How Much Time Do I Really Need To Get Started In Real Estate

How much time do you really need to carve out for getting started in real estate investing?

Time is one of the biggest and most common challenges when it comes to getting started in real estate. There is so much to do today. In spite of recognizing that real estate offers the power to get ahead and achieve many life goals many aspiring investor struggle to find the time to get going. It’s sad, because most will never find that extra time until they do make the leap. So how do you gain that time? How much do you really need?

You’ve Got Options

What holds a lot of real estate investors back is the limited options they are aware of. Yet, there are a variety of strategies, tactics, and methods of getting involved. You don’t necessarily have to make real estate a full time gig over night. You don’t have to commit all of your upcoming nights, weekends, and holidays to hands on DIY projects.

Real Estate Stocks

Investing in stocks, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT), and via crowdfunding platforms can all be ridiculously fast ways to start participating in real estate. With a couple clicks you can put some money to work, and just let things happen. Just remember that the downside here is lack of control, high volatility, and often having no hard collateral for your capital.

Private Lending

If you have cash to invest then consider becoming a private money lender. You simply provide your capital to other investors who do all the work finding homes to fix and flip or rehab and rent. You get a share of the profits. Most likely this will be a predetermined interest rate, though some may offer a share of the equity too.

​Turnkey Rental Properties

​Those who like the idea of direct ownership of income properties, but who simply do not have the time, knowledge, or skill set to find, remodel, rent, and manage homes can find turnkey opportunities which are ready to go. You buy them, and let someone else take care of all the management.

​Real Estate Wholesaling

​If fixing up homes isn’t for you and you desire more cash faster, than real estate wholesaling may be for you. Wholesaling can provide bigger checks, faster than from rental properties. Everyone can benefit from wholesaling, but this can be especially attractive to those who don’t already have the cash or credit to use the above options. You can wholesale as many or as few properties a year as you like. Find the motivated sellers and flip the deals to someone else who will do the labor.

​Reverse Wholesaling

Reverse wholesaling can be even more time efficient. It works by finding the end buyer first, and then serving them the deals they are looking for. This hyper efficient way of generating cash and wealth from real estate may just take an hour or two per deal once you get really good at it, and you won’t find a better ROI on your time.

Organizational Tactics for Achieving More in Less Time

How you set yourself up makes a lot of difference in the time you need to get started in real estate too. If you try to do it all yourself it can be time consuming. If you learn to leverage others you’ll be able to achieve more in less time, allowing you to make greater progress, faster, and without straining your relationships.

Software & Systems

Look for proven systems and software to plug in and be more efficient in everything you do. Take advantage of online real estate training to boost your knowledge. Find technology which simplifies finding motivated sellers, cash buyers, and lenders for your deals. Use tools to automate marketing and connecting with those real estate leads.

Partner Up

There are many other aspiring investors who also feel they are time crunched. By partnering up you may find you can all benefit and make progress faster. One of you may focus on finding the deals, another on managing the transaction, and so on.


If partnering up isn’t for you, but you are already crunched on time with a job and other commitments, then outsource as much as you can to assistants and freelancers. You can outsource bookkeeping, data entry, screening leads, marketing tasks, and more so that you only have to spend your time on the highest ROI activities. Put together a remote team who can be gaining traction for you while you are at your day job, and even while you are sleeping.

Start a Real Estate Business

Instead of going into real estate with the mindset of creating another job or career for yourself, start by organizing a business. Work on your business, not in it. Recruit and hire a team from the start which will work almost autonomously, while providing you the rewards, without adding more time demands. Hire a general manager, acquisitions manager, sales manager, marketing department, and more and let it run.


By finding the right match in investment strategy and organizing yourself well, with the right tools from the beginning getting started in real estate can take a lot less time than you think. It could be a few clicks or a few hours a week to start. Then you can choose how much time to devote to real estate as you begin to reap the rewards and no longer need a salaried job.

Unless you do start the chances are that you won’t ever find that extra time you crave. Plus, we never know when that layoff is coming, an injury can cut a career short, or an entire industry will go extinct. People will always need housing and investments. At least if you are already engaged you can keep the money coming in no matter what happens out there. The more you shift your income to coming from real estate investments the more time freedom you will gain.

However you choose to invest getting started may require a lot less time than you think, and give you more time back in return than you can fathom yet.

Get going now...


About the Author

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a highly sought-after speaker, the owner of three multi-million dollar a year Internet marketed brands, and proud husband and father. Kent is motivated by his love of family and freedom, creating products that enable people to live their lives the way they choose.


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