How You Can Choose To Be Happy

In this Mindset Monday coaching call, Pat Precourt leads the discussion with an aim to helping you improve your mindset so that you can live a life that is fulfilling and happy. In fact, he’s going to teach you why you can choose to be happy regardless of the circumstances you experience. He's going to show you how you’re able to choose happiness by choosing the beliefs you allow to impact you. Grab a pen and paper so you can jot down the thoughts that come your way. You'll probably need to spend some time with the concepts once the call is done.

Would you choose to be happy or choose to have a lot of money? Click To Tweet

Pat often asks people this question: “Would you choose to be happy or would you choose to have a lot of money?” The answer you give will, first of all, reveal whether or not you’re a person who understands that money does not bring happiness. That's an important first step. But beyond that, it will force you to recognize that happiness is a choice that you can make. In other words, the question is not a hypothetical question. You CAN choose to be happy. Anytime. Anyplace. It's within your power.

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There are many things in life that are true. Some are positive and make you feel good about yourself or your situation. Others are negative and tend to bring you down. Part of what it means to choose your own happiness is that you have the choice to accept the positive things and allow them to have an affect on you. In the same way, you can reject the negative things and the impact they can have on you. Every time you have that choice you need to ask, “Which of these will serve me?” Once you have your answer, the choice is yours.

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Nobody’s served well by denying that stress and anxiety come to all of us. But in those moments when we are pulled toward the downward spiral of emotion or mental junk we can instantly change our state of being by turning our minds toward gratitude. It’s not hocus pocus, it’s a real power you can have over your own life. Next time you’re feeling upset at a teammate, or client, or situation, shift your mind to the things you’re grateful for and keep it there. You’ll find yourself unable to maintain the anxious or stressed state. Your life and state of being will be better for it - and you'll be better able to add value to the world. Gratitude empowers happiness.

Grateful but not settling: The mindset you’ve got to have in order to grow. Click To Tweet

While gratitude is a powerful tool to keep yourself in the happy zone, you still want to be discontent enough that you are hungry for growth. That doesn’t mean you’re miserable because things are not like you want them to be, it means you maintain a grateful heart while looking to improve your situation and your life. Most of that improvement will happen inside of you, not outside of you. When you are in the right place personally, the opportunities you encounter are more readily seen and utilized. Find out how Pat suggests you cultivate a grateful attitude that doesn't settle for the small game, on this coaching call.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:01] Welcome from Pat and the role failures and mistakes play in your success.
  • [1:50] Introduction to how beliefs and the truth effect our fulfillment and happiness.
  • [4:40] Connecting the dots between beliefs and truths.
  • [21:17] What does it reflect when someone lashes out at you?
  • [25:05] How can we rid ourselves of the negative beliefs we’ve learned over a lifetime?
  • [30:00] Why you have to learn how to enjoy the journey.
  • [38:07] The struggle to change states: create a physical manifestation that represents the change.
  • [40:21] How to present yourself when you’re new in the business.

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Below is the full transcription of the How You Can Choose to be Happy Monday Mindset call with Pat Precourt.

Pat Precourt:

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome. Coach Patrick Precourt here welcoming you to another Monday Mindset call. Great to have you guys here, as always. For my online viewers great to have you guys here. It's been an exciting past week, a lot of stuff happening, and I've heard a lot from you guys, which is pretty cool. I encourage you guys to share your stories, your wins, but also your challenges. We had this discussion not that long ago about someone's failures and mistakes, and poor decisions, and all that kind of stuff. The truth is, it's our poor decisions or your mistakes that you learn from the most. It's not the successes that we learn from the quickest, it's always our errors.

The way I tend to see it, the way I would think that might serve you as well, is that he decisions that we made that don't serve us 100% are all there to serve a purpose, a reason, to get us closer to the truth. It's at the truth that things change. It's at the truth that we can make intelligent decisions. It's at the truth that all creation comes from. Think about it, you create something out of a false state where do you go with it from there? Where does it go? With that said, we're going to have an interesting discussion today. I just had to shutdown the online Facebook one because it just wasn't working for me. This was rooted in a conversation that I got baited in and dragged into this past weekend. I can't really share the full context of the conversation, not that it's even relative, but if I did it would misdirect our conversation.

