Best Cities To Live In For Remote Real Estate Wholesalers

Where are the best cities for real estate wholesalers to live now?

With the real estate market constantly changing, and technology freeing up investors to live and work from anywhere, where might today’s virtual wholesaling investors enjoy living the most?

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing somewhere to live, or at least spend a good amount of time each year. There are costs, internet connection, opportunities, lifestyle preferences, the weather, and more. However, one thing is for sure; we no longer have to be tied to one location to make money from wholesaling real estate. Here are ten places you may want to check out when looking for a new home city or travel spot.

  1. Miami, Florida

Miami, FL may not be the cheapest place to live in the world, but it is rich in sunshine, activities, new real estate developments, innovative thinkers, and flush with capital. It also offers great internet speeds, which landed it as the second best global city for freelancers by both Contently and Nomad List.

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans overflows with creativity and action, while offering low rents, and all the conveniences of a modern city. There are plenty of local investment opportunities, as well as being centrally located for flights around much of the US.

  1. Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal has several cities listed as being highly advantages for today’s remote workers. Lisbon is considered fun, safe, affordable, and has good internet. It’s also as close as you’ll get to the US, while living in Europe. It is considered the top city for freelancers by Contently.

  1. Austin, Texas

Austin is an incredibly popular city for millennials, has a strong tech scene, and according to Nerd Wallet has the second highest median income for self-employed workers, after San Francisco. Rents are not cheap, but you’ll love it for the lifestyle. Dallas Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston may also be worth checking out.

  1. Nashville, Tennessee

Like Memphis, TN, Nashville is rich in things to do, and is incredibly affordable. There are lots of local real estate investment opportunities in these cities. However, Nashville in particular is known for its tech scene and incentives for attracting technology workers and home buyers. Scored well with Forbes.

  1. San Francisco, California

Real estate prices and rents may be obscenely high in San Fran, but it does have its lure. For those that want to be surrounded by venture capital and big thinking entrepreneurs, there is really nowhere better to be. You can live here and flip houses anywhere across the US, or vice versa.

  1. San Diego, California

San Diego, CA has great internet speeds, endless activities for everyone, and has housing options that range from the mountains to the beach, as well as city condos. It is also less expensive than San Fran, Palo Alto, and Los Angeles. Great quality of life, and one of the most affordable for living in California.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a great city for remote wholesalers for many reasons. Internet connection, housing options, entertainment, and travel connections are all good. There are frequently local real estate deals available, and there are endless national and international events and conferences which bring millions of new contacts each year.

  1. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo is just 2 hours flight from Miami, and 3 hours from New York. It has great weather, outdoor activities, and no property taxes on lower priced houses and condos. Punta Cana is the more popular tourist area. Yet, the capital, Santo Domingo offers prime shopping areas, nightlife, local culture, and is still just minutes from the beach.

  1. Bonita Springs, Florida

This SW FL city offers good internet, nearby coworking spaces, and the safety and laid back feel of a quiet beach town, while having the bustle of Ft. Myers, and wealthy country clubs and marinas of Naples, just minutes away. More affordable than Miami or Orlando, with the same weather.

What’s your favorite destination for extended vacationing or living and wholesaling real estate from?

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