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REWW Coaches are active Real Estate Investors. If you are looking for someone to meet you where you are, and create and implement a strategy that will achieve your business goals, our coaching program is for you. This “hands-on“ training is like nothing else available in the market today.

Dave Brown

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New Paltz, New York

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NY Tri-State Area, Hudson Valley

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Wholesaling & Rehabbing, Internet Marketing

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Dave Brown brings over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry to the table. He started off with Real Estate Worldwide as a student and as his experience and successes grew he moved from student to coach with Kent Clothier as his mentor.

Utilizing REWW’s systems and training in conjunction with his own expertise in marketing, Dave has built a 6-figure real estate investment business. Dave’s very first wholesale deal was an online lead. With that lead he realized that he had not only successfully completed his first deal proving that REI was for him, but he also had found his own unique footing in the real estate investment niche.

Since then, Dave has created an online presence that generates a steady onslaught of qualified and motivated seller leads. He is a rock star in the field of real estate marketing and search engine optimization, and is passionate about sharing his expertise with others. His work as a business coach at REWW is something he loves to do, and his commitment to each of his students is unsurpassed.

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