What I want to talk about today is beliefs, beliefs on the truth and then how it affects us and our outcomes and, quite honestly, the successes that we do have in life, including our level of fulfillment and happiness. It's easy to try to measure, especially in this little space we're in, our successes based on how many deals we do or how much money we make or don't make, but let me ask you this, at the end of the day and if this was your only choice happy and very little money or unhappy and loaded, which would you choose? It's one or the other, no in between. No in between. You can't say well if I was loaded I'd be happy. No, because one does not guarantee the other. The only reason I bring up that question is because we choose happiness and if your answer was well, Pat if that was my only choice I would choose to be happy and without a ton of money, the question then comes back at you why don't we choose to be happy more often.

I get it, it's not that easy. I get it, but I'm going to shed some light on a piece of this today. This is going to be a 2-part call because today we're going to at least open up our minds to this side of it and then next week's call what do you do about it. I've got to go to 2 pieces here, but either way I want to welcome you guys to the call. Great to have you guys here. Honored to be with you ever week, I hope you know that. Welcome, Daniel. Good to see you here. I do like when you guys check in, share, so it's not just a monologue, we actually carry a dialogue. Dialogues work better. They work better for you too because you get more out of it.

Here we go, this conversation ... You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to share something with you first. I'm going to read something to you. Diane says, "So glad I can be on the call again. Hi, Pat." Hello, Ms. Diane. Hello, Ms. Rhonda. You guys are awesome, man. Sit back, open your ears for a second. Don't be distracted during this little piece because it's going to segue into what I'm going to do for you today. I want to start connecting the dots in your brain and my brain, in our brains, between our beliefs and truth and how you can have different truths based on beliefs. Let me just read this to you and I'll go backwards and start putting this all together for you. I'll show you how our beliefs are, in fact, an opinion. Remember the context here though is to get to why can't we create beliefs and a truth that just allows us to be happy now, why do we have to wait until later to be happy. It's a good question.

I'll give you a little inkling, you don't have to wait until later. Here we go, Sixto Rodriguez was born in the summer of 1942, this is just a 3-minute story, to working class immigrants in Detroit, Michigan. For the past 40 years, he barely scraped by doing back breaking labor, living in a dilapidated house. During that time, Rodriguez was also a rock star. He was a musician, a very talented one more popular than The Beatles or the Rolling Stones. That's the fervent opinion of millions. In the late '60s the once aspiring singer/songwriter cut a couple of albums. They were commercial flops in the United States of America. His dreams fell down, they dashed away. Rodriguez spent the rest of his life hustling for odd jobs in Detroit's inner city. Meanwhile, his first album somehow made it to South Africa in the early 1970s, an oppressive regime ripe for its poetic protest songs. [inaudible 00:06:34] became the soundtrack for the anti-apartheid movement. Rodriguez morphed into a mythological musical icon.

Mr. Rodriguez, a workday laborer from Detroit or one-of-a-kind folk rock hero? Which is it? Same person, same music, same events. Different people have a different truth on who Mr. Rodriguez is. What you believe depends on where you are and when. I share that little story with you just to open up your minds to understand that there is no single truth. Truths are an interpretation, a replay that we come up with based on our experiences and our life filters that we apply to it. You can almost in this discussion [inaudible 00:07:54] beliefs and truth as one, what you belief in to be true versus what somebody else believes to be true. I just gave you a black and white example of that. We used to go back into probably like the '50s or somewhere around there, we thought if a kid was acting out and had what we call today ADHD, which now we just medicate the crap out of them, which is really not right, back then we gave them a frontal lobotomy and turned them into a vegetable.

We believed at the time somehow driving this ice pick through the eye socket and stirring up the front of the brain made sense to do to a child. We believed that. That was a truth. That was a medical procedure that today would be considered so barbaric if some doctor did that to some child they'd throw them in jail. Remember, truth is relative to where you are and when. Juanita says, "I choose to be happy. We all make a choice every morning." Yeah, we do, but it's not that easy, we all know that. We choose to be happy, but then we think about things that make us unhappy and beliefs and truths about them. For the sake of this discussion, let's accept that beliefs and truths are different for different people. Truth is different for different people.

