6 Ways To Invest In Real Estate Like A Ninja

Ask 10 people about investing and you’ll get 20 opinions. Worse yet, everyone knows someone who has a horror story about investing; maybe your brother’s neighbor was a landlord who had crazy tenants, or maybe your wife’s cousin was a flipper who lost big during the housing collapse.

But I love investing because it gives you the ability to build your fortune creatively and in a way that suits your lifestyle, your interests, and your abilities. It’s not about work-intensive tenants and flipping if you don’t want it to be.

In this blog post, you’ll read about 6 “sneaky” ways to invest. These are sneaky-like-a-ninja investing strategies because they’re ways to participate in real estate investing outside of the conventional landlord or flipping models that tend to dominate everyone’s thinking.

These 6 ways are perfect for new investors who are starting out and lack the capital, systems, team, or knowledge to do a deal end-to-end, experienced investors who want to diversify their investing portfolio without proportionally increasing the demands on their time or capital, and even non-investors who want to invest but who love how they spend their days right now and don’t want to make a major change to become a full-time investor. Bonus: Some of these “sneaky” ways have lots of upside but potentially less downside than the more familiar investing strategies!

6_Ways To Invest In Real Estate Like A Ninja

6 Ways To Invest In Real Estate Like A Ninja

1. Birddogging

Birddogs provide an invaluable service by finding compelling deals and bringing them to investors. This dramatically cuts down on the time it takes an investor to acquire a deal, and they’ll happily pay for the service. Some birddogs charge a fee for their service but you can also make arrangements with individual investors to earn a percentage of their profit. Birddogging is a great way to become an expert at finding deals (a skill you can use later if you become a full-time investor) but it’s also a great way to become involved in real estate investing without a lot of capital or downside.

2. Private Money

For folks who have capital and/or good credit, there are MANY investors who are desperate to put those assets to work for mutual benefit. As a money partner, you’ll provide the capital while another investor will provide the expertise and sweat equity in a deal, and they’ll split the returns with you. If you want hands-off investing and if you have access to money or credit then this is a great way to invest without quitting your job. (There might be ways to tap into your self-directed 401(k) with this strategy – ask the investor for more information).

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3. Partnering

If you have some capital and some time, but lack the know-how, then consider partnering with another investor to do a deal. This can be similar to the private money deal above but is a little more hands-on –perfect for “newbie” investors who want to shadow more experienced investors. Expect to bring at least some of the capital and some of the sweat equity. (Hint: Seriously consider stepping up and doing as much as you can for an invaluable in-the-trenches education).

4. Wholesaling

I love wholesaling! This is a powerful way to get involved in real estate investing without using any of your own money. You simply find a property and get it under contract and then wholesale the deal to someone else (usually another investor) so they can rent it out or flip it. This method has a low barrier to entry so it’s perfect for someone without a lot of money or experience. It just takes time (until you can build a team).  Here is a great place to start

5. Turnkey Investing

If you’d prefer to do the more traditional approach of owning rental property, but you don’t want the hassles of fixing up a property or finding tenants or managing it yourself, then turnkey investing might be a good choice. In turkey investing you acquire a property that is already fixed up, rented, and managed. This is a great way to get cash flow fast. It requires some capital but not a lot of time or experience is required so this is a great way to investing if you want cash flow without the time commitment.  Here is a great place to start

6. Real Estate Investing Services

Investors can’t do it all themselves so they turn to other professionals to help them, including property managers, contractors, accountants, attorneys, and more. If you have skills that investors need, you are (in a sense) participating in a real estate investing even if you don’t own the deal. Few people think of these services as “investing” but it’s part of the whole investing picture. If you want to take this type of investing to the next level, consider trading your services for a small percentage of a deal. Not every investor will want to do this with you but you can potentially generate some long-term cash flow by forgoing your up-front fees.

When most people think of real estate investing, they think of landlording or flipping. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ninja investors know these half-dozen “sneaky” ways to invest, which provides several creative ways to tap into your advantages and overcome your disadvantages to get you investing in a way that matches your lifestyle.

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