pen or spatula they just purchased.

However, for service oriented companies, B2B organizations, or real estate investment companies, the owner’s brand is often of equally critical interest because customers are buying the expertise, credibility and experience of the company leader, thus making the name behind the company brand a big part of the value proposition.

There are some considerations to take in hand, however, before your start your journey toward personal branding.

Personal branding means making a full-time commitment to the journey of defining yourself as a businessperson, a community or corporate leader, or an entrepreneur; it means taking into careful consideration the manner in which you will serve and interact with your community, clients, and customers.

You can say plenty of things about yourself- about who you are- but are you able to back up those claims with your actions, your skills and your knowledge? In other words, make sure you’re ready and able to walk your talk.

I could go into all the ways in which you can begin building your personal brand, but in my new podcast, Freedom Strategies, my co-host Los Silvia and I discuss much of what it takes to build a personal brand, and we delve into the subject pretty deeply during the discussion in our recent podcast How to Establish a Strong Personal Brand That’s Recession Proof.

Head on over there and check it out at Freedom I think you’ll find some useful information on personal branding and more. The podcast is available for free on iTunes and is full of valuable content for any business person or entrepreneur.




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