The truth that we choose will directly reflect the model of the world that we live in. The truth that you choose and that I choose, and they are a choice, will directly reflect the model of the world that we live in. Our model that we choose will reflect how happy or how sad we are, how angry or how content we may be, how satisfied or how unsatisfied, how fulfilled or unfilled we are, based on the model of the world that we create. If you believe that, for instance, you can't be happy until you get the new car then that is your truth, that is real. Your truth is your reality. That is as real to you as any other truth is to anyone else without exception. You chose it and it's your truth. You believe it, therefore, it's real. If you believe you have to be married to be happy or to graduate college in order to get happy or to get that next great job to be happy, or to get that first deal to get happy then those are all your realities.

That's the model of the world that you're creating and you will live in that model because you choose it. You own that. Now, this is why I'll leave out some of the context to this discussion I got baited into Saturday night, and I do not discuss certain topics unless I'm with the right people that are mature enough to discuss them and I should've let this go and I didn't. Shame on me. Right? The discussion came up about how this particular person felt oppressed, held back, pushed down. For those of you who know me know that's a very, very, very touchy subject because there's 2 truths to it, but there's only 1 that serves you. There are 2 truths, or maybe more truths, but I do know of 2 truths to that situation. Number 1, you may be in fact held down, oppressed, whatever. I get it, and that is a truth, but my discussion was about if you're going to bring this up and challenge me on all this stuff here then you best listen to what I've got to say.

I've got another truth for you that will serve you. This is the point that I want to bring up to us, a more mature group here, there are multiple truths in our world everyday and our truth will change on the same topic, the same discussion based on when and where we are. The little trick, the magic, is to start seeking out truths that serve us, that better us, not ones that we can feel oh woe is me pity about or feel victimized from, but ones that move us forward, that allow us to step up and live big. The model we live in equals our mindset. It is a function, a result of our mindset because part of our mindset is our belief systems and our willingness to be open to the idea that our beliefs may not serve us, our beliefs may be a protected mechanism that allows us to feel bad about ourselves so we can seek pity from others or put blame on others.

I believe this, I believe that is the cause of this, therefore, I blame it. Well guess what, if you're blaming it there ain't nothing you can do about it because you're blaming it. Only it can change you now. As I made my discussion with this people, you're blaming, for lack of a better description, society. I'd give it a more specific description, but it'll derail our call right now. You're blaming society for being oppressed, as long as you blame society for being oppressed only society can unoppress you. There won't be crap you can do about it because you are giving all your authority, your power to society. If you blame society for holding you down you can't move until society decides you can get up. If you chose a different truth though, that I can get up on my own. I'm no longer oppressed or held down my society. I can stand here and now. That's your truth that you choose and that is the other truth in this discussion. It's not society's fault. It's nobody's fault.

There does not have to be blame. There only has to be a path to where you want to get, but if we continue to blame or point the finger or put off the responsibility on someone else we give up all ability to do something about it. I know these discussions are not always easy to accept. They happened with a young lady who was in a, make no mistake, crappy, crappy, crappy marriage. Husband is just a jack ass and she's telling me all this things of why her life sucks because of him and I'm like I get it. That's your truth, but you know what, young lady, you also have a choice to do something about it. I'm not saying it's easy, I'm not saying any of this is easy, but what does easy have to do with it. Either we're doing what it takes to be happy, to be fulfilled, to allow our own creativity, and our own awesomeness to flow so we can continue to better the space that we're in, better the world that we're in, which by the way once we switch over to that side good things get attracted into our lives.

We are finally empowered to say you know what dammit I never realized this, but I'm empowered to do what I want. The second we go there and our mind shifts to a positive energy, and that's what we start putting out, guess what starts coming back our way? All that we thought we had to wait for in order to be happy. We start pulling that in, we're done chasing it. You ever see somebody ... I say you ever, of course we have. You know somebody that just seems to flow through life effortlessly and good things just always come their way and then we say, "Wow, they've got such good luck." No, it's not good luck, that's self-created, self-manifested awesomeness. They attract that into their lives by what they put out. What you've got is a reflection of what you put out.

