There’s An 83% Chance Your Job Will Be Replaced By Tech

The data warns that a massive percentage of jobs will be replaced by technology in the next few years. Where does that leave you? Is real estate the answer to your income and lifestyle needs?

Most Jobs Are Going Extinct

A White House report warns that 83% of workers who earn less than $20 an hour are going to lose their jobs to ‘robots’. If you earn $40 an hour there is still a 31% or more chance your job is going to be replaced by technology, digital agents, or AI. In case you were thinking of getting a job in tech – the Pew Research Center predicts that robots will eliminate more jobs than they create in the next 8 years.

Just look around. You can now order almost anything from your mobile phone. Low level jobs are being vaporized. Yet, it is the middle class which is expected to be hit worst. Automation is in. People just aren’t needed. There’s an app for that.

Remote Working & Independent Business Owners

By the end of 2016 Forrester Research estimates 43% of the US workforce will be remote workers. That’s 63 million workers. That’s likely on top of all of those that have opted out of traditional jobs already and who are working for themselves online as freelancers and independent consultants and business owners. Upwork alone boasts over 3 million remote working jobs posted each year. That’s more than 8,219 each day. Even the government is outsourcing hundreds of thousands of jobs according to Yet, even many of these jobs may be made redundant as digital workers build new technology and applications.

Competition & Innovation

All the above means that there is massive competition for new and existing jobs, and a huge need to innovate. Stuart Ross of Digital Experts Academy says those that have jobs are having to work hard and longer, for less, just to keep their jobs. Competition for new jobs is still tough too. You’ll have to do more, for less money, and take less time off, with worse conditions.

At the same time we are craving a better way to earn, to pay less in taxes, and to enjoy a better lifestyle with more time freedom. It’s really time to decide whether we’ll be worked to death in the rat race, until we are retired from the system and are no longer useful to it. Or will you get ahead of the curve and find a way to make money that won’t be made extinct? A way that also provides the level of income and time freedom you crave.

Real Estate is the Answer

Everyone reading this could leverage real estate as the answer to this issue. It’s a great industry for making a very substantial income. It can put you in the driver’s seat as a business owner, investors, and in control of your time and finances.

What’s more is that once automated, real estate can deliver passive investment income, which can be taxed at a much lower rate than earned income from a job. Plus, real estate is well-known for a wide variety of other tax breaks.

No matter how you decide to engage in real estate you have the chance to start right, and set your own hours and schedule. If you want to only work 4 days a week you can do that. Want to have the freedom to go surf for a couple hours in the morning – you’ve got it. Want to go volunteer at your kids’ school, you can do that too. And you don’t have to ask anyone else’s permission, or worry about getting fired. This ability to control your own income and not have to fear being forced into retirement is priceless.

How do you start? There are a variety of ways to get into real estate. You could become an agent. You could build up a portfolio of rental properties. Or you could fix and flip houses, or become a real estate wholesaler with the help of our comprehensive real estate program. You choose. Find the path that fits best for you and your goals. Learn what you need to know to get going, and make the leap.

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