How Is That Guy Getting So Many Buyers?

I had a conversation this week with one of our clients that is a short-sale expert. His team has handled hundreds of short-sales so far this year and I value his insight into this market.

He made an unbelievably good point to me that I thought was worth sharing with you as soon as possible. He is constantly adding to his buyers list – EVERYDAY.

In a world where agents are scratching their heads trying to find qualified buyers, he literally brings new buyers into his portfolio everyday. SO, how does he do this?

SHORT SALES……..yes, short sales. Let me explain it to you how he just explained it to me.

When he gets a short sale listing it is his responsibility to get the house sold. Just go get an offer that he can present to the bank to begin the short sale negotiating process. Since the bank will have the last say, he has no problem bringing them low offers and if they refuse, taking it back to the buyers and trying to push their offer up to levels that the bank will accept.

Here is where this guy is a genius. SO, because he is trying to get an offer and wants to get the negotiations going, he uses the MLS as a marketing tool!!!

He prices the properties VERY AGGRESSIVELY – this brings buyers to him like crazy.

He of course tries to put them in the house that they are calling about, but the point is that if they cannot put that deal together – he now has the opportunity to find them something else!!

HE KNOWS THAT THEY ARE READY TO BUY….now he just works it backwards.

In this market – this strategy is GOLD!

This is a great point and is just another reason why learning the ins and outs of short sales is so valuable.

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