That's probably, if you take away one thing from this, one little thing, that's it. Your life is a reflection of everything you put out, as is mine, as is everyone we know. The good, the bad, the ugly, we put it out we got it back. You want something different put something else out. Change, change. Now, understand that these beliefs shape our world. Let's accept that. Just as I said that, "You have what you put out", I see somebody hang up. Click. Don't shoot the messenger, man. Listen, I may get a little passionate about this stuff, but don't get too wound up about it. These calls are here to grow us, they're good calls. Don't get bent out of shape or anything like that, just let all the goodness flow. Our beliefs, our truths shape our world. They put us in the world we're in.

I'll use that example, if you feel that everybody out there is holding you down then, in fact, they are. That's your truth. That is without exception your reality. Others truths are different. Here's a little caveat, man, the worst thing you can do is take a truth such as that, that just sabotages your mission, that is a treason against your soul, you pick a truth like that and then you get around other people who pick the same truth and before long you have this big wallowing pity party each supporting each other in this miserableness, that's the kiss of death. That one's dangerous. It happens all the time. Sometimes we call these people our friends. Then you know what we do? We get together and because our lives now suck because all this crap energy we suck in, instead of doing anything about it we just start talking about other people, putting down other people because it makes us feel better somehow. Anybody know anyone like that?

Get what I'm saying? [Egoic 00:19:38] mind is the root of unhappiness. An ego is definitely, if that's what [egoic 00:19:46] means, a negative thought vibration. That ain't good for you if that's what you're asking. All right, just hang in there, I know you will, but this is good. "Sorry, that was me who hung up I switched my computer from the phone." You don't have to apologize. I'm just goofing guys. Listen, if somebody doesn't get bummed out at some of the stuff I say it probably means I'm just not testing the limits of how far we all should go together. I've had people email after and say, "Pat, you know what, what you said offended me and I couldn't stand listening to your voice any longer." I'm like that's fine, but don't bring all your miserableness on me. I get it and I feel bad for you because truth is you shouldn't be that angry right now, but you are and it has nothing to do with me.

That's something that I learned a long time ago. I used to very much take personal offense when somebody would attack me like that. I learned really quick it really had nothing to do with me ever. It was always just a reflection of what was going on in their lives. That's something you guys may want to remember, particularly in our real estate space when we bang on somebody's door or we get a phone call, we get a hate piece of mail, you're a thief, you're a vulture, you're this and that. I have a great comeback for that vulture, because somebody called me a vulture one time and it just came to me, the perfect response I'll share with you in a second, but you've got to remember when people lash out at you like that, they don't know you, they don't know anything about you, they make immediate assumptions about you, that's all a reflection not on you, but what's going on in their life, their interpretations of the world are simply a reflection of them, not a mirror reflection of the reality of what's going on.

Here's this vulture comeback, and we used to get this a lot because we used to deal a lot in defaulted property, so they just went off on me one time, you're such a vulture, people like you, blah, blah, blah. It took me a second, and your first response is to get all defensive, I was like, "Listen man I think you're right." This totally stopped this chick dead in her tracks, "I think you're right." I paused for a sec because I've never been called a vulture, but I think you're right because the more I think about it and I look what vultures do vultures don't kill anything. They don't mean any harm upon anything. They circle around, they look for dead, rotten, maggot-infested carcasses, and then clean it all up. They do the work that nobody else wants to do. They clean up the crap that nobody else wants anything else to do with. That's what vultures do. Guess I'm a vulture. In the short sale world of defaulted properties and people walking away from mortgages they can afford, but don't want to do it because their house is upside down, etc., that's what we did.

