Grass Roots Marketing is Still Very Effective

Grass roots marketing is still tough to beat.

There is nothing quite like having feet on the street singing your praises and driving new clients to you. I wanted to share with you a couple of examples of guerrilla marketing in this market that are working.

We have a licensee that recently purchased 10,000 business cards that are very straight forward, yet VERY effective. So, here is what he did. He had the cards printed then handed them out to everyone he knew – handfuls to anyone that wanted them. Mortgage brokers, title agents, loss mitigation attorneys, realtors, brokers, insurance salesmen, closing attorneys, etc. etc. etc.

He told everyone that would listen in his market – USE THE NUMBER 1-800-SELL-NOW. It is the most memorable brand in the industry. Other investors, realtors, and agents all began using the brand as well.

Then told each of them to put their name on the back of the card and in turn give them to every single person that they encountered who could use their help. When the calls came in, he asked for the name on the back of the card and viola! a nice affiliate marketing program. We have all seen affiliate marketing programs that are online, but it is nice to be reminded every once in a while that it is just as easy to “off line”.

He does one of several things with each call….

1. Refers it back to the person that put the name on the card – investors
2. Takes the lead and works it and just pays for referral marketing – others
3. Refers the call as a new listing client to realtors in his market – realtors

The point is this…….when you use a memorable brand and you get “feet on the street” and “word of mouth” marketing working for you – there is nothing like it in the world.

PEOPLE REMEMBER 1-800-SELL-NOW………much easier than almost any other vanity brand in the business.

The name says everything that you want a new client to hear.

About Kent Clothier

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a highly sought-after speaker, the owner of three multi-million dollar a year Internet marketed brands, and proud husband and father. Kent is motivated by his love of family and freedom, creating products that enable people to live their lives the way they choose.

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