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Patrick Precourt is an investor, speaker, mentor and entrepreneur. He is driven by his commitment to help as many people as possible find their passion and create financial freedom. For over 20 years he has been an expert within the fields of personal growth and development and real estate investing. He is the co-author of the highly acclaimed book "Wake Up and Live The Life You Love: The Power of Team”; the owner of North Shore Enterprises, where he has completed nearly 1000 short sales to date; the current Director of Student Development at Real Estate Worldwide; an athlete and MMA enthusiast, the owner of the The Cage a lifestyle fitness center that embraces the heart and culture of martial arts in Rocky Hill, CT; and, last but not least, a proud husband and father.

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The Value of Focus

All of us know what it is like to be distracted. With our smartphones buzzing in our pockets at least once a minute, it’s hard to keep your focus on the things that really matter. In this coaching session Pat Precourt hones in on why the issue of focus is so important, both for your […]

What does it really mean - finding purpose in life?

Finding Purpose in Life

We hear a ton these days about finding your purpose, pursuing your passion, and similar phrases. What does it really mean – and is it even possible to get clear on those kinds of things? In this coaching call, Pat outlines why he believes it’s bogus to think that you can discover one solitary purpose […]

Why People Buy

Why People Buy

Why do people buy products?  Whether it’s a home, a gym membership, a car, or anything else, they decide to trade their money for the product because the product has something they value enough to make them willing to pay for it.  Understanding why people buy products involves understanding some basics about what we as […]

6 Characteristics of an Exceptional Presenter

If you are going to be effective at making your presentations to sellers or buyers, you’ve got to be (or become) an excellent presenter. You need to be a professional who knows how to communicate and does it well. How do you become that person? In this coaching session, Pat tells you 6 essential things […]

Attitude Determines How Far You Can Go On the Success Journey

Attitude flows out of you whether you know it or not. You don’t have to say a word for it to happen. People will pick up your vibe, your attitude in every interaction. The good news is that you have control over your attitude. Circumstances don’t, even though it feels like they do. You are […]

Getting the Most Around You

Every one of us who is building a business will have to eventually surround ourselves with a team that helps us build it to scale. It’s a great milestone but a difficult one. One of the most important aspects of it is keeping your team enthused and motivated every day they come into work. But […]

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