Relevant Real Estate Education for Today’s Market

Real Estate Education:

Is What You’re Learning Today Relevant to Today’s Market?

There is a plentiful amount of information out there on real estate investment. Home study real estate education courses, weekend seminars, webinars, eBooks, old school paperback books, podcasts and more. Unfortunately, much of this information is highly outdated and fail to include comprehensive systems that can truly help the new real estate investment professional succeed in today’s market.

While its true that much of the information new real estate investors gain from a good quality real estate course remains relevant no matter what is happening in the market, its also true that whomever you are learning from must have a successful and on- going track record; otherwise you may be getting the basics, but not the necessary information you need to deal with the current market’s particular hurtles.

The basics around real estate investing are a extensive and require a good deal of time and study to fully comprehend. Any real estate “guru” who tells you that you can take his or her quick course in just one weekend and be off to making millions virtually overnight is, quite frankly, full of bull. You’re going to need that weekend and you’re going to need more.

Basics of real estate marketing education include basic terminology, real estate law and taxes, creative acquisition strategies, due diligence, financial considerations, earnest money, contractual clauses, understanding and utilizing leverage, understanding IRAs, basic marketing, building teams and more.

In addition to the basic ins and outs of conducing real estate investment transactions, real estate investors needs to learn about types of real estate investing and decide what area they want to, or should, get involved in, according to ability, access to leverage and current market trending. Buy and hold investing, commercial real estate investment, fix and flip, joint ventures, wholesaling, reverse wholesaling and probate purchases are just a few of the many types of real estate investing that a new investor might wish to focus on and often times the success of certain types of endeavors can depend on the state of the market.

Relevant real estate marketing education is about learning what strategies and systems will help you overcome the challenges that are unique to the current market we are in. At the time of this writing, that means a tight housing inventory, low interest rates, high demand and low construction. All of this is very different than the situation faced by real estate investors 2 years ago, and that was different than the near obliteration of hundreds of real estate investment businesses 5 years ago and, well, we all remember the golden days of 8 to10 years ago.

Real estate investment education: it’s not all the same and not every self appointed guru will help you get to the top. Before you get started, take this first lesson in due diligence (look it up!) and do your homework before choosing a relevant real estate education course, a coach and systems to succeed in today’s market.

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