We just cleaned up all the crap. Interesting right? Just perspective. Now, I could've went with her belief on it, I must be a vulture. I don't even know why vulture got a bad name, other than the fact that they're ugly, ugly birds. Oh my genie, O-M-genie, that's good. Yeah, so just think about that. Yeah, we got off track. Let's try to get back on context here. Our beliefs shape our world. There is more than one truth. Where this also serves you is in understanding people. People are in a different place at a different time than we are. Therefore, they can have different beliefs and different truths. We have to accept that. When we have conflicts it does serve us instead of acting out on what we believe our truth to be to maybe try to understand their truth. Go back to this story here. You have this dude, Sixto Rodriguez was this dude's name, he was an absolute failure in our country and had to go back to sweeping floors or something, yet a mythological, musical icon over in Africa.

If you took 2 different people you say that dude's just a janitor, that dude is mythical, same person. I'll take a comment or 2 here. My comment box is there, in case you're wondering where I'm looking. How do you find ways to rid of the negative truths that get built into our subconscious? This is good because these come from a lot of times crap that's put in there. We didn't even ask [inaudible 00:25:16], the positive and negative truths are in a war inside our mind, what is your suggestion for the positive truth to prosper? Number 1, a positive thought, a positive energy, a positive truth will always trump a negative one. It's more powerful. It's got a higher vibration rate. Knowing that you've got to go back and challenge. What you're talking about is the power of subconscious. Our subconscious is all knowing. It forgets nothing. That's kind of a pain in the ass because we don't know all that's in there, yet we do trigger certain things at times.

Brad, the answer to your question is you've got to stay conscious to it and you've got to challenge all beliefs. If your beliefs, if my beliefs are a culmination of our life experiences that's one piece of it, as beliefs that were given to us from authoritative people in our lives, whether it be our parents, our aunts and uncles, teachers, police officers, whomever, if all of these things, basically life experiences, make up our current believes and every day we're experiencing new things shouldn't we every day be challenging our beliefs as they are? Especially if they're so powerful that they shape our world, they create the model that we live in. No doubt, you and I live in a different model because we've had different experiences, different truths, different beliefs. We do come together, there's overlap.

Heck, you may too be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I am too, so we overlap there. We've got certain truths about the Steelers, like they're the best football team ever in all of the world ever, ever. I know that to be true. Now you might be a Dallas fan and you might be sorely misled into thinking that Dallas is somehow better, but I know they're not and never will be, never could be, just ask Roger Staubach. You see how I'm saying our truths could overlap? Am I the only one laughing internally to that whole Staucbach and ... Forget it. You get what I'm saying here? Our truths should always be challenged. Your point, Brad, I'll tell you the further along I get my growth daily is not by my new experiences, but challenging my own thought patterns, software that's plugged in there and left to run in the background that affects decisions we make every single day, that we forget the software's even there. That's our belief system, brother.

We can go back and rewrite that stuff. What's your guiding beacon to rewrite it or challenge it? What serves me now? I want to seek out truths that serve me. When I say serve me serve me in my mission, my cause, my bigger purpose. Now, I used to be very combative on politics for instance. That doesn't serve me at all. As a matter of fact, I've learned a lot about politics and that parties are there for one reason, to cause us to continue to fight. I know that to be true and, therefore, I also know to be true it makes no sense, not one iota to pay attention to it at all. As a matter of fact, to turn it all off and to ignore others who try to talk to me about it. That truth serves me everyday because it prevents me from getting into a negative state over that topic. That's my truth, that's my reality. Starting to get this? Brad, challenge, do not allow a simple negative thought or believe to exist. There's more than one truth, find the truth in that situation that serves you. I'll just close a couple of these.

Hold on one sec. If I don't close some of the questions we answered then they all get lost, so one sec. Hold on, hold on. Funny awkward pauses, right? Any tips to keep yourself in a positive mindset 24/7/365? I don't know that you have to be, Nick. I think you're allow downtime. I think you're allowed contrast. I'd be lying to you if I said I was in a positive mindset 24/7, but this is what I know to be true, we are challenged for a reason. We're challenged to seek the truth to grow us, to expand us. We're challenged to push it beyond what we're comfortable at. When I say challenged we have setbacks, we have fall downs. We find ourselves in crappy moods. Those are all challenges, but the magic is to be able to appreciate it all, not to be in an elevated, perfect, in the zone, positive mindset all the time, but to appreciate why it exists. You're like why would a shitty mindset ever exist in your life? Good question. What if I said this, what if I ... Instead of just saying what is if I'm going to.

