Making Money With Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment: Ways to Make Money in Real Estate Investment

The goal of real estate investment is to put funding in action today so it can grow and produce more money for you in the future. When the profit or “return” exceeds coverage of the risk taken, taxes paid and costs of maintenance, you have seen some investment success.

Sounds pretty straight forward and simple doesn’t it? It gets  better: The better news is, there are dozens of ways to make money with real estate investment. Some are obvious and some not so much. One caveat to this is that simple does not always mean easy. Real estate investment education and coaching are key to a successful real estate investment business. Nevertheless, here are just 4 super simple ways of making money with real estate investment, that can get you started now.

Cash Flow Income: Buying real estate for the purpose of creating a stream of cash flow can be an excellent investment and an easy source of income. When steps are taken to manage them well, rental properties like apartment or office buildings, storage units, car washes, rental houses, parking lots and more can be excellent sources of constant cash flow. The key here, though, is good management and systems placement.

Ancillary Real Estate Investment Income: Often overlooked as a viable source of real estate investment income, ancillary income includes things like on site coin laundry facilities in low-income apartment buildings, vending machines or paid parking structures. Essentially, these kinds of operations serve as small businesses within a bigger the real estate investment, sometimes allowing for a semi-captive collection of customers. If you get a little creative, there are a number of opportunities that can turn your real estate investment into the cash cow it was meant to be.

Real Estate Wholesaling: One great example of a real estate specialist is the real estate wholesaler. Real estate wholesalers generate income by finding great properties at great prices and then placing them under contract, after which they then “assign” or resell the property to another real estate investor who will often flip it; generally these properties are distressed. Investors usually have lines of credit, use hard money loans or are cash buyers, which facilitates quick closings. With real estate wholesaling, everyone is a winner. The original owner gets what is sometimes desperately needed, quick cash; the wholesaler makes an assignment fee and the investor gets a great investment opportunity that he didn’t have to scour the ends of the earth for.

Real Estate Appreciation. Due to constant fluctuations in the real estate market, upgrades into the investment (rehabbing) or circumstantial changes to land development and the population around your property, your real estate becomes more, or less, valuable than when you purchased it. Because fluctuations are unpredictable, real estate appreciation is one of the more risky forms of real estate investment, though when the circumstances come together, it can be incredibly profitable. The good news is, the fluctuation is constant; if well prepared, the smart investor can sit tight and reap the rewards when economic improvements arise.

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