Everyone Is Looking For The Short Sale Success Blueprint

Many of you have asked me for the best product, service, system, or mentor on Short Sales. I have always referred you to Josh Cantwell and his team.

Now, more than ever, it is the time to capitalize from the Short Sale opportunity. Now, I don’t publicly endorse products very often…..(In fact, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve done it).

But, this is absolutely the exception and I think that anyone that is serious about real estate would be insane to pass up this offer and this product.

My friend Josh Cantwell just re-opened up the doors to t he Short Sale Success Blueprint, and he’s giving it away for free. Get your copy here>>> http://www.shortsalesuccessblueprint.com/cmd.php?af=753774

The first time Josh released the Short Sale Success Blueprint just a few months ago, it sold out in only 27 hours. I have no doubt it’ll happen again.

Actually, it’s created quite a stir. Frankly, I’m not surprised.

In it, Josh reveals the very same formula he’s used in the past 5 years to build his wildly successful short sale business. It’s completely packed full of basic to advanced short sale techniques. Believe me when I say…ITS MEGA POWERFUL! In it you’ll discover:

*** The HUGE advantage short sale investors have to create a flood of profitable deals that traditional real estate investors wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. (Section 1, page 23)

*** What’s the main difference between investors that remain stagnant (and fail) versus those that grow super successfully at astonishing speeds…and how you can be the latter. Section 1, page 52)

***Two simple approaches to building a strong foundation for ANY real estate investing business that’ll constantly create a steady stream of qualified leads…and how to decide which one best suits you. (Section 2, page 5)

***Creating credibility for instant trust and rapport with sellers in the first 90 seconds of meeting. (Section 2, page 48)

*** What the Positive Results Conversation is, but more importantly, when, where and how to use it. (Section 2, page 50)

Get your copy here>>> http://www.shortsalesuccessblueprint.com/cmd.php?af=753774

***Section 3 is all about the RIGHT contracts to quickly control and turn around properties for maximum profits. (Just think of the possible risk you subject yourself to if you don’t have the right legalize in line to protect yourself.)

***An easy to understand process for negotiating with lenders to create the very best deals possible. The negotiations with lenders can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. You’ll learn how to make them easy to understand for you and for sellers…and get deals closed. (Section 4, page 4)

***How to follow up with the banks and lenders to make sure your deals don’t get lost in the mountain of paperwork the loss mitigator’s desk and move your deal to the front of the line. (Section 4 page 78)

***Section 5 may be the most important…it’s all about exit strategies and how to sell the houses you get quickly, for the most profit possible, with the least amount of time and effort.

And that’s only a few things I picked out just flipping through the book.

Could you imagine what else Josh shares?

If you want find out (and I know you do) go here now: http://www.shortsalesuccessblueprint.com/cmd.php?af=753774

PLUS, you also get one-month access into his $10,000 Short Sale Success University Gold Coaching Program (which includes an online real estate training university) at no additional cost.

AND, you’ll also get 2 months free access to a customized version of Realeflow which happens to be the most powerful software application for real estate investing available today.

Get all the details… http://www.shortsalesuccessblueprint.com/cmd.php?af=753774

Honestly, he’s so convinced in the value of his training program, he’s so sure once you go though his training and see what it can do for you and your financial life, you’ll want to build a long lasting relationship with him and his team. He’s willing to put his money where his mouth is and prove it to you …

There’s no risk, and no strings attached. I mean c’mon, he’s sending it to you free.

It’s time to find out for yourself. http://www.shortsalesuccessblueprint.com/cmd.php?af=753774

Act now and it’s all yours. Wait and risk missing out. As Always…..Good Luck!! Kent Clothier P.S. I must warn you, supplies are limited and I’m sure the shelves will clear sooner than later. He’s shutting doors in a couple days, but if the last time is any indicator, I’m sure he’ll sell out well before that. Get your hands on it now while you still can… http://www.shortsalesuccessblueprint.com/cmd.php?af=753774

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