I ran out of big paper, so I've got to do it on little paper. Okay, that my friends is series of peaks and valleys. In life, every day different cycles. We have peaks up here at the top and we have valleys down at the bottom. These are the setbacks, these are the knock downs, these are the stumbles, these are the crappy moods. These are the victories. These are the things that work right. These are being in flow, in the zone. It's on the peaks that we celebrate life and it's in the valleys that we learn about life. That's why you have to have the 2. You can't just have peaks. Your chart can't look like that. It can't, there'd be no learning. There'd be no growing. Remember I said at the beginning those setbacks, those knock downs, those stumbles, they're getting us to the truth. As we get to new truths we'll get to a new high and we get to celebrate them.

It's decisions that you make while you're in a point of celebration that'll dictate how long you stay in a peak and it's decisions down at the bottom that you make that'll determine how long you stay down there. What precedes our decisions? Our truths, our beliefs. Starting to see how these all roll together? It's a powerful, powerful concept, but this at the end of the day what does the peaks and valleys thing mean? Pat, that's a cute graph, but what does it really mean, what are you trying to say? What that means, and you've heard this 1,000 times, it's not about the end, it's not about the peak, the celebration, it's about the entire journey. We've got to learn to enjoy the entire journey and that's the answer to your question, not about being in a positive mindset the entire time, but enjoying the journey. Appreciate the crap for what it's worth and in appreciation it'll quickly pull you out of it.

You don't have to wallow in it. Does everybody on this call within ears range, does every single one of us get into a rut, without exception? Yes, without exception. It's not a question as to whether or not it happens, it's a question of how long do you choose to stay there and wallow in your own little self pity mode. That's a choice too. If it sucks and you don't like it, say I get why I'm here, so I can appreciate that stuff better and I'm going to figure out real quick what got me here and I'm going to change some stuff so I don't get here because of that again and though appreciation it'll pull you out quicker than you got there. You've always heard that thing when you talk about gratitude.

Why do you always got to express you gratitude? The expression of genuine gratitude being appreciative for what you have, where you have it, right at this moment in time will pull you out of immediately any bad thought, any negative thought because that show of gratitude, that true thought of authentic gratitude, is such a high vibration energy feeling, emotion, thought that I'll crush any negative vibration thought in your body immediately. They can't coexist together and the positive one will destroy the negative one. That's just a mind hack, it's a personal self mastery tool to better where we're at, at any moment. If you're in a crappy mood and you've got to go perform and you've got to be in a good, quick, immediate state, boom, be grateful for where you're at.

I can't ever say that without giving you part 2 because this is the part that really the 2 play together. One can't exist very well without the other. The idea is grateful for who we are, grateful for where we are now and always wanting more. Grateful, but not content. Grateful and not settling. Grateful, but always want more because we're meant to be more. More than what? More than you are now. You're meant to be bigger. You're meant to be more. Okay, Pat well today I got bigger, is that big enough? No. Every single day you have an internal code that says you've got to get bigger. If you don't you'll know it. You'll feel crappy about yourself. You'll feel like you let yourself down, it'll show up in different ways. Some people play small the way they deal with it they go find other people who are also miserable, who accept their miserableness. Together they can be miserable and go talk about other people to make themselves feel better. I can go off all day on that stuff right there, but we're going to cut just like that.

Mr. Steven, what is your bigger purpose and how did you come to find it? I know one of the parts of that question, Steven, is how do you find your purpose. I don't know that I found mine. I do know right now that I have a certain skillset and ability to express, and desire to express, making other people feel better. That's in broadest terms because I know right now if other people feel better they'll make other people feel better, the world becomes a better place. It's contagious. If I also give them tools to make themselves better humans they will share those tools and make other people better humans. Then you say what does that all add up to, my job is to have as big a positive impact as I possibly can in the short time that I'm on this Earth.

This is not my intent, but look what I have up here. Forget about this part for a second, this is what you typically see on a tombstone, circa 1926 to 2016. Say this was a younger age, you can actually live, what's relative about these 2 numbers on a tombstone is not when you were born, it's not even when you died, it's the time you spent here on Earth. That's what matters. That's what matters, the dash is what matters. If you're asking me my purpose it's to put as much value in the dash as I possibly can. Do you have to know your purpose now? No. You've got to be on a journey to find it, that's all. I don't know that you can ever find your exact purpose. Some people do I think. The job is to be on a journey to seek it out.

Let me go back to a couple of these. Mr. Brad's a Ravens fan. I'm sorry to hear that, Brad. It's cool, still love you. [Bender 00:37:39] says, "I know I liked you. Steeler Nation." Yes sir, I've got an authentic yellow towel here somewhere. Juanita says, "If [inaudible 00:37:48] out there is negative then that's what we speak back. If all we put out there is negative then that's what we get back, so I keep it positive." Smart, you're 100% correct. What's your bigger purpose, got that. Diane, "Great explanation. Way to look at the journey." Thank you. Brad loves it. Ms. Rhonda, "One of my biggest conflicts besides negativity is how do I take off my realtor hat and put on the investor hat?" I don't know what part you struggle with that. I'll be honest with you, Rhonda, if I was struggling, changing states if you will, I would personally create some sort of physical manifestation for what I'm doing.

In other words, I'd have a realtor hat and I'd have an investor hat and I would define each one of them. I would put myself into that role. I'd put on my realtor hat, bam, what does this represent, a fiduciary responsibility to my client, I'm by the book, this is what I do, I want to make sure that my client has the best net result out of this as possible, blah, blah, blah. Investor, I sell people problems through liquidating real estate. Different approach. Realtor hat, I deal with people who would like to sell their house, but don't have any other driving need, want, problem. Investor hat, I deal with people who have problems because houses don't have problems, only people have problems. When I solve the people problems I get the house I want at the price I need. I would go through some role playing and define the different roles. Both are of tremendous value, but you're dealing with 2 totally different clients. You've got to just create the separation.

I have clients call me all the time that are not investor clients. I turn them over to a realtor so they can be served there, that's all. No big deal. They didn't have any people problems that I could solve. They only have people wants and needs. I need people problems. That's what I solve. Does that make sense? Cool, get a couple more questions here before I let you guys go. What is a good way to answer the question, "How many deals have you done" or questions on experience when I've not done one deal yet? Whatever way you're comfortable with, Brad. I'm not sure who's asking you that question. Buyers? Say I'm fresh in the business, so that's why I'm focusing on marketing and I find the best deals at the best price and, don't be fooled, I'm part of a network of investors that are the most educated in the country. I know my business, so you either want to do business or you don't. I would be straight and honest. That's just my opinion. My opinion is neither right nor wrong it's just my opinion.

Listen, man, in an ideal world all of us would always be a white belt at something. We'd always be starting something new, fresh. White belt's just a reference to jujitsu. A white belt's a white belt, brand new. It's all good. All right, if there are any final questions, comments, thoughts, complaints this would be the time to air them. We're going to wrap up this call. I appreciate you staying in for that conversation. I know some of the stuff gets a little deeper, a little more profound, but it's how we own all of this. Daniel says, "Thank you, Precourt. Great session." Thank you, Daniel. That's very kind. Mr. Brad says thank you as well. I am honored always to be here with you all. I appreciate you all. Thank you for staying on for the phone. Mr. [inaudible 00:42:12], "Thank you for sharing." You're very, very welcome. Ms. Diane, "Thank you so much." You're welcome as well. Ron, "Thank you", Dave. Wow you guys are very polite, you know that? Ms. Juanita. Appreciate you guys and I'll see you guys back here live next week. I was thinking about something I was about to tell you.

There's some things I'm doing in the next week, some live things I'm doing, like live event stuff that if you guys are around you may want to check out. It's kind of cool. This experience is super cool here, it's even cooler when I'm up on stage. Different is probably a better word. Peace, thank you.


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